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New and Better Member Benefits for CPS-ECP Members

We are very pleased to announce that our long-time partner and sponsor, Salus Marine Wear is increasing their discount to 30% off of the suggested retail price on their line of products… Read More


Just Ask John

During our Recreational Vessel Checks (RVCCs) we often get asked when will those who have had a Pleasure Craft License for several years in their name be asked to renew under the new 10 year… Read More

CPS Flag

Fly the CPS-ECP Flag Contest is Back!

Share a picture of yourself hoisting the CPS-ECP flag (regular member or life member flag) on Twitter or Facebook and automatically be entered to win Kanto Living YU2 Desktop Speakers! Read More


Seminars: Knowledge Without Pain

It seems we have been complaining forever about declining student intake for our courses, but complaining isn't going to change a thing; positive action will. Read More
The Binnacle

New IOD at South Shore Marine

June is a busy month for every boatyard and South Shore Marine is no exception. While the yard concentrates on the work at hand they have put their new IOD, Zephyr II… Read More


Covey Island Boatworks

On a recent visit to Lunenburg I had a few minutes to speak with Al Hutchinson at Covey Island Boatworks. The company, which gained an international reputation for building wood/epoxy yachts… Read More
SEI Industries
AC 2017
Your Feedback

CY Inbox: June 22 2017

The Americas Cup series as it now envisioned is the formulas 1's of the sailing world - fast, exciting with multiple lead changes throughoutthe race and spectacular maneuvers by the foiling cats. Read More
Boats Dressed For Canada Day

Boxing Rock Race is a great success in perfect sailing conditions

The 2017 Boxing Rock Cup was sailed in Halifax Harbour on June 10 under perfect, no I mean PERFECT conditions! Sunshine, nice winds, and lots of heat made for a great event for the nearly 40 boats… Read More
Boat Life
The Dory Shop

The Dory Shop

No trip to Lunenburg for me is complete without checking out what's in the yard by the Dory Shop. There are not many places like this any more and the crew here work hard… Read More
Lunenburg Bound

At last, Lunenburg Bound - a bookstore with a good marine section!

Since anyone who opens an independent bookstore is at least as brave as a small boat shop owner, I should mention Lunenburg Bound on Montague Street in Lunenburg. Read More
St Peters Canal Swing Bridge

New St Peters Canal swing bridge opens

Parks Canada working with Public Services and Procurement Canada, the federal contracting agency, has replaced the St. Peters Canal swing bridge located on Route 4 on Cape Breton Island. Read More
Boating History part 2

Boating History of Canada Part 2

We left off Part 1 at the year 1914, and will here pick it back up, running through until 1944 covering the years from the start of the First World War and stretches to the end of the Second World War. Read More
CY Digital

Photo of the Week goes International!

This week's POTW comes from across the pond. Who knew we had a European audience… Read More
June 22, 2017 • Volume 2 • Issue 12
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