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Volume 1 • Issue 8
Managing Editor, Line Goyette
New products, plus an industry expert on LED technology
Here is our first issue dedicated entirely to lighting products, featuring a commentary from a lighting technology expert. This month: Jason Prevost, a member of our editorial Advisory Board. Starting with this issue we'll publish Lighting Design & Specification twice monthly. Good browsing!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor
In Video: Jason Prevost: LED Lighting — Evolution or Revolution
In 5000 BC, fireflies enclosed in a small jar were used as a lamp. In 300 BC, candles made of plant oil and beeswax first appeared. In 1801, the incandescent bulb was invented. By 2000, LEDs came into the market for general illumination purposes. Many people say that LED lighting is a revolution, however I don’t completely agree. I would say LED is an evolution that is no different from the evolution of the candle to the incandescent bulb. The revolution will come once lighting becomes the secondary function of a bulb or a fixture, and LED will help us achieve this. Read more
STANDARD Integrated LED Recessed Solutions
Standard LED STANDARD's line of Integrated LED Recessed Solutions offers versatility in applications and flexibility in many installations, whether new construction or retrofit… Read more
Hubbell Building Automation Introduces IFC
Stand-alone Lighting Fixture Controller
The new IFC In-Fixture Controller offers stand-alone lighting control with unified motion and daylight sensing. Read more Hubbell In-Fixture Controller
Cree LED 60 Watt Replacement Soft White
Cree 60w The new Cree LED bulb looks and lights just like a traditional incandescent, but is Energy Star qualified for superior LED performance. Read more
Osram Sylvania Wireless Area Lighting Controller for Encelium Energy Management System
This latest addition of the WALC further expands this system to hard-to-reach locations seeking less hassle and cost associated with installing wires for digitally controlled lighting. Read more ORSAM Sylvania
Intense Lighting Introduces Gravity, RP and SS Cylinders
Intense Llighting Cylinder Intense Lighting has launched Intense Cylinders, a collection of architectural and commercial LED luminaires in 6- and 8-inch cylinder form. Read more
Bulbrite Dimmable Chandelier LED Filaments
Bulbrite offers chandelier options with a candelabra base for use in chandeliers and sconces. These long-life LEDs have lasting vintage appeal (15,000 hours). Read more Dimmable Chandelier
Luminit Introduces Economical Edge-lit Uniformity Tape for LED Display and Lighting
Digital Lumens Luminit LLC's new Edge-lit Uniformity Tape (EUT) has a transmission greater than 88%, allowing display and lighting manufacturers to achieve better uniformity and brighter displays and fixtures with the same number of LEDs. Read more
Spaulding Lighting's Arceos ARA3 Luminaire: Adding Style to Site/Area Lighting
The low profile Arceos ARA3 features the latest LED technology, thermal management and controls, while providing excellent illumination and uniformity for large area/site lighting applications. Read more Spaulding Luminaire
Columbia Lighting Adds a 1X4 Recessed LED
RLA This architectural style luminaire offers four LED colour choices, four lumen packages per size, and multiple driver options. Read more
Creston Battery-Powered Photosensor
with infiNET EX, Dual-Loop
The GLS-LDL-EX-BATT is a battery-powered, wireless, dual-loop photosensor that provides natural light sensing and indoor light control in daylight harvesting applications. Read more Crestron Photo Sensor
Digital Lumens Direct/Indirect Intelligent High Bay LED Fixtures
Luminit Edge-Lit Digital Lumens' new 24,000 and 48,000 lumen DLE intelligent high bay fixtures have four independently aimable light bars that can be inverted, offering flexible light distribution in multiple environments. Read more
Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED Driver for Connected Lighting Systems
These LED drivers standardize the digital connection between the driver and sensor, eliminating the need for multiple separate components and alleviating incompatibility issues and time-consuming configurations… Read more Philips SR LED Driver

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