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Volume 2 • Issue 3

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Lighting in a time of change and convergence

We see steady announcements of Canadian communities' plans to change their lighting system in the very near future. LED technology, we know, redefines not only all areas of interior and exterior lighting but also the market, according to contributor David Gordon. Markets converge through mergers and alliances, and technologies evolve as expertise grows. In this issue, read about lighting powered over Ethernet (PoE). Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Municipalities LED Lights Southwestern Ontario Municipalities Converting 42,000 Streetlights to LED
Local municipalities in the Kitchener-Waterloo area expect to spend more than $13 million to convert 42,000 street lights to LED bulbs starting this year, reports the Waterloo Region Record…
AZ Awards Sixth Annual AZ Awards Are Now Open for Submissions
Launched by Toronto-based Azure magazine in 2011, the annual AZ Awards program has become one of the most influential and significant design and architecture awards program worldwide…
Munden Enterprises Beghelli Appoints New Atlantic Canada Sales Agency
Tony Munden and his team at Munden Enterprises Ltd. are now Beghelli Canada's sales representative for Atlantic Canada...
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Industry Watch

The Lighting Market Change

By David Gordon
Changes In Lighting Over the past 30 days there have been a number of lighting announcements that individually are company-specific but, when aggregated and considered from a category viewpoint, represent a significant lighting change in the industry… and may require distributors to re-evaluate their approach to the product category. Consider these the highlights... Read More

Lighting Controls

Digging into the Complexities of Tunnel Lighting Control

By Gordon T. Grice
Intelligent Lighting Controls Tunnels pose special challenges for lighting and lighting control. When most people think of tunnel lighting, roadway tunnels for vehicles usually come to mind first, but subway tunnels are gaining more attention. The right lighting and lighting controls can help subway operators save on energy costs and usage. Other benefits include ease of maintenance, cost savings, improved safety for work crews and more pleasing aesthetics for passengers. Here are some considerations for designing and installing tunnel lighting control systems, emphasizing subway tunnels, based on real-world lessons learned... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Interview with Acuity Brands' Audwin Cash

By Craig DiLouie
Audwin Cash Acuity Craig DiLouie recently had the opportunity to interview Audwin Cash, VP Acuity Controls Solutions, Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. The topic: controlling LED lighting. Among the questions: What should specifiers be doing to go beyond code and take advantage of the controllability of LEDs? What are the top three technology trends impacting lighting controls for LED sources? Read More

Power over Ethernet

Philips Installs First Lighting Installation to Leverage PoE

Phillips POE At a major university campus, Philips has unveiled a first-of-its-kind, large-scale lighting installation that leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE). In Clemson University's recently opened Watt Family Innovation Center, Philips implemented a PoE-based indoor lighting system. Combined with LED lighting, the system optimizes space management in the facility, and improves energy efficiency. This new lighting solution will deliver up to 70% in energy savings compared to similar buildings using conventional lighting... Read More


How Lighting Contributes to the Vapourous, Aerial Design of Microsoft's Montreal Conference Centre

Microsoft Montreal Microsoft has recently opened its first conference centre in Montreal. Metaphore Design was given the mandate to develop a functional and welcoming space that inspires innovation. The lighting of the space, designed in collaboration with LumiGroup, plays a key role in the interior design concept. Subtle at times, bright, diffuse or alive at others, the lighting accompanies, punctuates and accentuates every detail; sometimes becoming a shape, volume, or graphic/architectural element... Read More


A Nanophotonic Comeback for Incandescent Bulbs?

By David L. Chandler
Incadescent Bulbs MIT Traditional incandescent light bulbs, thought to be well on their way to oblivion, may receive a reprieve thanks to a technological breakthrough. These bulbs have always suffered from one major problem: more than 95% of the energy that goes into them is wasted, most of it as heat. Now, researchers at MIT and Purdue University may have found a way to change all that. The approach could even have dramatic implications for many other applications, such as thermo-photovoltaics... Read More
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New Products & Solutions

Cree XQA White

Cree Expands XQ LED Family to Deliver Lower System Cost

Cree, Inc. expands its portfolio of lighting-class LEDs with the addition of the XLamp XQ-A LED to the XQ LED family. With a broad range of colour options and optical symmetry, the XQ-A LED is the smallest LED building block available for designs that use white and colour LEDs...
MagicLite MLDRE Series

Magic Lite Releases MLDR"E" Series Electronic Class 2 Dimmable Drivers

The new E-Series drivers are fully dimmable with any standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC dimmer switches on the market and deliver smooth, flicker free dimming. A minimum dimming load requirement of only 8 watts allows distributors to reduce the number of stocking models...

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