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Volume 2 • Issue 9

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Follow the light

Often when participating in important lighting industry events, we have a sense of being immersed in science fiction. But this year, North America's great annual showcase for lighting products and expertise, held in San Diego, was different. It was more about development and consolidation of the business, and incremental technological advances. Of course, we were still treated to trips and virtual tours of revamped lighting. Industry evaluates the transition to LEDs, fine tunes current technology, broadens its scope and its applications, and refines lighting design to the point of creating true works of art. More to read in this issue and everything else we talk about in our industry. Good reading and follow us on Twitter @LDSnewsletter.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Welland Lighting Welland, ON Lighting Project Earns BIA Award of Distinction
Lighting designer Marcel Dion, Philips Lighting, and the Regional Municipality of Niagara have earned an Ontario BIA Award of Distinction for the Welland Main Street Bridge revitalization project. Dion has also earned a 2016 IESNA award of merit.
TD Centere Toronto's Iconic TD Centre Turns to Future of LED Lighting
The centre, Canada's largest commercial complex, is working with Osram Sylvania and Gerrie Electric to replace T8 fluorescents with 55,000 LED tubes...
Legrand and Pinnacle Legrand to Acquire Pinnacle Architectural Lighting
Legrand, North America has agreed to acquire Pinnacle Architectural Lighting, a manufacturer of lighting fixtures and architectural systems for commercial, educational, and healthcare applications...

Conference Report

Light and Technology in a New Language — LFI 2016

By Line Goyette
Lightfair Intl 2016 This was the theme for Lightfair International 2016, which took place in San Diego from April 24 to 28. LED technology is now well entrenched, so industry focus is shifting to language — lighting solutions that combine different technologies, and wireless solutions using different protocols. With six huge pavilions of products and 200 hours of continuing education courses, the 2016 conference presented a comprehensive curriculum of lighting and design education featuring top thought-leaders with 83 course offerings. New this year, a one-day IoT and Smart Lighting Forum, a Light and Health track, three days of 60-minute sessions, and a 90-minute off-site tour of the historic San Diego Trolley Station. Everywhere people were talking about… Read More

LED Technology

Flicker Explained

By Austin Gelder / Lighting Business Advisor
LED Flicker With the wide acceptance of LEDs for use in general lighting, light flicker has become a concern in some situations. As LEDs have a fast response time to a change in electrical conditions, they have more potential to pass on flicker from the incoming power line and the LED driver. This is agreed upon by most, but how much flicker is too much, how flicker impacts users of the light, and where it becomes critical are areas of disagreement? Read More

Smart Lighting

Adaptive Lighting Systems Part 3: Scheduling

Adaptive Smart Lighting The lighting control strategy we're reviewing today is a low-hanging fruit when it comes to energy savings, especially when we talk about smart lighting systems. Much simpler both in concept and implementation than occupancy sensing or daylight harvesting, scheduling still aims to do pretty much the same thing — eliminate unnecessary lighting usage. But since no sensors are involved, it doesn't allow luminaires to respond to certain changes in the environment. Instead, it makes them perform in accordance with a predefined schedule. Read More

Company Profile

Lambert & Fils Studio Officially Launches Laurent Collection

Lambert Et Fils Established in 2010, as a small storefront workshop in Montreal, Lambert & Fils has evolved from applied designs where the composite parts often dictated the final form to a more conceptual approach. While Bauhaus and Modernism continue to be familiar inspirations for the studio, with Laurent, Lambert & Fils takes a distinctly contemporary tack. Read More


Lighting as a Service: Navigant Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Light as a Service According to a new report by Navigant Research, the stage is set for the rise of lighting as a service (LaaS). Global LaaS revenue is expected to grow from US$35.2 million in 2016 to US$1.6 billion in 2025. These offerings can begin with the installation of a lighting system, continue through maintenance and management, and even include the recycling or disposal of equipment at the end of its life. Several companies are beginning to offer combinations of these services as they experiment with how best to meet their customers' needs. Navigant Research anticipates that these efforts represent the beginning of a trend that will mature and grow rapidly over the next 10 years. Read More


Light-Activated Tool Helps to Better Understand Diabetes Drugs

By Sandra Henderson
Light Activated Tools Researchers at the University of Birmingham (UK) have developed a light-activated tool to show how drugs need to be adapted to combat type 2 diabetes. Read More

New Products & Solutions

Standard Center Basket

Standard LED Center Basket

Modernize your space
Standard's LED Center Basket Luminaires are efficient shallow, recessed architectural luminaires available 120 to 277 V. This series offers several colour temperatures to suit your lighting needs.
Direct Fit Replacement Lamp Eiko

Eiko LED T5 Direct Fit Replacement Lamps

Litespan LED T5 Direct Fit Replacement Lamps are designed to directly replace all 54W T5HO fluorescent lamps. Compatible with most popular electronic programmed start T5HO fluorescent ballasts

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