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Volume 2 • Issue 17

Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette A time for lighting and costs controls

We operate in an industry that everyone defines as dynamic, able to solve previously unsolvable problems, such as effectively illuminating areas with high ceilings, enhance safety, and even bring connectivity in places that until recently were inaccessible. You will read here a case study involving several of these challenges, which were addressed by an AES team responsible for lighting a 7,000 square metre addition to a BC recreational centre, and meet the new president of LEDVANCE Canada Ltd. In addition to recent technological discoveries, we speak also of costs attached to the lighting control systems — how to calculate them, anticipate them and control them. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Calgary LED Streetlights Brightening Calgary's Downtown
An LED streetlight conversation program already underway in Calgary, Alberta is expected to save the city $6 million annually in maintenance costs. Once the program is complete, over 80,000 LED lights will have been installed, reducing energy consumption by half…
Ottawa Ottawa Converting 58,000 Streetlights to LED
The City of Ottawa expects to save $4 million annually and reduce energy usage by 55% — equivalent to removing 2,500 homes from the electricity grid — through an LED streetlight conversion that began in July and will continue until June 2020…
Energere Energere Wins Montreal Smart Public Lighting Control Project
Energere has won a $28 million contract to implement a smart public lighting management system for the City of Montreal. The project will create an infrastructure capable of controlling 135,000 luminaires…
  • RC Lighting Appoints New BC Region Sales Agent
    RC Lighting has appointed Adanac Sales as its new sales agent for the British Columbia region, effective September 1 (Fort St. John and Cranbrook will remain within the Alberta territory)…

  • Legrand Acquires Solarfective Products Limited
    Legrand expands its shading portfolio to commercial markets with the acquisition of Solarfective, which will become part of Legrand, North America's Building Control Systems business…

  • Montreal Space for Life Presents Gardens of Light, An Event Illuminating Montreal Evenings
    From September 2 to October 31, the 5th edition of Gardens of Light, Montreal Space for Life's ever-popular fall event will be setting aglow the two cultural gardens at the Montreal Botanical Garden, starting at dusk every evening...

  • Metalumen Now CEU Accredited
    Metalumen is now an accredited provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) for continuing education…

  • RC Lighting Goes on the Road with a New Mobile Training Centre
    RC Lighting has rolled out the RC Runner, a mobile training centre that offers distributors, contractors and end users a convenient and cost‐effective alternative to tradeshows and off‐site training classes…

  • Daintree Hires Director, IoT Ecosystem
    Kris D. Kimble has been appointed by Daintree Networks as its Director, IoT Ecosystem. Kris has many established relationships in the lighting and controls business from having worked extensively in sales and business development at IBM, Motorola and GE…

Peers & Profiles

Q&A with John Preville, President and CEO of LEDVANCE Canada Ltd.

LDS Team
John Preville We asked some questions of the president and CEO of a lighting manufacturer with a new identity: LEDVANCE. The name of the company may have changed, but its commitment to quality and innovation remain the same. John A. Preville talks to us about the challenges of a dynamic industry where new players and new products appear almost weekly. How do you maintain a leading position in this context where speed becomes a determining factor? Read More


Case Study: Guildford, BC's Recreation Centre Aquatic Addition

Guildford, BC's Recreation Centre The Guildford Recreation Centre Aquatic Addition expands an existing facility in Surrey, BC. The 7,000 square meter addition was designed as a destination aquatic facility for both recreation and therapeutic users, offering a 50m Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) certified lap pool as well as a leisure pool that contains a therapeutic area, waterslide, family friendly hot tub, and children's area. Read More

LED Technology

What the $3-$30-$300 Shift Means for the Lighting Industry

By Charles Knuffke
Lighting Industry Shift Controls Many have heard about the "$3-$30-$300" rule (though in some markets it's called the "$8-$80-$800" rule), which relates to the magnitude of certain expenses required to conduct business in a commercial space. Though the numbers may vary we can slice the cost of doing business into three segments. Picture an inverted triangle: the $3 bottom layer is the total cost of energy per square foot to run the business, the $30 second layer is the cost of the commercial space per square foot, and the $300 third layer at the top is the cost per employee. There is a new opportunity in the top people and productivity segment — human centric lighting. Read More


Revenue from Installing Residential Lighting Controls to Grow 4.6% Annually 2016-2025

Legrand Intuity The controllability and customizability that LED technologies offer is expected to spur adoption rates of LEDs and of lighting-only home networks that allow users to control home lighting systems with their smartphones, tablets, or personal computers, says Navigant Research. A new report examines the global market for residential energy efficient lighting and lighting controls, with a focus on LED lamps and luminaires, providing forecasts through 2025. Read More


Scientists Find Novel Method to Make Brighter Green LEDs

Brighter Green LEDs Researchers have developed a new method for making brighter and more efficient green LEDs. Using an industry-standard semiconductor growth technique, they have created gallium nitride (GaN) cubic crystals grown on a silicon substrate that are capable of producing powerful green light for advanced solid-state lighting. Ultimately, the method may lead to LEDs free from the "droop" phenomenon that has plagued the LED industry for years. Read More

New Products and Solutions

Banvil2000 LED Sign Lights

Banvil2000 LED Sign Lights

Banvil2000's LED Sign Modules have been precisely designed and engineered to exceed performance and longevity of comparable modules on the market. The modules deliver high lumens through a thoroughly unified 160 degree beam angle lens, which maximizes performance by redirecting otherwise wasted light towards the intended illuminated surface. They can be used on new signs or to retrofit and brighten up old signs Read More
Quality Warm Dimming

Quality Warm Dimming: Reproducing the Ambience of the MR16 Halogen with LED

Enjoy the warm, appealing glow of a 50 Watt MR16 Halogen bulb in an LED light. Quality Warm Dimming is perfect for restaurants, hotels, spas, lounges, home theatres, dining areas, or wherever you need to warm things up. Driven by Lumenetix Dynamic Dimming module, Lightheaded downlighting products replicate the curve of a 50 Watt MR16 Halogen lamp and smoothly transitions from a delivered colour temperature of 3050K at full 100% brightness then seamlessly dims down to 1800K at 1% brightness. Read More
Samsung High-Performance LED Linear Modules

Samsung High-Performance LED Linear Modules for Indoor Lighting Applications — the H-Series

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.'s "H-series Gen 3," a new line-up of high efficacy LED linear modules, enables easy replacement of fluorescent lights with LEDs. The light efficacy reaches up to 187 lumen per watt (lm/W) at 4000K, which allows LED luminaires using the modules to achieve light efficacy above 140lm/W, delivering an optic efficiency level of about 86% and LED driver efficiency of approximately 88%. Read More

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