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Featured Products - December
Veloce LED Downlight from Standard
Veloce LED Downlight from Standard Standard's VELOCE range of LED downlights is an ideal solution for fixture replacement in existing installations and new constructions. This LED downlight is offered in 4, 6, or 8 inch sizes and in a variety of reflectors and baffles to fit seamlessly into any decor. As it operates on a 0 to 10V dimming system, it is best suited to commercial applications. Read More...
Introducing TLS Dynamix Tunable White System
Media Graph and TLS International now offer a technology that allows you to independently control the colour temperature and intensity of your lighting applications. To change the mood in a room, TLS Dynamix tunable white surface lighting enables you to simulate the sequence of daylight, and set the colour temperature between 2800k and 7500k, and dimming system from 100% to 0% — without shifting the CCT. Read More... TLS Dynamix Tunable White System
Eaton Lighting Solutions Releases Portfolio LD8ART 8-inch LED
Eaton's LD8ART 8-inch LED The Portfolio LD8ART 8-inch LED recessed downlight or wall wash, specially designed for LED technology, provides a tool-less retrofit from incandescent, HID or compact fluorescent to energy saving LED. A two-stage reflector system produces smooth distribution with excellent light control and low aperture brightness. Read More...
Magic Lite Low Voltage LED Mini Floods
Magic Lite's low voltage LED mini floods provide an extra degree of safety working on Class 2, 24 Volt power supplies, and are suitable for submersed applications down to 3 feet 3 inches under water. They come in warm white and cool white as well as blue and RGB, making them a powerful tool for flood lighting or spot lighting buildings, trees or fountain lighting. Read More... Magic Lite Low Voltage LED Mini Floods
Liteline Slim-Profile Downlight with Dim-to-Warm Technology
Liteline Slim-Profile Downlight Liteline's low-profile, easy-to-install, SlimLED series is now available with dim-to-warm technology. Ranging from 0.5-1.5-inches in depth, this recessed downlight is I.C. rated for direct contact with insulation and can be installed virtually anywhere — no can required. As you dim the fixture, the colour temperature smoothly transitions from 3000K to 2000K. Read More...
Espentech Plug-n-Play TLEDs
Espen Technology now offers dimmable, shatter-coating, plug-n-play TLEDs in 4' 12W, 4' 15W, 5'HO, and 6'HO options. "Our customers love that they have NSF-approval, and frosted real glass diffusion," says John Clancy, VP of Sales. Read More... Espentech Plug-n-Play TLEDs
Larson Electronics LED Blasting Lights
Larson Electronics LED Blasting Lights During blasting operations, limited visibility is your greatest enemy. The solution: Larson Electronics LED blasting lights. Having a set of bright LED blasting lights while removing rust, corrosion, paint or dirt from walls, tanks, underground locations and other confined spaces, can make a huge difference. Read More...
Nora Lighting Expands LED Retrofit Line-up
Nora Lighting features a comprehensive line of LED recessed downlights for retrofit, remodel and new construction installations. With a wide range of models and styles, all Nora LED retrofits offer 90+ CRI for realistic colour rendition and a choice of Kelvin temperatures, lumens and apertures. Among the newest LED retrofits are the Iolite, Cobalt and Onyx series. Read More... Nora's LED Retrofit Downlight
Cree Extends IG Parking Luminaire Series
Cree's IG Parking Luminaire Series Cree, Inc. extends its IG Series LED parking structure luminaires to include a warmer colour temperature and standard 0-10V dimming for better light experiences with enhanced aesthetics and performance. The result is more choices that meet customer preference for warm, inviting light. Featuring Cree WaveMax Technology, the IG Series delivers low-glare comfort and defeats shadows for enhanced safety and visibility while delivering exceptional energy efficiency and fast payback. Read More...

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