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Featured Products - April
Core LED Flexible Light Strip
Core LED flexible light strip Indoor LED flex strips are a unique and eye-catching lighting system that is highly customable for individual customer needs. Core Products' indoor LED Flex Strips can be used in a wide variety of applications. Utilizing high quality Epistar chips the flex strips deliver a consistent, even light output. They are fully dimmable and available in warm white, natural white and colour changing RGB. Read More...
Osram Bi-Directional Interface
The Bi-Directional interface enables streamlined configuration of smart luminaires that are compatible with multiple light management systems. Osram OPTOTRONIC programmable drivers with DEXAL (Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting) technology provide a streamlined solution for individual fixtures to be a smart node on a networked light management system. Read More... Osram Bi-Directional Interface
Liteline Track Series
Liteline track series The new teardrop, focus and flight track heads are high-powered LED fixtures that provide a range of beam spreads and colour temperatures that are ideal for task and accent lighting. Liteline track heads are easy to use and offer numerous advantages for a variety of retail, hospitality and commercial applications. The beam angle can be easily adjusted by simply rotating the ring on the front of the fixture and are dimmable when using TRIAC dimming controls. Read More...
Philips Greenpower LED Production Module
The Greenpower LED production module is making indoor growing easier and more efficient. Greenpower production modules can replace conventional fluorescent light, ensuring quality indoor growing, and increased energy efficiency. Philips greenpower LED production module for multilayer applications can be used to replace traditional fluorescent lighting, and can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%. Read More... Philips greenpower LED production module
Standard's Occupancy Sensors
Standard Products Inc's occupancy sensors Standard's occupancy sensors use Passive Infrared technology (PIR), which detects body heat in motion to trigger activation. Collector beams from the sensor lens scan the area constantly, turning on the lights when occupancy is detected. PIR technology is line-of-sight only; therefore, when installing the sensor, it is important to ensure nothing obstructs the view of the lens. Read More...
Hubbell Airo LED Pole Combo
The Airo LED pole combo provides all outdoor lighting needs, and are ideal for parking lots or street lights. Also, features customized colours to meet various client needs. The Airo luminaire can replace up to 400w HID luminaires in an 8, 16, or 24 LED configurations with high performance lenses that optimize photometric performance. Read More... Hubbell airo LED pole combo
Lumenpulse Lumentalk Control Features
Lumenpulse Lumentalk Control Features Lumentalk is a patented power line communication technology that uses existing AC mains as a bidirectional carrier for data, resulting in lower construction costs and shorter shutdown times. Lumentalk provides a reliable, secure and cost-effective lighting network. With Lumentalk, electrical wiring becomes a stable digital communications link, enabling LED fixtures to be individually controlled and dimmed. Read More...
Light Tape Selective Billboard Lighting
Light Tape is a versatile backlighting system. The printing process utilizes black out to create texture and form shapes. Light Tape systems are delivered ready to install, and are cut to whatever custom dimensions customers require. The system weighs less than 1/4lbs per square foot and is mounted using pre-applied velcro. Read More... Light Tape Selective Billboard Lighting
Philips InstantFit LED T8 Lamps Integrated with EasySmart Technology
Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps EasySmart LED T8 lamps simply install into existing fixtures without needing to be rewired since they operate on instant start ballasts. The addition and integration of flexible wireless controls from the Leviton Wireless Room Controller System provides dimming, occupancy or vacancy sensing, multi-zone daylight harvesting, manual control and scene control capabilities. Read More...
RAB Design AWL Series
The RAB AWL adjustable wall lights are ideal for perimeter lighting, commercial properties, residential buildings, townhouses and condos, schools and warehouses. The adjustable wall lights are high on lumens and low on watts with savings of over 70% when compared to traditional wall lights. Read More... RAB Design AWL Series

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