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Message From The Editor

Managing Editor, Line Goyette Lighting is everywhere and differs all at once

In this issue we talk about lighting in all its forms other than that of illuminating the space in which we happen to be — industrial, commercial, institutional or residential — and we return to the contribution of lighting to health and well-being, a theme of the massive annual European lighting event next month. And surprise, the more control systems develop, the more important the differences become. So it is important to differentiate between systems designed for one room and those for an entire building. Their kinship may not be as close as we might think at the outset. Finally, it is clear that the more technology develops, the more research and applications also develop, but follow sometimes different and unexpected tracks. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene


Room vs. Building-Based Control Systems: Pros and Cons

By Steve Mesh
Controls lighting Room-based lighting control systems have been on the market for some time now. You might think of these as the younger cousins to larger building-wide or even enterprise-wide lighting control systems. However, that's not an entirely appropriate comparison. For starters, what constitutes a "room-based" control system? That is an increasingly complicated question because the lines between system types are becoming more blurred as time goes on. Read More

Peers & Profiles

James Solecki Talks about His Company, Integra Lighting

By Owen Hurst
Integra Lighting James Solecki is a motivated and involved individual who founded and operates several lighting companies: Integra Works Inc., JSLDesign Inc., LED Lights Direct Inc., Island Villa Lighting Ltd., and Island Villa Solar & Light Ltd. Through his determination and advancement of unique lighting perspectives such as Integra's Dark Skies initiative, which aims to provide environmental harmony, James is creating a new way of approaching potential customers and providing a pleasing lighting experience. Read More


Dynamic Lighting Enhances Health and Wellbeing

Dynamic Lighting Enhances Health and Wellbeing At the end of 2017, the Nobel Prize for medicine went to three American researchers: Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young. By isolating and investigating the "period" gene of the fruit fly, they were able to prove the existence of the "inner clock," which controls the circadian rhythm of humans, animals and plants. The lighting industry, architects and planners are interested in this, too, and are developing lighting solutions and concepts for a wide range of applications, based on these scientific findings. Read More

New Products and Solutions


Stanpro VTS4-L IP66 Compact Vapour Tight Luminaire

Stanpro's VTS4 luminaire is IK08 rated, demonstrating resistance against robust impacts and shocks. The narrow VTS4-L luminaire also offers superior light distribution. In addition, this fixture is DLC listed, resistant to rust and deterioration, and performs well in demanding environments. Ideal for dusty, wet or humid areas such as parking garages, underpasses, stairwells and schools. Read More
Contraste Salt

Contraste Salt

This decorative piece is ideal for a home or large spaces, and offers good balance between functionality and superior design. With several LED performances and different finishes of lampshades, Salt is an ideal architectural piece for a warm and comfortable space. Read More
Metalumen Nata

Metalumen Nata

The Nata provides general lighting while seamlessly blending within the designed natatorium space. Among the features: up to 122 LPW, and 80+ CRI is standard with an option of 90CRI. It's the only natatorium fixture on the market that offers both indirect and direct/indirect distribution. Read More
Beghelli Sicura Remote

Beghelli Sicura Remote

The Sicura remote series offers remote emergency lighting for hazardous environments. The series can be specified as ceiling, wall or pendant mount. Each remote fixture can be configured with either one or two lamp and reflector assemblies, and can support a wide variety of DC lamps in 6VDC, 12VDC or 24VDC. Read More

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