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On the importance of being relevant

In a little more than a month, Electro-Federation Canada will open its annual Electrical Channel conference, with the theme "Being Relevant in this Transformational Age." Between good-natured optimism and blind trust in the future, it is perhaps better to ensure we all keep informed on the technological developments and trends that are shaping the world of tomorrow. As for CEW becoming more and more relevant, and helping you to do so as well, starting in May we will publish two issues each month. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Canadian Electrical Wholesaler


Juan Macias Schneider Electric Announces New Canadian Country President
Schneider Electric has announced that Juan Macias has been named Canada Country President, reporting to Laurent Vernerey, President & CEO, North America.
Affiliated Distributors Affiliated Distributors Canadian Electrical Division Spring Network Meeting Awards
A number of Canadian companies received awards at the recent Affiliated Distributors Canadian Electrical Division business meeting. Affiliated Distributors is North America's largest wholesale marketing group.
Smoke Alarms Eaton to Sponsor Technical Education Sessions
Join Eaton in Cambridge on April 30th, OR London on May 6th for breakfast and valuable information that you need to know.


If Your Customers Can See More, You Might Want to Help Them See Even Further

By Rick McCarten
House of Cards Our world is getting more granular and detailed. We have no choice but to follow. Your customers are more informed than ever before; they require more precision on delivery, price and packaging as well as improved information 24/7, better return policies, more insight on inventory, and a vastly-improved understanding of what can be expected. This all adds up to another level of customer service. Read More

Peers & Proflles

Jim Taggart: A Steady Hand, A Stellar Career

By John Kerr
Jim Taggart Jim Taggart loves two things: a great deal, and fishing and tennis. They all draw on the same skill sets: agility, finesse, patience, power, and a creative flair. Jim Taggart exudes all these attributes. His career in Canada's electrical industry has served him so well. The experiences and time, the challenges and the many wins he has had have all positioned Taggart to get Harald Henze's nod as the current president of Electro-Federation Canada. Read More

Best Practices: Lighting

Networks and Lighting Standards - Follow Up - One Year later

By Paul Eitmant
Advanced Lighting Controls Last year we posted an article, "Wi-Fi Expansion - Look to the Future." I wanted to explain the different types of wireless technology in our industry and the standards they conform to. Well, after all this time we are still discussing which protocol will be the long-term winner. It seems closed protocols are still in use, but the need remains for an open protocol (Wi-Fi base). Read More

Best Practices: Lighting

Strategies in Light Observations: Distributor LED Opportunities

By David Gordon
Strategies in Lighting Periodically we like to invite guest bloggers to share ideas, opinions, insights or to report from conferences that we've been unable to attend. Recently, Ted Konnerth, President of Egret Consulting Group, a leading recruiter in the electrical and lighting industry (and himself a lighting industry veteran), attended Strategies in Light and shared his impressions. Ted came away from the presentations and private meetings with a long list of interesting concepts. Read More

Human Resources

Succession Planning - Why is it so Important?

By Michelle Branigan
Succession Planning We simply don't have enough people in the talent pipeline. There are two key drivers causing this pressure. The first is the demographics issue that is challenging not only for us but for most industries across the country. We have an aging populace and a large number of employees taking retirement. The second relates to the infrastructure changes that will take place over the coming decades. Read More

Manufacturers Representatives

Sales training. Whose job is it?

By Karen Jefferson
Sales Training The founder of every firm became a rep because they are good at selling. Few, if any, have a degree in sales since there are fewer than 70 colleges and universities in North America offering such a degree. Without formal sales training, the sales process can be an unpredictable and sloppy occurrence. As an independent manufacturers representative, it is your job to hire and train the best sales team in the territory. Your expertise is selling. Make your team the best it can be. Read More

Best Practices: Business

Building a Branch Scorecard

By Jason Bader
Branch Manager As the old saying goes, "You can't manage what you can't measure." I have seen several branch managers thrust into a title with very little instruction on how they are to perform the job. It doesn't have to be this way. This simple set of measurements, or scorecard, will help the new manager recognize, diagnose and correct problems before they get too far off course. Read More

Looking Back

Years of Continued Growth 1960 to 1963

CEDA Continued Growth In 1960, the Directors were very serious about conventions and proposed that any member in attendance at the convention but failing to attend convention sessions be assessed a penalty. No details are given either of proposed penalties, or whether the suggestion ever got beyond the suggestion stage. Read More


January Electric Power Generation Up Year over Year

Power Statistics Canada generated 61.2 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity in January, up 1.5% from January 2014. The increase was a result of higher generation levels in Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. Exports of electricity to the United States rose by 11.8%. Read More

Economy: Building Permits

Building Permits Edge Down in February

Building Permits Canadian municipalities issued building permits worth $6.1 billion in February, edging down 0.9% from the previous month. This was the second consecutive monthly decline. Lower construction intentions in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta were responsible for the decrease at the national level. The value of permits in the non-residential and institutional sectors also fell. Read More

Economy: Housing

New Housing Price Index Up in February

Housing Economy Following a 0.1% decline in January, the New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.2% in February. The combined metropolitan region of Toronto and Oshawa was the top contributor to the increase, with prices up 0.3% over the previous month. Market conditions and new list prices were the main reasons behind the gain. For 9 of the 21 metropolitan areas surveyed, prices remained unchanged. Read More

One Particular Counter

Welcome to Daltco Electric

Daltco Electric Welcome to Daltco Electric, Eastern Ontario's largest independent electrical, lighting, and automation distributor, Serving the industrial, commercial and residential marketplaces. Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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