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Volume 2 • Issue 5


Is there a clear relationship between learning and efficiency?

How to tell the difference between a new marketing strategy that allows us to be more efficient in reaching our customers and better manage our time and another that has worked elsewhere but doesn't reflect our own market reality? Should we even change marketing tools that have proven their worth in previous decades? A little more on the subject in this issue and one thing is certain, you can follow us on Twitter right now and read what is most popular @CdnElcWholsaler. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Canadian Electrical Wholesaler


Techspan Techspan to Open New Facility in Western Canada
Techspan Industries has announced that they will be setting up a full scale packaging, sub-assembly, and warehousing facility in Vancouver, BC...
Brian Shea Industry Veteran Brian Shea Passes Away
When Brian Shea passed away the Canadian electrical industry lost a great man. Brian passed away on April 30, 2015. Mr. Shea was a great friend of my father's and from time to time you could find them off on a tennis court hammering away. He was a mentor and friend of so many of us...
IMark Canada IMARK Canada Welcomes Aurora Electric as Newest Member
IMARK Canada is pleased to announce that Aurora Electric Supply Corporation of Aurora, Ontario, will be become a member effective May 1, 2015...


Change is About to Hit Our Industry

By Rick McCarten
DC Power Converter I have been interested in direct current (DC) power for a couple of years now. My interest stems from two issues: first, many products require DC to run and require adapters or converters to make the change from AC. Secondly, a number of sustainable sources of power, like solar, produce DC. So why convert power that is produced in DC to alternating current, only to convert it back again when the power is put to use? A number of things are now coming together that shine further light on DC power and how it will take hold. I believe this is a great opportunity for our industry to lead the way... Read More


The Marketing Challenge Today: MarketIng Is Not a Department

By John Kerr
Challenges of Marketing So many studies link brand equity to company value, but what's puzzling is so many companies here fail to support brand building in a consistent and meaningful way. Brands that spend above average share of voice (i.e., more than the average of the total marketing communications spent by all brands in a category) will grow, while those spending less will shrink. The more marketing you do relative to the average of other brands, the more you will gain. And the less you spend relative to other brands, the more market share you are likely to lose. This relationship holds true in good times and bad. Here are eight take-aways for the year ahead... Read More

Economy: Housing

New Housing Investment Up in February Year over Year

New Housing Investment Investment in new housing construction increased 2.4% to $3.5 billion in February compared with the same month in 2014. The increase came mainly from higher spending on row house and apartment building construction. Read More

Smart Grid

Global Market Analysis: Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Advanced Distribution Systems Advanced distribution management systems (ADMSs) have emerged over the past few years as a major smart grid technology innovation with the potential to unify utility distribution IT systems into a single, more efficiently managed platform. As a result, the market for ADMSs has exploded with investment in marketing and R&D on behalf of many smart grid IT and combined IT/operational technology (OT) vendors. A recent report by Navigant Research expects global ADMS revenue to grow from $681.1 million in 2015 to $3.3 billion in 2024. Read More

Economy: Q1 Construction

Q1 2015 Non-Residential Building Construction: Investment Down 1.2%

Non-residential construction Following three consecutive quarters of growth, investment in non-residential building construction decreased 1.2% to $12.9 billion in the first quarter. This decline was largely the result of lower spending on the construction of commercial buildings (-1.9%). Read More

Peers & Profiles

Eddy Group of Companies

Eddy Group A Maritime based wholesale distribution business, the Eddy Group Limited has been a construction industry partner for over 100 years. The fourth generation family business, with seven locations throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, takes pride in providing quality products, customized solutions and service to its industrial, commercial and residential customer base. How it began... Read More

Looking Back

A Profitable Year 1964

CEDA 1964 A $4000 profit greeted CEDA members at the annual meeting in 1964, as spending in the previous year fell significantly below budgeted levels. Some members favoured splitting up the surplus but instead the money was kept in hand for future expenses, such as the Jasper convention. Another monetary concern came in the form of $30,000 in guaranteed investments that matured that year. After considerable discussion, it was decided that $20,000 of this would be reinvested, at a then high paying rate of 4¾ % interest... Read More


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