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Volume 2 • Issue 8


The hidden face of our industry is perhaps our greatest asset

If I had known that I would work with grey boxes, I'm not sure that I would have wanted to join the electrical industry, but now that I'm here I don't really want to leave. I heard this comment from the mouth of a young electrical engineer, and her remarks were warmly approved by colleagues at the recent opening of a new GE lab in North Carolina. One of the reasons she may no longer want to leave is because, quite simply, this industry is a field of best practices in business and technological development — a topic discussed extensively in this issue. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Canadian Electrical Wholesaler


David Edgson Sonepar David Edgson to Join Sonepar Canada as Director of Blueway and National Accounts
Sonepar Canada is pleased to announce that David Edgson will be joining their team as Director of Blueway and National Accounts…
Joe Curto RAB Design Lighting Adds New Directors, Engineering & Manufacturing & Sales
Greg Guisso and Joe Curto join RAB Design Lighting…
EWEL of Edmonton EWEL of Edmonton, AB Newest Member of IMARK Canada
IMARK Canada is pleased to announce that EWEL, based in Edmonton Alberta, has become a member…


Adapting to the Future with Young Talent

By Rick McCarten
Hiring Young Talent I recently attended a conference in the United States where experts sitting on a panel were asked for their opinions on the future of our industry. Everyone gave various thoughts on what could happen and on how things were going to change. Many were uncertain about what changes would occur, but they were all certain that there would be change — and that this change would be large, would happen fast and would take place soon. One question that came up was, "What decisions can be made, if we don't know how it will change?" In my mind, only one answer came up... Read More

Best Practices: Marketing

Boosting Performance at Your Webstore

By David Gordon and Alan Ray
Online Store One of the most sought after answers is how do you get performance at your webstore front? Most distributors don't have good enough data in their ERP systems to run a webstore. So the question becomes how do you build that data, gain trust and increase your sales at your webstore front? We reached out to Stacey Pandeloglou whom we've have known for a number of years. His comments as a guest author are shown below. But first a word about the Tech Vision Series of posts... Read More

Inventory Management

Accurate Order Cycles are Critical to Effective Inventory Management

Inventory Management To avoid stock outs, you must reorder products when you still have enough stock remaining in inventory to satisfy customer demand during the anticipated lead time. You also might want to keep some safety stock just in case you sell more than you forecast or the replenishment shipment is delayed. The result is the "order point" formula… Read More

Peers & Profiles

Among the Dunnigans of Techspan Industries: a Sense of Adventure from One Generation to Another

By Line Goyette
Dunnigan Techspan Conferences are often unique opportunities to spend time with people who otherwise may not get together. I had a wonderful time talking with Frank, Mary Beth and Sean Dunnigan during the EFC conference in Banff this past May. As I listen to a recording of our conversation, which is punctuated by great bursts of laughter, I note that he who laughs least is the one stepping up to meet the challenges of the family's third generation in the industry and second in their business: Sean Dunnigan, who will be responsible for a new facility soon to open near Vancouver. He may laugh less, but he listens more... Read More

Technology: Robotics

Boosting Business Productivity And Driving Innovation: CEOs Welcome Robotics Revolution

Role of Robotics While robotics may still be a long way off world domination, this technology has already moved past the point of simply replacing existing human activities to the beginnings of an augmented and collaborative working model alongside people, what PwC calls the "blended workforce." Accordingly, investment in robotics continues to grow: venture capital companies committed around $172 million in 2013 while technology leaders are already buying into robotics technology. Consequently, CEOs around the world are positively welcoming this technological revolution… Read More


Building Permits Up in April for 2nd Straight Month

Building Permits Contractors took out $7.8 billion worth of building permits in April, up 11.6% from the previous month and a second consecutive monthly advance. The gain stemmed from higher construction intentions in Ontario's residential and non-residential sectors. In the non-residential sector, permit value rose 30.2% to $3.3 billion, following a 24.8% gain in March. Increases were posted in three provinces, led by Ontario, followed by Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador. British Columbia and Quebec registered the largest declines in construction intentions for non-residential buildings. In the residential sector, permit value rose 1.2% to $4.5 billion. Institutional permits are also up... Read More

Current Copper Prices

Monitor daily and 6-month $US prices for copper — the preferred electrical conductor for most categories of electrical wiring.

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