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Volume 2 • Issue 12


Should we wait for the adults of tomorrow to meet the challenges of tomorrow?

The question of succession and transmission of knowledge is at the heart of all industries. Ours knows from the internal changes we've all experienced, not only at the level of systems management and business models, but the technological changes in the way electrical products are produced and used. Change or evolution, opportunities are there — in lighting and in 3D printing for example. Our contributors are here to spur us on. Don't step to the side, because sure enough others will take your place. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Canadian Electrical Wholesaler


AD AD Merges with Canaplus Limited Partnership
AD continues to grow by merging with Canaplus Limited Partnership to establish a new division.
Emgeri- Lite Suppliers and Distributors Continue to Grow Their Use of Vendor Managed Inventory
Such electrical Industry stalwarts as Hoffman Enclosures, Inc., Ilsco and Legrand's Wiremold line continue to expand their vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs with a growing list of distributors ...
Vendor Manged Inventory Gross Sales Ltd. to Represent T&B's Emergency Lighting Products
Thomas & Betts is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Gross Sales Ltd. as the sales agent for Emergi-Lite emergency lighting products in the southwestern Ontario,...


Could Our Industry Lose the Lighting Market?

By Rick McCarten
Lighting Industry Beyond a doubt, the most exciting and innovative market in our industry is lighting. But with innovation and opportunity comes the challenge of new competitors, new ways of doing things, and new ways to go-to-market.

At a recent Electro-Federation Canada conference in Banff, we had a speaker who presented on the Internet of Things (IoT). The company he represents, Cisco, is working on a project in Toronto that integrates Intelligent buildings into the IoT. One of the "things" they are working on is lighting. .. Read More

Best Practices - Marketing

Evolving the Role of Marketing Within Your Distributorship

By David Gordon
Distriborship Marketing For leading, growth-oriented, share-taking distributors, marketing is becoming more integral to the success of the business. This presentation, "The Evolution of Marketing Within Growing Distributors," shares thoughts for distributor senior management on the potential role of marketing within their company. It outlines four phases of marketing and suggests a marketing audit approach to evaluate the marketing department, its deliverables, and the staff with regard to how marketing can further help the company achieve its objectives. Read More

Best Practices

Help Wanted: Where Are the Next Salespeople Coming From, Part 1

By Jason Bader
Great Salespeople I don't know about you, but I am very concerned for the future of outside sales. Every client I speak with is searching for new sales talent. The problem we all face is this: sales careers are not in vogue. Recent college graduates do not see the outside sales position as an attractive career choice. If distributors are going to continue along the current go to market path, they are going to have to shed the Willy Loman image of the profession. But before I am accused of writing a whining piece, I would like to offer some solutions to this impending crisis… Read the full article and find a special offer from Jason for CEW readers. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Michelle Branigan

By Line Goyette
Michelle Branigan The world is almost too small to contain all the projects of Michelle Branigan, the CEO of Electricity Human Resources Canada, the leading source of HR information for Canada's electricity Industry… Read More

Technology: 3D Printing

Industrial 3D Printing Takes Off

3D Printing 3D printing, one of the pillars of the future of manufacturing, is no longer just about rapid prototyping: it is now also about mass production. The keys to this next generation of industrial additive manufacturing lie in technological improvements to the 3D printers themselves and the materials they utilize... Read More


Building Permits Up 14.8% in June

June Building permits 2015 The total value of building permits rose 14.8% to $7.7 billion in June, following a 13.9% decrease in May. The increase in June was mainly attributable to higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario, as well as institutional buildings in Alberta and commercial buildings in British Columbia. The value of permits was up in every province except Saskatchewan in June. Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia registered the largest increases. Read More

Local Electricity Distribution

Rising to Ontario's LDC Challenges

By Paul Murphy, Ryan Zade, Sean Conway and Bala Venkatesh, Centre for Urban Energy, Ryerson University, Toronto
LDC challenges Over the coming years, the distribution sectors in all Canadian jurisdictions will undergo a period of rebuilding and transformation. This process will occur within the context of rapidly evolving technology, a changing climate, and an ever-increasing need to keep the lights on. In February 2014, the Centre for Urban Energy organized a series of workshops on the future of electricity distribution in Ontario. The goal: to consider the future conditions in which Ontario's distribution sector will operate. Read More

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