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October 15 2015 • Volume 2 • Issue 16


In our sightlines for the coming months

Over the past weeks and months, many public debates have taken place on issues that could affect our industry. After all, we don't live in a vacuum. Over the coming weeks we will present interviews with outstanding leaders and leaders in the making, as well as discussions and roundtables on upcoming changes in our industry, including the important issue of generational transition. We begin the series with an exceptional leader, Nathalie Pilon, General Manager of ABB Canada. Good reading.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Eaton Perth Eaton's Perth, ON Distribution Centre Celebrates 35 Years of Service
Originally opened in 1980 under the Westinghouse brand, the facility is a critical component in the success of Eaton's Canadian operations.
IMARK Canada Product Stampede Find Out Who Won IMARK Canada's 2015 Product Stampede
Executives from 18 leading manufacturers had 5 minutes to present a key product with superior growth potential.
Wholesale Ecommerce AD eCommerce Initiative to Help Independent Wholesale Distributors
Affiliated Distributors' AD eContent Service program includes a shared Master eCatalog and Web Portal, along with member specific sub-catalog and store front options.


Our Industry Needs to Help Canada Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be!

By Rick McCarten
Gretzky The future growth of Canada is at stake if we don't change direction on our approach to manufacturing. Wayne Gretzky said it best when he was asked what makes him great: skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it is right now. That is exactly what our industry needs to do to attract manufacturing back into this country... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Nathalie Pilon: A Woman Who Knows Her Own Mind

By Line Goyette
Nathalie Pilon She would be loath to describe herself this way, but Nathalie Pilon is a model for many members of the electricity industry. As of October 1, this finance graduate from HEC Montréal is General Manager at ABB in Canada. Before this she was President of Thomas & Betts for Canada and Australia. In addition to her corporate responsibilities, Nathalie Pilon is an active member of various boards and committees and a mother of three. Despite all this, our interview takes place in an atmosphere of conviviality and laughter. This woman must have a secret... Read More

Human Resources

Is That Below Your Pay Grade?

By Jason Bader
Delegation One of the most difficult challenges for any entrepreneur is learning how and when to delegate tasks. In the beginning, there was no one to hand tasks off to. The buck literally stopped here. As your entity grew, you convinced others to join you on this merry quest because you knew the work could no longer be handled by one person. Unfortunately, no one told you how difficult handing over tasks was going to be. Why is it so hard to delegate? Read More

Best Practices: Distribution

Sales Making Excuses?

By David Gordon
Effective Salespeople Your salespeople are great, right? After all, they are YOUR salespeople. When the economy is going great, everyone hits their sales goals or achieve ever higher levels. When it muddles along and goals are not achieved, excuses come out of the woodwork. Here are seven keys to exceeding market sales rates. Read More


How 3D Printing Will Impact the Supply Chain

By Zachary Smith
3D Printing For decades, manufacturers have used 3D printers for prototyping and small run custom items, so we're all aware that additive manufacturing is more innovative and useful than making 3D printed selfies. As the use of 3D printing technology increases in the industrial sector, there are major improvements in new product development, lead-time, customization, and warehouse efficiency. However, it is the supply chain that will be among the most impacted segments of the industry. Read More


Warehouse Carbon Footprint Calculation 101

Carbon Footprint Looking for additional ways to reduce carbon emissions from your company's supply chain? It may be time to inquire within — specifically within the four walls of your warehouses. These facilities are prime contributors to your logistical carbon footprint, not to mention full of opportunities to go greener. With that in mind, consider measuring your distribution centre's environmental impact by running some warehouse carbon footprint calculations, such as the following… Read More

Predictive Technology

Drones and Robotics for Utility Transmission and Distribution: Global Annual Market Revenue to Reach US$4.1 Billion By 2024

Drones The drive to establish commercial uses for drone technology has captured the public's imagination and is proceeding at a rapid pace. Transmission and distribution (T&D) operators and utilities across the globe are beginning to look toward UAVs to reduce costs, improve safety, and increase reliability and response times across their systems. These new utility solutions include both drone and robotics technologies for transmission and distribution (DRTD). The value proposition is strong. Read More


Ontario Drives 0.3% Increase in August New Housing Price Index

ALTTEXT The combined region of Toronto and Oshawa was the top contributor to the overall 0.3% increase in August, with prices up 0.6% over the previous month. This marks the seventh straight month of price increases in that region. Prices remained unchanged in 8 of the 21 metropolitan areas surveyed. Year over year, the New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 1.3% in August, following identical increases in June and July. Read More

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