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Volume 2 • Issue 19


Are we ready for the challenges and the technologies of the future?

In contributor Rick McCarten's commentary, you will see this question and related questions that were discussed extensively at Electro-Federation Canada's Future Forum at the beginning of the month. It would seem that we are not as ready as we would like to say or believe. Young people were very present at this conference, and there is good reason to have confidence in them and the technological challenges of the future, as you will read in a profile of a new Canadian who devours challenges with a smile. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor,


Top 10 2016 Look Who's Among Canada's Top 100 Employers for 2016
These four members of Canada's electrical industry have been honoured as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers: Enbridge Inc., General Electric Canada/GE, Manitoba Hydro, and Siemens Canada Limited…
Wago Wago Appoints National Sales Manager for Canada
Industry veteran Juliano Matias, Wago's new National Sales Manager for Canada, brings a wealth of knowledge, deep-domain relationships and business development expertise to Wago's growing Canadian sales team…
EFC Scholarships Eaton Awards 2 EFC Scholarships
Students Eric Willcock (Georgian College, Ontario) and Kristopher Graff (MacEwan University, Alberta) have each been awarded a $3500 scholarship from Eaton under Electro-Federation Canada's 2015 scholarship program…


Challenges of the Digital Age

By Rick McCarten
Digital Age This year's EFC Future Forum was the best attended and well received to date. It featured speakers that truly presented "game-changing" technology. The technologies showcased are not only game changing, but they allow our industry to play a significant role. The purpose of the Future Forum is to present innovative products and solutions that will impact our industry. Futurist David Houle said that this decade will prove to be the most transitional in human history. All of the things that we have been adapting to over the last 20 years are starting to come together, to reach adulthood and form a synergy that exponentially far surpasses our past analogue lifestyle... Read More

Best Practices: Productivity Tools

Excel… the Pervasive Hidden Tool

By Allen Ray
Microsoft Excel As ERPs (enterprise resource planning software) age and new ones come on line for on-site install and Cloud, there is one piece of software coupled with a package that has become a de facto standard for most distributors to upload price matrix. Excel is that product, coupled with others in the Microsoft Office Professional grouping... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Lina Rishmawi — A New Canadian Who Loves Challenges

By Line Goyette
Lina Rishmawi At the age of 30, Lina Rishmawi, a professional electrical engineer, is Senior Account Manager — Electrical Distribution at Southwire Canada. Before that, she was Internal Technical Sales Engineer involved in software development. You know the expression, "being comfortable in your own skin," and it's striking when you see Lina for the first time. I met her at the ElectricElle Golf Tournament this fall and was taken aback by her openness to everyone around her. I asked Lina why she had studied electrical engineering at university… Read More

Best Practices: Managing Inventory

Inventory Vampires

By Danah Head
Inventory Vampires Inventory is like a living breathing thing. Inventory is born, grows up, gets mature, sells hard for a good while, then starts to taper off and eventually dies, in some cases even looming around in an almost dead state. During the inventory life cycle there should be caretakers like hospital nurses or in some cases hospice care workers. If not, your company's inventory will sit there like a vampire and suck every last penny of extra capital from your bottom line... Read More

Best Practices: Business

Are You Letting Your Competitors Run Your Business?

By Andrew Griffiths
Watch Your Competitors I have encountered a lot of business owners whose entire business is based on what their competitors are doing. Every decision they make is the direct result of something the competition has done or is planning to do. They have spies checking on the competitors, they watch them like hawks, and they are totally obsessed with everything they are doing. In many ways, their competitors are the main consideration in all of the decisions being made. Clearly, this is not a healthy way to run a business... Read More


Recent Developments in the Canadian Economy: Fall 2015

By Guy Gellatly
Canadian Economy 2015 Movements in crude oil prices coincided with notable changes in the pace and composition of economic activity during the first half of 2015. Output declined during the first and second quarters on lower business investment, while the pace of consumer spending strengthened in the spring. Production in the goods sector fell during the first five months of 2015, followed by gains in June and July supported by non-conventional oil extraction and manufacturing. In August, real gross domestic product (GDP) increased for the third straight month. Lower crude and petroleum prices weighed on raw materials and industrial product prices in early 2015, while headline consumer inflation slowed to 0.8% year-over-year in April on lower energy prices. Excluding energy, annual consumer inflation averaged 2.2% from January through August. The decline in energy prices contributed to… Read More

Economy: Bulding Permits

Building Permits Decline for 2nd Month in September

Economy Permits Municipalities issued $7.1 billion worth of building permits in September, down 6.7% from the previous month. This was the second consecutive monthly decline. The value of residential building permits declined 11.6%; permits for multi-family dwelling, 20.0%. Lower construction intentions for residential buildings and commercial structures in Ontario largely explained the overall decline... Read More


Energy-Focused Utility Applications Could Save Customers 8%

Utility Apps The market for residential energy applications is in its early stage, but is expected to experience further growth, according to a new report from Navigant Research. To increase energy efficiency in their homes and to save money, residential customers are beginning to turn to energy-focused apps offered by utilities and vendors of energy-related hardware and services. Active users of utilities' energy apps have experienced average savings of 6% to 8%... Read More


2014 GDP Rose 2.5%. 5 Provinces and Territories Post Stronger YOY Growth

Provincial GDP Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased for all provinces and territories in 2014 except Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Yukon. The Northwest Territories (+5.8%) had the largest increase, followed by Alberta (+4.8%) and Nunavut (+3.3%). Nationally, real GDP rose 2.5% in 2014, compared with a 2.2% gain in 2013. Five provinces and territories posted stronger growth over the previous year... Read More


Q3 2015 Apartment Building Construction Price Index Declines 0.1%

Economy Apartments The composite price index for apartment building construction declined 0.1% in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter. This was the first quarterly decrease since the first quarter of 2013. The decline was largely the result of lower material prices reported by contractors in the structural trades. Increases in three metropolitan areas offset declines in four others... Read More

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