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Volume 2 • Issue 20


By way of a conclusion for 2015

This past year introduced economic turmoil but ends on a calmer note. The arrival of new players in the industry, stock market fluctuations, the low price of a barrel of oil, global warming and more will feed into the discussions between friends and family members during holiday gatherings. In this issue, statistics and ideas to feed these discussions. Thank you for having been with us throughout the year and for having participated in the growth of our industry and the development of new products, solutions, technologies, and best practices, integrating new ways of doing things, and finding new ways to welcome young people in your business. Happy holidays. Here's to the new year!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor,  


Phillips CISCO Alliance Philips and Cisco Form Global Strategic Alliance to Address CDN$1.5 Billion Office Lighting Market
A global strategic alliance between industry giants Philips and Cisco brings together Philips' LED based connected lighting system with Cisco's IT network to address a global office market estimated to be worth CDN$1.5 billion...
Eaton Nissan Eaton and Nissan Sign MOU to Develop Energy Storage and Control Systems
Power management company Eaton and automotive manufacturer Nissan intend to explore the feasibility of jointly developing, industrializing and commercializing energy storage and control systems, leveraging the expertise and industrial assets from both companies...
Dundas Horizon Horizon Utilities Invests $1.7 Million to Modernize Dundas System
Horizon Utilities is nearing completion of a $1,735,000 infrastructure modernization project in Dundas, ON…


Agility is the New "Lean"

By Rick McCarten
Lean Business For years now, corporate fund management firms have been buying up businesses and transforming them into lean machines. The firms have been successful in reducing waste, refining expenses, cutting out layers and building companies with impressive bottom lines. Today, however, reducing costs may no longer be the trend it once was, and it may not provide the end results that you are looking for... Read More


Learning from Amazon and Generating Ideas

By David Gordon
Amazon Supply Over the past couple of years there have been a number of initiatives, as well as much time and money invested, in ecommerce. While essentially everyone feels that this is an essential service to offer for longer-term growth (or survival), unfortunately success for many, if defined by percent of sales, is lacking. However, as an alternative order entry system, it can blossom. Some of the drive for ecommerce is due to Amazon launching AmazonSupply and now Amazon Business... Read More

Inventory Management

Just Add Value

By Danah Head
Supply Chain Imagine this scenario: you walk into your warehouse, your financial vault. The whole time you are there enjoying the view, not envisioning current dollar value, future value, or dead or dying stock. This is just cool stuff all over the place. Unfortunately, this is not how it really is for anyone with any experience in the supply chain universe. Why are the people who are touching, counting, shipping, moving, displaying this beautiful thing, this inventory, so grumpy? And how can we fix it? Read More


The Dark Side of Trade — Combating Counterfeit Electrical Products

By Julie Chavanne
Combatting Counterfeit In recent years, local, federal and international authorities have combined efforts to thwart counterfeit operations and seize illegitimate products before they enter the marketplace. According to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), the value of seizures related to intellectual property rights totalled US$1.22 billion in 2014. A legitimate supply chain is the best defence against infiltration of counterfeit electrical products... Read More

One Particular Counter

Gescan Expands Footprint with Burnaby, BC Branch

Gescan Sonepar Canada's new Gescan division has opened a branch in Burnaby, BC. The facility occupies 15,000 sq ft, dedicating over 12,000 sq ft to storage and warehouse space. The branch includes office space, five service counters, two shipping and receiving doors and utilizes interior and exterior LED lighting... Read More


Remote Microgrids Now Make up More than Half of All Microgrids Deployed Globally

Remote Microgrids Navigant Research's ninth edition of the Microgrid Deployment Tracker underscores microgrids as a global phenomenon, with details of microgrid projects deployed in over 100 countries. As of 4Q 2015, Navigant Research has identified 1,437 microgrid projects worldwide, representing 13,400.5 MW of operating, under development, and proposed microgrid capacity. The two most noteworthy additions to this database were… Read More


Residential construction Up 3.3% in Q3

Res Construction Dec 10 The total value of investment in residential construction rose 3.3% to $31.9 billion in the third quarter compared with the same quarter a year earlier. This marked the seventh consecutive year-over-year quarterly growth. Residential construction investment increased in five provinces: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Saskatchewan registered the largest decrease, followed by Alberta and Manitoba... Read More


October Building Permits Jump 9.1% Nationally

Economy Bldg Permits Dec 10 Municipalities issued $7.7 billion worth of building permits in October, up 9.1% from a month earlier. This was the first increase in three months. The value of residential building permits rose 15.5% to $4.8 billion, following two months of declines. Higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings and institutional buildings in Alberta were responsible for much of the gain, as builders filed permits in advance of the changes in the Building Code... Read More


New Housing Price Rise Marginally in October

Economy Housing Dec 17 The New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.3% in October, following a 0.1% increase in September. The gain was largely attributable to higher new home prices in Ontario. The combined region of Toronto and Oshawa (+0.5%) was the top contributor to the increase. Ten of the 21 metropolitan areas surveyed reported no price changes... Read More

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