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Volume 3 • Issue 2


The words that will define your year

You know about ear worms, right? These songs or jingles that never leave us, and instead stick with us throughout our daily routine, often despite ourselves. As I reread the responses of industry leaders to our virtual roundtable, I noted a beautiful unanimity among them, and that the same words or synonyms appeared in their responses to questions about the impact of technological change and the current economic environment on our industry. One word in particular sums up their responses and especially their attitude to the economic environment: "challenging," which can be interpreted to mean either stimulating or complicated. It's up to us to choose. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor,  


Swati Nathalie EFC EFC Announces New Appointments
Nathalie Lajoie has been appointed Director of National Events; Swati Patel, Director of Research and Communications…
Rexel Wirecable Rexel Appoints 2 New General Managers
Rexel CEO Robert Little has appointed Jeffrey Moyle General Manager, Rexel Wire and Cable Centre, and Stacey Hartnell General Manager, Westburne West…
Britech Britech Heating Cables and Controls Appoints New Eastern Ontario Rep
The national manufacturer and distributor of heating cables for industrial, commercial and residential applications has named Brian Norman as its representative for Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Gatineau and Kingston…


Agility is the New Lean: Alexander Defeats the Persians

By Rick McCarten
Alexander The Great Last month, I wrote about how agility is becoming the new business model over the more traditional lean model. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with producing quality products or services by reducing costs through redefining the process, but in times of change and in times of technological advancements, new organizations are needed to address new competitors and new circumstances. One of my favourite quotes comes from Mike Marks of Indian River Consulting. He says that market share only changes when the market itself is going up or coming down; it is during those changes that customers rethink their loyalty... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Juan Macias — A Commitment to Sustainable Development and a Call for Innovation

By Line Goyette
Juan Macias He is new to the world of Schneider Electric, but not to the industry. Before arriving at Schneider Electric in April 2015, Juan Macias worked for 15 years at ABB Inc. in the United States and Mexico, and then 10 years at GE, the last 7 in Canada. He describes himself as an industrial engineer by training and an electrical engineer by profession. I met the new president of Schneider Electric for Canada the first time in May 2015 at Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s annual conference, and again at EFC's Future Forum last fall. My first question: was he happy with his arrival at Schneider Electric? Read More


Are You Ready To Sell LEDs Differently?

By David Gordon
Selling LED Lighting The term LEDs is synonymous with energy savings. The typical distributor either promotes LEDs as an energy savings initiative or quotes lighting projects that specify LEDs as the light / lamp source. But as LED adoption continues to accelerate, promoting it as an energy source becomes less of a differentiator. Everyone knows the core benefit. The difference, as they say, will be in the details... Read More

Virtual Roundtable

Electrical Industry Leaders' Insights on 2015 and 2016, Part 2

Virtual Roundtable We asked industry leaders for their perspective on key topics affecting our industry and the Canadian economy last year and in the year ahead: Bill Hammond, CEO, Hammond Power Solutions, Juan Macias, President, Schneider Electric Canada, David Nathaniel, CEO, Standard, Nathalie Pilon, CEO, ABB Canada, and Dave Syer, VP, Vendor Relations and Business Development, Sonepar Canada. Here in Part 2: technologies of the future and challenges ahead... Read More


2016: Resolution

By Danah Head
Resolution 2016 According to US News and Report, the top resolutions for 2016 are to get healthy, pay off debts, and get organized. What about at work? Should we make resolutions for 2016 at work? A good justification for corporate resolutions can be found in the 40+ hours a week and each of the 48-50 weeks a year we work those 40 hours or more. Thinking that way, it's not too hard to consider company-based resolutions for the coming year... Read More

Best Practices: Business

7 Important Inventory Metrics for Your Warehouse

By Jay Schofield
Inventory Metrics Setting goals is important for your small business to grow. As you start setting objectives, you may be tempted to look at other successful businesses and copy what they're doing. Resist that urge! No ideal "one-size-fits-all" metrics exist. Even if a company is similar to yours, each operating environment is unique and its metrics may not fit your business requirements. Here's where your inventory metrics should start... Read More


Building Permits Drop 19.6% in November

Bldg Permits Nov 2015 The value of building permits issued by municipalities declined 19.6% from October to $6.2 billion in November, falling below the $7 billion mark for first time since May 2015. The decrease was the result of widespread declines in both residential and non-residential sectors in most provinces, particularly Alberta... Read More

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