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Volume 3 • Issue 3


A picture is worth a thousand words and a smiley at least 500

Two contributors talk to us in this issue about the use of mobile phones. One reminds us of the former omnipresence of public telephones, and the other reports that mobile phones are mostly used now for texting. Both agree that the tool is indispensable. We learn that a text message is answered in less than 3 minutes 90% of the time, while a phone call lasts an average of 23 minutes. It's better to text if we want to follow the start of the year's ups and downs. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor,  


Sustainable Corporations Electrical and Utility Industries Among World's 100 Most Sustainable Corporations
A who's who from the global electrical and utilities industries rank among the world's most sustainable corporations, as compiled by Corporate Knights, a Canadian-based media company…
Candaian Entrepreneurs Canadian Entrepreneurs to Invest $111 Billion in Growth Plans This Year: BDC Survey
Despite a challenging economy, nearly three in four Canadian small and mid-sized enterprises intend to invest in developing their business in 2016, a new study by the Business Development Bank of Canada has found…
EFC Industry Award Submit Your Nomination for the 2016 Industry Recognition Award
Electro-Federation Canada recognizes the exceptional contributions made by individuals to the Canadian electrical industry through its annual Industry Recognition Award…
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Why This Market Is So Unpredictable

By Jim Taggart
Volatile Markets This year is beginning to look a lot like the last year: we are off to an uneven, choppy start. Some provincial markets are performing well, others are having difficulty. Some product sections are having good starts to the year, other segments are doing poorly. So why the disparity in performance? The obvious explanation is to tie it to the economy. However, I believe that this is just one of the reasons. The bumpy market can also be explained by the following… Read More

Best Practices

CFOs Be Aware: Mobile Telephone/Computer Expenses Will Go Up This Year

By Paul Eitmant
Cell Phone Expense 2016 I remember the days as a salesman: you carried a lot of quarters in your pocket and hunted for a pay telephone at a gas station so you could call your answering service to retrieve the day's messages. That was in 1974. Research in Motion was founded in 1984 in Waterloo, ON and revolutionized the mobile industry when the BlackBerry email pager was introduced in 1999. Back in the good old days, these types of devices cost around $250, depending on which one you purchased... Read More

Human Resources

Do Not Repeat the Mistakes of the Past Under the Weight of Economic Constraints

By Michelle Branigan
EHRC Year In Review The passion of Michelle Branigan — the Chief Executive Director of Electricity Human Resources Canada, member of our Reader Advisory Board and a regular columnist in our publication — for labour force training is well known. We asked her to share her thoughts with us about the past year and the challenges that await us in 2016... Read More


5 Reasons Millennials Aren't Answering Your Phone Call

By Ryan Jenkins
Not Answering the phone You shouldn't be surprised that Millennials won't answer the phone. However, their excuses might surprise you. Texting has overtaken calling as the most popular mobile function across all generations, with millennial women using SMS three times more often than calling. With texting being the universal go-to mobile function, why are so many managers still frustrated with Millennials not answering their phones? Let me help put one final nail in the millennial phone call coffin. The real reason Millennials won't answer your phone call is because… Read More

Looking Back

The Need For CEDA Current — 1973

Looking back CEDA 1973 The benefit and financial viability of CEDA Current continued to be an issue. At the April 1973 Board meeting, those directors who advocated its continuation pointed out that "CEDA Current had brought needed attention to the electrical distributor, the magazine is an excellent vehicle in promoting the industry and establishing a favourable public image." Despite the financial loss the magazine was incurring, the directors were overwhelmingly in favour of continuing to publish CEDA Current... Read More

Energy Innovation

Jim Carroll: 3 Ways Energy Innovation Will Heat Up in 2016

By Jim Carroll
Engergy Innovation 2016 From advances in renewables to data-driven efficiencies and empowered consumers, 2016 offers the opportunity to shape the future of energy. In my view, 2016 will prove to be a watershed year when it comes to sustainable energy. For the first time, we have a global consciousness that the time is right to try to accomplish something unique — to apply our technological, design, architecture and analytical capabilities to come up with solutions that will help to drive down our reliance on a carbon economy... Read More


November 2015 Investment in Residential Housing Construction Up 2.2% YOY

Economy New Housing Feb 2 Investment in residential construction rose 2.2% to $4.3 billion in November compared with the same month in 2014. Higher construction spending on apartment and apartment-condominium buildings largely explained the advance — nearly two of every five dollars spent. Gains in three provinces more than offset the declines in the other seven provinces. Nearly two of every five dollars spent on residential investment was dedicated to apartment and apartment-condominium building construction... Read More


Q3 Investment in Non-Residential Building Down 0.5%, Institutional Up 2.2%

Non Res Bldg Permits Jan 26 Investment in non-residential building construction amounted to $12.9 billion in the third quarter, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This was the third consecutive quarterly decline and largely reflected lower spending on the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Institutional investment continued to increase, an upward trend that began in the first quarter of 2014... Read More

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