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Volume 3 • Issue 4


Reflecting on the past to prepare for the future

The market has changed, and along with it certain Canadian economic benchmarks. In this issue, strategies and trends for thriving under these new conditions. Rick McCarten continues his review of historical battles to encourage business to differentiate and innovate. David Gordon presents key trends in the distribution market, with a focus on client relationships. We speak also about inventory management, figures that make us better understand our economic environment and leaving our comfort zones, like EFC's Swati Patel. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


EFC Scholarships2016 EFC 2016: Scholarship Program to Offer $136,000 in Scholarship Funding
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) and its members have launched the 2016 scholarship program, providing $136,000 in financial support to Canadian university and college students…
Brookfield Infrastructure Hydro One to Acquire Brookfield Infrastructure's Great Lakes Power Electricity Transmission Business
Hydro One Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire 15 transmission stations, 560 kilometres of high and medium voltage 44-230 kV transmission lines, and related infrastructure covering an area of 12,000 square kilometres along the eastern shore of Lake Superior…
Texcan Vancouver New Headquarters for Texcan Vancouver
Sonepar Canada's Texcan division has opened a state-of-the-art head office and warehouse in Surrey, BC featuring mobile cutting technology, industrial sized cutting equipment, and real-time inventory management…
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Agility: The Customer Landscape

By Rick McCarten
Customer Landscape In my last article, I compared famous battles with the concept of agility. Continuing in this same vein, the landscape of a battle has always been a huge element of the success of battles. The most famous example is the Spartans' battle against the Persians at Thermopylae. The vastly outnumbered Spartans forced the Persians to fight in a narrow passage, thereby reducing the number of actual fighting soldiers in the confined space. The value of a small, limited fighting space for a smaller army is that it limits the larger army from outflanking them. Outflanking your opponent is probably the number one battle and business strategy... Read More

Best Practices

16 Distribution Industry Trends for 2016

By David Gordon and Allen Ray
2016 Distribution Trends Over the past month, Allen and I have discussed our observations regarding the industry and shared trends we see affecting business for distributors and manufacturers in 2016. We decided not to focus on issues beyond the electrical industry's control and focus instead on what distributors and manufacturers can, and in some cases will, do to differentiate themselves, take market share to outperform on the top line and, perhaps most importantly, ensure a healthy bottom line. We've agreed on 16 sales, marketing, profitability and operations opportunities that we'd like to share... Read More

Inventory Management

Inventory, Inventory, Sis Boom Bah!

By Danah Head
Inventory Cheerleader I am seriously crazy about inventory. The very first time I cycle counted I realized this was really where my heart is. I want to help every company figure out what program works for them. Today, I challenge you identify just one inventory issue. Make it an easy one. The issue itself is of no consequence, but how you solve it is... Read More

Peers & Profiles: Young Leaders

Swati Patel: the Art of Success Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
Swati Patel Swati Patel is proud of the successes she has achieved so far. Her success is due, in large part, to her courage to take chances, even when outside of her comfort zone. This mother of two was born in Toronto to parents who emigrated from Mumbai, India. Her father is an electrical engineer by training, but writing had always been her passion. “I quickly realized that my strength was the ability to take complex ideas and make them meaningful and relevant to a diverse audience. I knew that I could apply this skill to any industry.” In 2005, she took her love for language and brought it to the electrical sector after an industry friend introduced her to EFC... Read More
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Energy Innovation

Electrical Energy Storage: IEC Report on Present and Future Needs, Part 2

Electrical Energy Storage In the near future, electrical energy storage will become indispensable in emerging markets for smart grids and in renewable energy for reducing CO2, says the International Electrotechnical Commission. In a just-published document, the commission summarizes present and future market needs for electrical energy storage technologies, reviews their technological features, and makes recommendations for all electrical energy storage stakeholders. Part 1 reported on the document's conclusions. Here in Part 2, the recommendations... Read More


Building Permits Rise 11.3% in December

Building Permits Dec 2015 The total value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities rose 11.3% to $6.9 billion in December, following a 19.9% decline the previous month. Higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta explained the advance. Every province recorded gains in the residential sector except Saskatchewan. Non-residential permits also rose in six provinces... Read More


Electricity Usage Down 6.8% in November YOY

Power Stats Feb Canada used 44.4 million megawatt hours of electricity in November, down 6.8% from the same month a year earlier as temperatures across most of the country rose above seasonal norms. With lower demand, electric power generation also decreased, falling 5.2% on a year-over-year basis to 49.0 million MWh. Exports of electricity to the United States rose 5.4%... Read More

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