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Volume 3 • Issue 7


Merge perhaps and surely look forward

As I write these words, the world is still analyzing the most recent act of terrorism — this time in Belgium — and its implications. We are surrounded by much uncertainty, but I still trust in the future, especially the new generation. Jim Taggart shares my enthusiasm for young professionals in our industry and invites them to participate actively in our industry forums. An industry that has changed much over the past year and made part of the US$3.8 trillion in mergers, acquisitions and adjustments to the market. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


CS EFC Enter EFC's 2016 Marketing Awards Program and Celebrate Marketing Innovation
Electro-Federation Canada's 2016 awards program recognizes member organizations demonstrating marketing excellence and innovation within the Canadian electrical manufacturing and distribution community…
EC Electricity Market Snapshot: 2015 a Record-Setting Year for Canadian Electricity Exports
Canadian electricity exports surpassed previous records in 2015, with net export volumes of almost 60 terawatt hours (TW.h) and net export revenues of $2.8 billion. Increasing exports and decreasing imports pushed the volume of 2015 net exports over the previous 52 TW.h record set in 2013...
CS Horsman Thomas and Betts Named E.B. Horsman & Son's 2015 Supplier of the Year
E.B. Horsman & Son has honoured Thomas and Betts with the company's annual award as the supplier that best drives sales, marketing and operational excellence in partnership with the E.B. Horsman & Son team…


EFC's Young Professionals Network (YPN)

By Jim Taggart
Young Professionals Networs At last year's Banff conference we presented our market research report, Talent in the Electrical Industry. The major take-away from the report was that we needed to do a better job in attracting and retaining young people in our industry. One of the key recommendations in the report was that we should "create an Emerging Talent Committee at EFC, allowing Millennials who are currently working in our industry to network with other young employees." This new committee is off to a great start and has advanced more quickly than I ever anticipated... Read More

Best practices: Marketing

How Wi-Fi Has Changed the World

By Paul Eitmant
Paul Eitmant I should not be surprised, but there are now electrical products that have Wi-Fi capabilities built into the device itself. We all have seen thermostats and lighting products that can be controlled by the use of a Smartphone. Now that we have Wi-Fi, it's sometimes harder to think what we can't do rather than what we can. With Wi-Fi we have the Internet instantly at our fingertips, so long as we have a smartphone, mobile device or laptop close at hand... Read More

Peers & Profiles: Young Leaders

Stanpro's Robert Nadler — A Young Professional Forging Success with Each New Project

By Line Goyette
PP Nadler Take a deep breath. Following Rob Nadler through the Stanpro facility and showroom requires stamina. The career of Stanpro's Executive Vice-President reflects the path of someone who has pursued a passion for customer service by exploring, evaluating and involving himself in every aspect of the production process, from product design to testing, certification and distribution. Stanpro lighting products, all manufactured on site, are displayed using the most advanced applications in a showroom recently set up within the company's Dorval, Quebec premises. Let's follow him on a tour... Read More

Looking Back

CEDA's First Woman President — 1975

Ceda Ap 27 History was made. For the first time a woman, Mrs. Jeannine Wood, was elected CEDA President. CEDA was now enjoying an annual revenue totalling $100,000, and with its influence in the business world evidently growing, many members felt the association needed a full time, permanent president. A discussion by the Board raised the following points: Governments find it easier to relate to a permanent President rather than an elected President. There are already a number of business associations with the President a full time permanent paid employee. An Ottawa location would allow for easier access to government offices and make it easier to obtain bilingual staff... Read More

One Particular Counter

Lumen Expands into Atlantic Canada

OPC Lumen The Dartmouth, NS location is Lumen's 33rd branch and currently employs a team of five associates led by Lumen Regional Director of Atlantic Canada, Shannon Fougere. The branch is located at 121 IIsley Road, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 1S4. Featuring Lumen's classic express branch design, including an open concept and state-of-the-art LED lighting, the 12,000 sq ft Dartmouth facility is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. "This branch is service oriented and will bring a sense of specialization that our customers have never encountered before," says Fougere. Read More

Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change: Recommendations for Canada's Electricity Sector

Climate Change Canada's electricity sector will likely spend $350 billion between 2010 and 2030 to renew or replace aging infrastructure, with massive capital projects underway or planned in every part of Canada. If we don't include climate adaptation considerations in this infrastructure renewal process, notes the Canadian Electricity Association in a new report, the costs of inaction will exceed those of an evidence-based commitment to adaptation investments. The report contains robust recommendations for all stakeholders in Canada's electricity network, from electricity producers all the way to consumers... Read More


What It Takes To Be An Advantaged Acquirer

Merger Last year was one for the M&A record books. As of the end of 2015, some US$3.8 trillion had been spent on mergers and acquisitions — the highest amount ever — and while M&A may not continue at this record pace, the trend seems far from abating. Still, this type of volume indicates that we may be in a "merger wave." This type of heated pace can produce mistakes, such as deals that don't achieve the anticipated benefits or fit strategically with the acquirer. Moreover, premiums acquirers agree to pay over the target's pre-bid share price tend to escalate as competition intensifies. Amid such deal exuberance, it may behoove CFOs to not only become an acquirer, but to become an advantaged acquirer... Read More


January GDP Rises for 4th Month

GND Jan 2016 Real gross domestic product rose 0.6% in January, a fourth consecutive monthly increase. Manufacturing, retail trade, and mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction were major contributors to growth in January. The output of goods-producing industries grew 1.2% in January, mainly as a result of increases in manufacturing and mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. Utilities, construction, and the agriculture and forestry sector also rose. The output of service-producing industries rose 0.4%, a fourth consecutive monthly gain. Notable increases were posted in retail trade, the finance and insurance sector, the public sector as well as transportation and warehousing services. In contrast, wholesale trade and the arts, entertainment and recreation sector declined.... Read More

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