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Volume 3 • Issue 8


Honouring one of ours: recognizing his contribution and saying "Thank you"

Last week Bob Shapiro received Electro-Federation Canada's 2016 Industry Recognition Award, which was presented to him by John Kerr, President of Kerrwil publications. When John introduced me to the electrical industry 20 years ago, he suggested that meeting with Mr. Shapiro would help me understand our industry. I remember being in Bob's office, listening to him talk about intelligence, knowledge and respect. I had expected a highly technical discussion, and here this man was looking me straight in the eye and speaking of intelligence. I know now that he wanted to talk about the importance of intelligence, to surround himself with the right people, and to respect their knowledge. From that time, Bob Shapiro has been a key member of our editorial advisory boards. His words have always served as a guide. In this issue: the text of John Kerr's presentation and a reprise of an earlier profile of Bob Shapiro. Follow us on Twitter @CEWnewsletter. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Shapiro Electro-Federation Canada Names Bob Shapiro 2016 Industry Recognition Award Recipient
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) presented its 2016 Industry Recognition Award to Bob Shapiro, President of Franklin Empire, during EFC's Annual General Meeting on April 13…
Krodel Keith Rodel, Codes and Standards Manager at Hubbell Canada LP Receives Prestigious John Jenkins Awards
Kevin Mallory, Vice President & General Manager of Hubbell Canada LP, is very pleased to announce that Keith Rodel, Codes and Standards Manager at Hubbell Canada LP, has been selected as the recipient of the John Jenkins Award...
EFC Board Francois Anquetil Assumes Chair of EFC Board of Directors
At Electro-Federation Canada's Annual General Meeting on April 13, Francois Anquetil, Sonepar Canada, was announced as the EFC 2016/2017 Chair…


Agility: Building Experience

By Rick McCarten
Rick Mccarten As the story goes, IBM founder Thomas Watson once called an employee into his office. This employee had just made a mistake that cost the business $64,000. A hefty sum back in the early days of the company. The employee stood in front of Watson's desk, apologized and said he fully understood that he would be relieved of his duties. Watson responded by saying, "Fire you? Why would I do that? I just spent $64,000 on your education!" Most Canadians believe that Americans are quick to fire people. The truth is quite the opposite: the success of America is in its unique cultural belief in building talent, letting them learn and improve the overall business... Read More

Best Practices - Marketing

Innovation Takes Culture, Not Only Books: Part 1

By David Gordon
David Gordon Innovation. It's a magical word. It conjures up images of patentable products that customers clamour for and that result in untold revenue growth, of services that enthrall customers and engender undying loyalty to your company, of operational efficiencies that generate untold millions in productivity improvements and profitability. In other words, nirvana. Much has been written and discussed regarding innovation for distribution channels, and that "distributors need to innovate to survive." Read More

Distributors - Best Practices

May Flowers Start with April Showers

By Danah Head
Deanah Head Oh, it's spring again and everyone is so happy and joyful. May is almost here, the April showers cleanse all things of the salt and gloom of winter and fall. During spring, everyone is itching to go outside and feel the sunshine on their faces. Windows are open, houses are being cleaned out, and garage sale signs are on every corner. Lakes and rivers are calling, and grills are begging for charcoal. Do you think your company experiences spring like this? The answer is yes. The next question is what to do about it. Here are three suggestions... Read More


Dynamic Pricing: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Dynamic Prices Dynamic product pricing exists in many aspects of society, observes a new report by Navigant Research. Examples include airline tickets, theatre and sporting event tickets, subway fares, and road tolls. The basic concept is that the value of a product varies based on time and other factors. Thus, being able to charge prices that better reflect that value is more economically efficient than simply charging an average flat price across all hours and variables. The largest region of adoption is expected to be North America. Despite a number of drivers, says the report, dynamic pricing also faces barriers... Read More

Awards and Honours

Bob Shapiro Receives EFC’s 2016 Industry Recognition Award

By John Kerr
Bob Shapiro I keep with me a wonderful memento given to my father in 1961 at the annual meeting of the forerunner of the Electro-Federation. It was a recognition of the power industry price that my father loved and as we all continue to do so. Today, I am pleased and honoured to be here to present the recipient of this year: Bob Shapiro Franklin Empire. Bob is not only a child of our industry, but one of his most brilliant student, architect and supporter of evolution. Throughout his career, he designed one of the most elegant ever seen transitions in the field of electrical distribution. Franklin Empire is unique in its values, unique in its partnerships, unique in its welcome change and unique in that it is the largest private company in the distribution sector of Canada... Read More

Peers & Profiles

Bob Shapiro: Playing the Hand You're Dealt

By Jason Rhyno
Bob Shapriro Imagine starting a business where one of the largest independent players, which you used to work for, actively discouraged suppliers from doing business with you, limiting the products you could get your hands on. Imagine that your place of business didn't have doors big enough to fit the very things you were selling. Cashing in your chips would not be an unreasonable thing to consider, but it's not what Bob Shapiro's father did when he was trying to get Franklin Electric off the ground in Montreal in 1946... Read More


Energy Efficiency Amendments Would Affect Electrical Products

Energy efficiency regulations Three proposed amendments to regulations under the federal Energy Efficiency Act, expected to be published in Spring 2016, 2017 and 2018, will affect a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial electrical products. The amendments prescribe new or updated standards for energy-using products, and update testing methodologies or labelling requirements. The goal is to improve energy efficiency standards for consumer and commercial products, align with U.S. requirements, and generate environmental benefits... Read More


Value of Building Permits Rose 15.5% in February

Canadian building permits Feb 2016 Municipalities issued building permits worth $7.4 billion in February, up 15.5% from January. This growth followed a 9.5% decline the previous month and largely resulted from higher construction intentions for commercial buildings in Alberta, single-family dwellings in Ontario, and institutional structures in Quebec.The value of residential building permits increased 5.0% to $4.2 billion, following a 12.7% decrease the previous month. The value of non-residential building permits increased 33.1% to $3.2 billion. Among the 34 census metropolitan areas tracked by Statistics Canada, the total value of building permits was up in 18. Edmonton recorded the largest gain, followed by Montreal and Toronto... Read More

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