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Volume 3 • Issue 10


Planning the future

In two weeks, many of us will gather in Halifax to discuss the future of our industry. This year, the theme of EFC’s annual conference will be Vision 20/20. Our industry is at the convergence of many technologies and generations. In this edition, you will meet Jason Prevost who accepted the challenge of uniting young professionals in our industry. Our regular collaborators will offer tools to equip us in navigating this world of change, innovation and why not the game of musical chairs? Also look for a new section to better understand the role of the manufacturer's sales representative. Happy reading and follow us on Twitter @CEWnewsletter.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Aztec Open house Aztec Electrical Supply - Open House
The house was packed at the recent Aztec Open House and trade show held on Thursday, May 5th...
EFC Scholarships 2016 EFC 2016: Scholarship Program to Offer $136,000 in Scholarship - Deadline- May 31st
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) and its members have launched the 2016 scholarship program, providing $136,000 in financial support to Canadian university and college students...
EHRC Award EHRC Awards of Excellence: Call for Nominations
Do you know an outstanding employee, team or leader in your organization? Would you like to see them recognized for their hard work? Nominate them for an Electricity Human Resources Canada 2016 Awards of Excellence...
  • Siemens Partnership Powers Education at Algonquin College
    Algonquin College President Cheryl Jensen and Siemens Canada CEO Robert Hardt recently unveiled a new high-efficiency co-generation power plant at the college's Ottawa campus. The organizations also signed an MOU that will enable students to learn first hand in a "living lab" for the future of energy systems...

  • AD Members Achieve Record Q1 Sales
    Sales for all AD members, across seven divisions and three countries, grew by 9% in 2016 Q1 YTD to a record US$8.7 Billion. AD attributes some of the growth to its newest division, AD Canada Plumbing & Heating…

  • GE's Current Acquires Daintree Networks
    Current, powered by GE, has acquired Daintree Networks, an industrial internet provider of building controls solutions for commercial facilities. The acquisition will enable Current to expand its building automation platform and its energy-as-a-service offering to small- and medium-size facilities…

  • Enter EFC's 2016 Marketing Awards Program and Celebrate Marketing innovation
    Electro-Federation Canada's 2016 awards program recognizes member organizations demonstrating marketing excellence and innovation within the Canadian electrical manufacturing and distribution community... Now in its third year, Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s 2016 awards program recognizes EFC member organizations demonstrating marketing ...

Salon Lumen

Salon Lumen 2016 — A Video

Salon Lumen More than 5,300 visitors travelled across Quebec to participate in the 9th iteration of Salon Lumen, the electrical industry's largest trade show in Quebec. Salon Lumen was held on April 19 at the Centre de foires de Québec and on April 21 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. A video of the event that took place in Montreal was produced by Sonepar. Watch it here… Read More


Agility - Playing Musical Chairs

By Rick McCarten
Rick Mcarten Should musical chairs be an Olympic event? Or maybe it should be a scientific degree at colleges and universities. Perhaps it could be a business or art degree. Not many would take this childhood game seriously, but understanding this game's dynamics may help you overcome the most important crisis you may face in your entire business career. The game consists of lining up chairs and playing music. Children walk around the chairs until the music stops and they must then quickly sit down. Each time the music stops, a chair is removed and someone who can't find a chair to sit on is eliminated. This game, like many other childhood games, mirrors the cruel side of real life. Read More

Best Practices

Innovation Takes Culture, Not Only Books: Part 2

By David Gordon
David Gordon In Part 1, David Gordon looked at drivers of innovation. Here in Part 2, four ways to expand your frame of reference and generate innovative new ideas. The issue of expanding your frame of reference is critical to innovating. While it has been said that "there is little new in the world as the Greeks and Romans already invented it" (okay, maybe the kernel of it), no one has a monopoly on ideas. "Borrowing" is not considered bad. A key to success is observation and adaptation. Consider these opportunities… Read More

Peers & Profiles: Young Leaders

Jason Prevost — Gather, Grow and Give (A Recipe for Successfully Closing a Generation Gap)

By Line Goyette
Jason Prevost Jason Prevost is National Chair of Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s Young Professionals Network. He is also VP of Marketing at Standard Products. Father of two young teens and very involved with Habitat for Humanity, he gathers, grows and gives. No matter what you ask of him, he always has a solution, someone he can refer you to, an angle to follow up on. His openness to new ideas is amazing, as well as his respect for the opinion of experts. He never imposes his own opinions, yet his knowledge and skills are often sought out. This was not always the case. Read More

CEMRA - Opinion

What is an Independent Manufacturer's Sales Representative?

By Marc Laplante
Marc Laplante Depending on who you talk to, that answer can be as long as Tolstoy's War and Peace! Google it up and you get this : "A manufacturer's representatives (rep), also known as independent sales representatives or sales agent, is an individual, sales agency or company that sells a manufacturer's products to wholesale and retail customers." Not much of an answer is it? Well, that's Wikipedia for you. You would think that in this day and age, amongst peers at Electrofed that this question wouldn't be asked of us anymore yet, we get it all the time, usually from inside people at manufacturers that do not use independent reps. Here is what an independent manufacturer's sales representative is: It is by far the purest form of free enterprise. We finance our own growth and get paid only when we've performed. Read More

Best practices - Distribution

Loss, Theft, Damage… What is the Cost?

By Danah Head
Danah Head Imagine that we are in a sales meeting. If we discuss losses in this meeting, what do we talk about? We could talk about theft, general shrinkage, and, of course, the running over of products by forklifts. However, I wonder if we should instead discuss what to do when loss occurs, and how to cover that loss. If we were in this sales meeting together, I would tell you about a loss of a $100.00 item. The cost to cover that $100.00 item…potentially $5,000.00 in additional sales. I would close the meeting by saying, "Get out there, you awesome sales professionals, and sell $5,000.00 more to make it up! You can do it!" I feel like this conversation with the sales team might go over like a lead balloon. If you have ever found yourself standing at the business end of an angry customer call because your inventory is "missing", "lost", or otherwise in-dispose…then you need to keep reading. Loss is a very serious and very important issue in all of our companies. This subject of losses does not just cover physically lost items, but this covers: misplaced items, miscounted items, items that leave as "samples" but aren't logged, mis-shipped items, misidentified items, items run over by a forklift, and of course, theft. Read More


Building Permits, March 2016

Total value of Permits March 2016 The total value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities was down 7.0% to $6.9 billion in March, marking the second decline in three months. The decrease, which followed a 15.3% gain in February, was largely the result of lower construction intentions for commercial buildings in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. In the non-residential sector, the value of building permits was down 22.8% to $2.4 billion in March, following a 32.6% increase the previous month. Declines were reported in half the provinces, with Alberta responsible for most of the drop, followed by British Columbia and Ontario. Read More


New Housing Price Index, March 2016

New Housing Price Index March 2016 The New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.2% in March, following an identical increase in February. The index has increased for 12 consecutive months, largely driven by higher new housing prices in Ontario and British Columbia. Of the metropolitan areas covered by the index, the top contributors to the national increase in March were the combined region of Toronto and Oshawa (+0.4%) and Vancouver (+0.4%). Builders in both regions cited market conditions as the main reason for the advance. Read More

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