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Volume 3 • Issue 20

Message From The Editor

The future is here. It's a good time to think about it

All our contributors are feeling the winds of change. Some are seeing it in market research; others through their clients or from observing the playing field from their vantage point of experience and expertise. All say that change has arrived and that the future is here. New players are among us and some have to be tamed; others force us to review how we do things. To find out how these changes will affect the distribution channel, and apply the changes to your advantage, our guest manufacturing agent for the next two months, Murray Chamney, talks here about the importance of customer relations. Everyone agrees that customer service is an essential differentiator at a time of breakthrough technologies, but this reality seems to be particularly true for manufacturers' agents. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

Clint Shuman E.B. Horsman Appoints New Manager for 2 Branches
E.B. Horsman & Son has promoted Clint Shuman to the position of Branch Manager for the Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson, BC branches…
Britech Britech Signs New Eastern Ontario Rep
Britech has named Saunders Canada as its new representative in eastern Ontario, providing services to consulting engineers, electrical distributors and electrical contractors…
ESA Awards 2016 Ontario Electrical Safety Awards Celebrate Leaders in Electrical Safety
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems was among the recipients of an Ontario Electrical Safety Award, presented to organizations that have invested in helping keep Ontarians safe from electrical harm...



By Rick McCarten
Rick McCarten Using artificial intelligence at your distributor counter may seem far-fetched today, but it is not that far off with technology and a little bit of creativity. Everybody knows about robots. Now, there are robot-like "creatures" that can be found in computers or in the Cloud, that can perform similar functions as a robot but exist only within systems. These "bots" run around inside a system doing things for you. They will learn what you like and what you want. Bots can also now study what they do and outperform themselves. Read More


Is Amazon an Alternate Channel or Just Meeting Customer Needs?

By David Gordon
David Gordon Yes, Amazon Business is a competitor to distributors. It is also an opportunity for manufacturers given that it represents an additional distribution channel to reach customers. In fact, many of us purchase something from either Amazon or Grainger, the electrical industry's avowed "competitors." You may want to ask your accounting department if your company has an account with either of these companies. And if you do, perhaps it is an opportunity to conduct some competitive intelligence to get a sense of services and pricing. Read More


Nothing Constant as Change… How Is Your Market Intelligence?

By John Kerr
Pathfinder With increasing competition coming at the full-line channel model from a myriad of directions, many electrical wholesalers in Canada are for the first time taking stock of who and what they must deal with in the future. With the recent publishing of our annual Pathfinder Report we get a perspective few have of the industry. Annually this journey allows us many touch points on the market and a view of the evolving sources of supply few others see. They say there is nothing as constant as change, but what are you and your teams doing to address it? Read More

Manufacturers' Reps

Manufacturers' Reps Are Filling the Service Gap

By Murray Chamney
Murray Chamney Over the past number of years, much has been written about the "hollowing out" of management at Canadian subsidiaries of international companies. Often, the Canadian division loses its leadership role to individuals at its head office. A similar transition has occurred among middle management of sales and marketing. As manufacturers and some distributors have pared down their staff, many progressive manufacturers' reps have added staff to fill these voids. Here are some examples of the types of individuals now commonly employed at rep firms… Read More

Peers and Profiles

LEDVANCE in Canada — Building on a Legacy of Innovation and the SYLVANIA Brand

By Julie Kerr
LEDVANCE LEDVANCE GmbH, a new legally independent lamp manufacturing company born out of the former Osram Lamps business division, aims to bring forward "an almost incomparable depth of experience in terms of light, successful products with strong brands, and high-impact sales team." With its newly found independence, the company will be flexible enough to adapt and respond to the ever-changing market landscape, while continuing to pursue new business options, such as intelligent, networked products. Read More


Q1 Investment in Non-Residential Building Construction Continues Decline

Non-Residential Building Construction Investment in non-residential building construction declined for the fifth consecutive quarter, down 1.6% from the previous quarter to $12.5 billion in the first quarter. Nationally, the decrease resulted from lower spending in all three components, with commercial buildings accounting for most of the decline. Non-residential building construction spending was down in eight provinces, with Alberta posting the largest decline and Quebec a distant second. British Columbia and Saskatchewan were the only two provinces to register advances. Read More


Building Permits Jump 10.4% in August

Chart Municipalities issued $7.3 billion worth of building permits in August, up 10.4% from July and the second consecutive monthly increase. The gain was mainly attributable to higher construction intentions in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. The value of residential building permits was up 9.6% to $4.5 billion. Six provinces posted increases, led by Ontario and British Columbia. In the non-residential sector, municipalities issued $2.9 billion worth of permits, up 11.6%. Gains were reported in five provinces, led by Quebec, followed distantly by Manitoba. Read More

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