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Volume 3 • Issue 21

Message From The Editor

An agreement signed at the last minute and an election still underway

Canada and the European Union have finally signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Still to come: ratification by the European Parliament, Canada, 28 EU member countries, and many regional governments. It's a huge market opening up to Canadian manufacturing products. Aside from mechanical problems with Prime Minister Trudeau's plane en route to the signing, the possibility of this agreement failing — after seven years of negotiations — has consumed much ink. Another victory that seemed assured a few days ago was Hillary Clinton as the United States' next president. Our contributor Paul Eitmant explains the American electoral process, but will his prediction survive the twists and turns of the final days? It's certainly been an eye-popping campaign. Closer to home, young people are increasingly taking their place in the electrical industry, as shown by the success of EFC's Young Professionals Network as it enters its second year. But, says contributor Julie Kerr, stop calling them Millennials. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

Robert Zadeh Ideal Appoints Field Support Engineer for Audacy Wireless
Robert Zadeh brings with him a wealth of knowledge on electrical engineering with six years of hands-on experience. The Field Support Engineer position provides technical field support for the Advanced Wireless Solutions business unit strategy…
Ilsco Canada Logo Ilsco Canada Receives an Eaton Canada "Superior Customer Focus" Vendor Award
Outstanding and unmatched customer care work — "going above and beyond" — has earned Ilsco Canada an award from Eaton Canada. "Ilsco Canada is an exceptional partner offering electrical connector manufacturing," says Eaton Canada…
Bert Doppenberg Thomas & Betts Canada's "Win a Garage" Make-over Promotion: the Transformation Is Complete
Bert Doppenberg, the Abbotsford, BC grand prize winner of Thomas & Betts Canada's recent "Win a garage make-over promotion," now has a new and improved garage. With every $100 purchase of Star Teck fittings, electrical contractors had an opportunity to enter a draw to win one of four exciting prizes…
Tools For The Trade


Sustaining Canada's Reputation

By Jim Taggart
Jim Taggart Canada has a great reputation as a country of builders. Due to our vast geography and rugged terrain, we needed to utilize great ingenuity in constructing railways, roads and seaways across our country. However, we have become a nation of condominium builders. Our existing infrastructure is beginning to fail us and we lack the political will to begin construction on the mega-projects that are truly needed. I firmly believe that when it comes to the mega-projects and infrastructure spend, the major Canadian pipelines need to be built first. Yes, we need to… Read More

U.S Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton Prediction to Win? Expect More of the Same

By Paul Eitmant
Paul Eitmant Predictions for the U.S. presidential election have Hillary Clinton the clear winner even before U.S. citizens vote on November 8. This statement can be made with confidence because the United States elects the president by the total of Electoral College votes. Citizens do not directly elect the president or vice president. Instead, they choose "electors," who usually pledge to vote for particular candidates. The candidate who receives an absolute majority of electoral votes (currently 270) for the office of president or vice president is elected to that office. Read More

Peers and Profiles

Shoynear Morrison — A New Presence in the Industry

By Laurence Rocher-Brassard
Shoynear Morrison Shoynear has a BA in English and a post-graduate diploma in journalism. A few months after obtaining her diploma, one job posting stood out — Communications Coordinator at Sonepar Canada. A year later, brimming with writing skills and full of energy, she is already carving out a niche within the electric distributor. Read More

Evolving Workforce

How to Relate to "Millennials" (#spoileralertitsnotwithhashtags)

By Julie Kerr
Young Professionals Working Whether we are trying to engage them with relevant and interesting content, attract them to our workforce, or just understand what they want, the term "Millennial'" is everywhere. As a former account manager at an ad agency, the word Millennial is certainly not foreign to me. It appeared in almost every brief, strategy presentation, case study video, and pitch deck. In my new position at Kerrwil, it stills come up every day. I completely understand the obsession, so it's about time we learn how to communicate with this portion of the population  in a relevant, meaningful and engaging way. Read More

One Particular Counter

Torbram Electric Supply Relocates Its Peterborough, ON Location

By Julie Kerr
Torbram Torbram Electric Supply has announced a new branch opening in Peterborough, ON, effective October 24, 2016. This new location boasts almost double the square footage of the previous branch, and is just around the corner from the old location. CEW spoke to branch manager Aletta Littlemore about the new space and asked what customers can expect to see: "[Simply put] more size and products! Read More

Looking Back

Establishing Member Fees — 1981

Vintage Books The ceiling that had been placed on membership fees remained a point of contention among members. Treasurer Dougherty said the ceiling should be raised to $220 million so that larger member companies would pay their share of increasing operating costs. Director Harry Johnson argued that the big three national companies would then be paying far more than their fair share, and this could prove counterproductive as smaller members could feel threatened by the perceived power that this financial support could give the big companies. After a lengthy discussion, a two-tier formula for determining membership fees was worked out. Read More


Wholesale Sales Value, Volume and Inventory Rose 0.8% in August

Wholesale Values Wholesale sales advanced 0.8% in value to $56.8 billion in August, a fifth consecutive gain. In volume terms, wholesale sales and inventory were also up 0.8%. Five of the seven subsectors, representing 80% of total wholesale sales, reported increases. The miscellaneous subsector and machinery, equipment and supplies subsector contributed the most to the rise. Wholesalers in the machinery, equipment and supplies subsector posted the second largest increase, with sales up 1.3% to $11.4 billion, the highest level since January 2016. This was the subsector's fourth consecutive monthly advance. Read More


August New Housing Investment Rises 2.4% YOY

Economy Housing Total investment in new housing construction rose 2.4% year over year to $4.7 billion in August. The increase reflects higher investment in apartment building (+9.2% to $1.7 billion) and row house construction (+7.8% to $455 million). In contrast, spending on single-family houses declined 2.1% year over year to $2.3 billion, following six consecutive months of year-over-year gains. Investment in semi-detached dwellings also decreased year over year, down 6.1% to $222 million in August. Investment levels varied across the country. Read More


Chart: Average Industry Salaries

Average Industry Salariesin 7 Cities

Salaries in one city are at least 27% higher than in any other, and it's not Vancouver or Toronto.

Read More

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