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Volume 3 • Issue 24

Message From The Editor

Investing in R&D: is it profitable?

At a time when a trade agreement with Europe is being finalized and an existing agreement with the United States may be up for renegotiation, some variables are interesting to study. Especially research we report on this week showing that Canadian companies that began exporting in the first decade of the 2000s have increased their productivity and size and are more likely to have invested in R&D. Also read about how to improve company value by sharing ideas with the business community, how to plan better and market your business better to your customers and partners, and the vision of a confident industry entrepreneur, John Baron. Good reading and have a happy holiday with your loved ones.

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  


Sharing vs. Hoarding: A Tale of Two Cities

By Rick McCarten
Rick McCarten Back in the 1990s, during the boom, two cities hacked it out to determine who was going to be the centre of the universe for the new digital age. These two cities were neck 'n neck, each leapfrogging the other for new technological breakthroughs. Only one thing separated them and that was enough to create a winner. Boston companies were known for sharing ideas between departments. San Jose also fostered an open climate for ideas and cross pollination, but San Jose took it one step further. Read More


Joint Business Planning: The Key to Accelerating Growth, Part 2

By David Gordon and Victoria Gustafson
Planning Part 1 of this article reported on research that found most companies go through joint business planning with their major partners, but the process is not optimal. Of the six steps in the process, three function relatively well and three need major improvement. The research was based in part on a survey of manufacturers and electrical distributors, in-depth interviews with key decision-makers and a deep dive into the important topic of rebates, which is also a driver of joint business planning. Here in Part 2, opportunities identified through the research for improving the process. Read More

Peers & Profiles

John Baron — A Convinced and Convincing Leader

By Line Goyette
John Baron John Baron is President of Elec-Tech Sales Ltd., a manufacturing agent with headquarters in Richmond, British Colombia. Very active within the industry and his profession, he is on the Board of Directors and Executive of the BC Electrical Association, which has just named him BCEA Individual of the Year for 2016. John is also a former president of CEMRA, and active member of IESNA and NEMRA. He still found time to sit down with me so that we could learn more about this passionate entrepreneur full of confidence in the future of our industry. John will be a guest contributor to CEW's CEMRA column for the next two months. Read More


Best Practices for Creating and Distributing Press Releases

By Julie Kerr
Woman typing Media releases are a crucial component of all business' communication strategies. They add credibility to your company and are an effective way to share messages and updates with clients, stakeholders, and journalists alike. In addition to following the proper structure of a media release — headline, subhead, dateline, opening paragraph, etc. — keep the following tips in mind to ensure your company creates engaging content that reaches its intended audience in the most effective way. Read More


Innovation and Export-Market Participation in Canadian Manufacturing

By John R. Baldwin, Afshan Dar-Brodeur and Beiling Yan
Shipping Containers Trade and innovation are two important economic forces affecting manufacturing firms. Trade liberalization increases the competition that Canadian manufacturers face from abroad. This reinforces the importance of innovation for manufacturers in general, and exporters in particular. This paper examines the innovation profile of Canadian manufacturing firms and how it relates to their exporting behaviour in the last half of the first decade of the 2000s. Read More


Real Gross Domestic Product Grows 0.9% in Q3 2016

Chart: GDP Growth Q3 2016 Following a 0.3% decline in the second quarter, real gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.9% in the third quarter. Exports of energy products, rebounding from a second quarter decline, boosted growth. Growth in final domestic demand decelerated to 0.2%. Exports increased 2.2%, making up some ground lost in the second quarter (-3.9%). Exports of goods grew 2.3%, while services advanced 1.4%. Read More


Q3 2016 Investment in Non-residential Building Construction Down 0.5%

Chart: Q3 2016 Non-Residential Building Growth Investment in non-residential building construction totalled $12.5 billion in the third quarter, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This was the sixth decrease in seven quarters dating back to the first quarter of 2015. The decline reflected lower spending on commercial and industrial building construction, which more than offset higher investment in institutional buildings. Alberta and British Columbia posted the largest declines. The largest advance occurred in Quebec, followed by Manitoba. Read More


Survey Says: How Salaries Compare Across Job Types and Industries

Journeyman electricians rank much higher than, say, business certificate holders. Read More

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