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An emerging leadership of influence

March is a time of year when we emphasize the contribution of women to society, and our industry actively participates in this effort. However, Canada continues to lag behind other developed countries in terms of gender balance in leadership roles. How long will this continue? Many more women than men are graduating from universities and colleges. Less than a quarter of the seats on the boards of directors of listed companies to the Canadian stock market index are held by women, and fewer are in decision-making positions. While we are far from parity, exceptional leaders can still be found in our industry. Often female leadership is associated with change management and influence. We'll talk more about it. This month meet Rachelle Caron, one of these leaders. Also, contributor Jim Taggart welcomes Carol McGlogan, soon to be EFC's new president and CEO. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

Pina Bellissimo and Martin Harm Eaton Electrical Makes Central Canada and National Sales Appointments
Eaton Electrical has promoted Pina Bellissimo to Power Quality Division Regional Sale Manager, Central Canada, Martin Harm to National Service Sales Manager…
Current Logo Canwest Agency to Represent Current, Powered by GE in BC
Current, powered by GE's Canadian Manager, Kevin Podmore, has appointed Canwest Agency as the newest agent representative for British Columbia…
Gaetan Asselin Desdowd Adds to Its Sales Team
Gaetan Asselin has joined the Desdowd team as Sales Representative, supporting the sales team with Desdowd's Eaton Crouse-Hinds product offering…


New EFC President

By Jim Taggart
Jim Taggart As I retire from Electro-Federation Canada in May, I am truly optimistic about the future of EFC and know that the association will be in great hands as Carol McGlogan moves into her new role as President & CEO. Carol will play an instrumental role in adapting/transforming this industry association based on changing technologies and the new business environment. If EFC is to represent the Canadian electrical industry, it needs to change. Our EFC Research Committee is determining how low-voltage DC power will change our industry — particularly the channel. Early research findings indicate that… Read More

Peers and Profiles

Rachelle Caron: a Leader Who Stares Change in the Eye

By Line Goyette
Rachelle Caron Rachelle Caron, CEO of Westburne, hails from the Gaspé, which might explain why she's both fearless and can see emerging market trends from a mile away. In the changing world of distribution, this is a major asset. Behind her composure is a formidable leader. A chartered accountant by training, Rachelle describes her career as nontraditional. Since assuming leadership at Westburne, she's achieved brilliant success. Read on to learn more. Read More

Market Opportunities

New Markets: How to Capture These New Opportunities

By Paul Eitmant
Paul Eitmant I came across an article listing new opportunities for electrical distribution. These products were listed: LED in solid-state lighting control, solar, utility upgrades, electrical vehicles, and IoT (Internet of things). Two of the products identified, LED in solid-state lighting control and utility upgrades, are naturals for most electrical distributors, assuming those distributors that already have a lighting division for solid-state lighting controls and a utility division for the past few years and actually invested time and people were successful. Read More


An Exercise in Questioning Your Sales Compensation Plan

By Frank Hurtte
Frank Hurtte Some might call it eavesdropping, but we call it our uniquely unscientific methodology for tracking distributor trends. We listen. Plus, we get phone calls, emails and occasional text messages from distributors. When we hear the same topic mentioned more than a dozen times in the course of a month, we know the topic is coming to the surface. For some reason, sales compensation is showing up, repeatedly. Here are a few questions I believe are pertinent to any thinking directed to the topic. Read More

Looking Back

Technology Will Force Change

Lightbulb "The products we distribute now will change as much in the next few years as cars did between 1974 and 1984. The pistons are still there but just about everything else has changed," says Clare Radis, president and general manager of Electrical Wholesalers (Edmonton) Ltd. "It will take a new breed of salesmen to see the new electronic and computerized equipment coming along, and a new breed of electrician and technician to handle it. Anyone who does not upgrade himself will be left way behind." Read More


Statcan Study Shows Steady Decline in Business R&D Spending

NL-CEW-5-Statscan-175.jpg Businesses in Canada spent $16.0 billion on in-house research and development (R&D) in 2013, compared with $14.1 billion a decade earlier. However, business sector R&D in 2013 was below pre-recession levels, as the pace of spending in different R&D-performing industries changed significantly after the 2008-2009 recession. Annual in-house spending on industrial R&D by businesses in 2013, measured in current dollars, was about $700 million lower than it was in 2007. From 2007 to 2013, the overall number of R&D personnel employed by businesses in Canada declined 21.1%, reflecting fewer technicians and technologists working in R&D-performing manufacturing and service firms. Read More


Q4 Non-residential Building Construction Prices Up 0.6%

Construction Workers The Non-residential Building Construction Price Index was up 0.6% in the fourth quarter compared with the previous quarter. This was the fifth consecutive quarterly increase and the largest gain since Q2 2014. Contractors reported quarterly increases in six of seven census metropolitan areas surveyed. Year over year, the NRBCPI rose 1.6%, with Vancouver (+5.8%) and Toronto (+3.7%) reporting the largest increases. Edmonton (-2.6%) and Calgary (-1.9%) reported the only year-over-year declines. Read More


Investment in New Housing Construction Rose 9.1% YOY in December

Statcan Chart Investment in new housing construction rose 9.1% year over year to $4.3 billion in December, reflecting higher investment in all dwelling types. Over 80% of the national advance resulted from higher spending on construction of single-family dwellings, which rose 14.9% year over year to $2.3 billion. Investment in row house construction increased 9.9% to $383 million, while spending on apartment and apartment-condominium buildings went up 1.4% to $1.4 billion. Investment in semi-detached dwellings increased 3.6% to $187 million. Provincially, Ontario and British Columbia recorded the largest year-over-year gains, followed by Quebec. Read More

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