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Message From The Editor

A perfect time to think about a challenging economic future

The Trump Administration has just passed its milestone 100th day. I don't remember an administration that has generated as much spilled ink in the business pages as this one. One positive effect of this media abundance is the fact that discussions on the Canadian economy are taking place spontaneously at all industry gatherings. Maybe this is an ideal time to reflect on the richness and diversity of the industry in Canada and the directions we want it to take. Our industry is full of leaders who think about these options and reflect our values. You can read or learn more about them in our virtual pages, and in this issue a special thanks from Jim Taggart to someone special who accompanied him throughout his career. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

Changing Scene Hanson to Lead Southwire Canada
Kelly Hanson, Vice President of Marketing for Southwire's Power Systems & Solutions group, has accepted the role of SVP and President of Southwire Canada…
Changing Scene MCEE 2017: 13 Companies Win New Product Competition Awards
A special jury of industry experts has chosen the winners of the New Product Competition at MCEE 2017, Canada's largest mechanical, electrical and lighting expo…
Changing Scene Lumenpulse to Be Taken Private
A group led by Lumenpulse founder François-Xavier Souvay has reached an agreement with Lumenpulse Inc. to acquire all of the common shares. Souvay will remain involved in all aspects of the business and operations…


Righting a Wrong

By Jim Taggart
Jim Taggart In this column, I'm supposed to write about electrical industry stuff. However, I'm going to be selfish and try to right a wrong. Last week, Electro-Federation Canada had a special farewell reception for me. The kind words and speeches of friends and family were greatly appreciated. Then it was up to me to thank all the associates, friends and family at the event. But after completing my speech, something just didn't feel right. Read More

Channel Disruption

The New and Improved Hybrid Electrical Distribution Is Still Here and Growing

By Paul Eitmant
Paul Eitmant I came across an article that brings us back to growing the hybrid electrical distribution channel in North America. Jim Lucy and Andrea Herbert were co-authors of the Electrical Pyramid back in 1994, where the hybrid distribution channel was not even mentioned. In 2004, Jim Lucy and Sahah Tobaben-Dolash updated the pyramid to include hybrid and niche distribution. In Jim's new article, we find this particular channel is alive and growing. Here is an excerpt. Read More


More Questions About Commissions and Sales Compensation

By Frank Hurtte
Frank Hurtte One of our articles covering sales compensation and commissions recently ran in two major industry trade publications. Never in the previous 12 years of writing for this type of publication had we received anything even vaguely resembling the outpouring of thoughts and ideas. Thinking more about the situation, it seems our industry is reconsidering and re-evaluating a six-decade old compensation plan. Many readers asked us to expound on the topic. Here are some additional thoughts. Read More

Looking Back

Manitoba: Energy Saving Products in the Future

Looking Back The public's strong interest in energy-saving products should continue in the coming years, providing a boom for electrical distributors, forecasted Lew Searle of Amesco Ltd., Winnipeg. These products included lamps, ballasts, electrical furnaces (especially in new homes), and central air conditioning. He said the demand for air conditioners had increased sharply, indicating to him that air conditioning is no longer the preserve of the affluent. Upgrading gas furnaces was providing distributors with dividends as well, Mr. Searle said, noting that new panels, circuit breakers and other equipment were required. Read More

Economic Relationship with the United States

American Storm: What NAFTA "Tweaks" Mean for Canada

Editorial For economist Jayson Myers, changes in rules of origin and content requirements are the two most important potential ramifications of the Trump Administration's insistence on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. "A lot of Canadian companies importing and exporting to the U.S. don't follow NAFTA rules anyway," says Myers. "The tariff levels are low and the cost of compliance is relatively high. The damage would be done if the U.S. were to levy higher anti-dumping or countervail duties on goods it determines to be unfairly traded." Read on to see what else the former CEO and Chief Economist at Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters has to say. Read More


New Housing Construction Up 6.4% YOY in February

Editorial New housing construction investment totalled $4 billion in February, an increase of 6.4% over the same month in 2016. The higher investment occurred mostly in three provinces: Ontario and, to a lesser extent, British Columbia and Manitoba. Spending on single-family dwellings led the advance at the national level, representing 76.8% of the national increase. Spending on row housing construction continued to rise in most provinces in February, with only Alberta and Nova Scotia posting declines. Read More


Non-residential Construction Dips 0.5% in Q1 2017

Editorial Investment in non-residential building construction totalled $12.3 billion in the first quarter of 2017, down 0.5% from the previous quarter. This marked the sixth decrease in seven quarters. Nationally, the decline largely reflected lower spending on the construction of institutional buildings and, to a lesser extent, on the construction of industrial buildings. Overall, total investment fell in five provinces, with Ontario posting the largest decline and Saskatchewan a distant second. Read More


February GDP: Construction Up, Manufacturing and Utility Sectors Down

Editorial Gross domestic product was unchanged in February following three months of growth. Gains in service-producing industries were offset by declines in goods-producing industries. Service-producing industries were up 0.2% in February following a 0.5% gain in January, the highest monthly growth rate since January 2013. Goods-producing industries were down for the first time since October, declining 0.3% in February. Read More

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