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Message From The Editor

Trusting others — is it still possible?

In this issue we talk about history lessons, dinosaurs, the huge amount of non-classified information found on the Internet, drastic changes to electric channels with the arrival of a product that is changing the world or almost — LED lighting. What's to be afraid of? Facing disruptive technologies, including big data, some experts speak of the dangers we face, of virtual espionage, of algorithms tracking our movements. I always wonder if it's to capture our attention or warn us against Big Brother. We are in an industry at the heart of technological changes that surround us, and as our contributors and our guest, Shirley Coyle, remind us, we are happy to be involved and as an industry to have the tools to cope and to benefit the community that surrounds us. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene

Changing Scene EFC Scholarship Program: Deadline Is Just Days Away
This year over $150,000 will be awarded across 57 scholarships supported by manufacturers, distributors and associations. Get those applications in today…
Changing Scene Legrand Canada Appoints New National Business Development Managers
Jay Hough and Paul MacAloney have joined the Legrand team in Canada as National Business Development Managers…
Changing Scene Wago Canada Welcomes New Regional Sales Manager in Southwestern Ontario
Wago Canada continues growing with the addition of Patrick Butler as Regional Sales Manager in Southwestern Ontario…


Canadian Business Lessons from Vimy Ridge

By Rick McCarten
Rick MeCarten One hundred years ago, on the 9th of April, 1917, Canadian military units — under the direction of Canadian generals — ventured up a hill in France. The hill is known as Vimy Ridge. The mission to take the ridge from the Germans was successful. Its significant location helped turn the war. The victory that came was a boost to the allied troops and helped crystallize who Canada was as a nation. Here's what can we take from this. Read More


Thinking About the eCommerce Information Clutter

By David Gordon
David Gordon There continues to be much discussed in the industry regarding "eCommerce." Daily we hear about Amazon Business, Grainger and the coming "conquering of the channel" by eCommerce. It almost seems as if everyone expects that the zombies in the Walking Dead will take over the world ("zombies" being customers and hence everyone will buy online and there will be no/minimal need for people). Read More

Peers and Profiles

Shirley Coyle: Calm, Composed, and Fully Engaged

By Line Goyette
Shirley Coyle I met Shirley Coyle, President of Cree Canada and IESNA 2016-2017, when she was speaking at an IES Montreal Section meeting on March 21. The conference focused on the convergence of intelligent lighting systems with the Internet of things, and how this convergence would help improve the quality of our lives at work and at home, improve security, and increase the value of building systems. Her composure as we discussed such a complex topic reflects her extensive experience in the lighting industry and her involvement in IES committees. Read More


"We have a handshake of a deal"

By Marc Laplante
Marc Laplante Along with "I gave at the office" and "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you," the "handshake of a deal" concept seems to have gone the way as the dinosaur. What happened between the era where my dad used to say, "We shook on it," and that was the end of it, and now where it's not a PO until the cheque has been cashed. And even then as, an another agent once said to me, "Wait 'til you get the return request." Read More


Electrical Wholesaler Study 2016 Part 1: Operating Successfully in a Disruptive Market

By Claudia Bünte, Sascha Stürze and Oliver Vogler
Dr. Oliver Vogler Technological change has often been the cause of major market disruption. Manufacturers have the potential and often the resources to lead the transition towards a completely different market environment. Wholesalers and distributors, however, have fewer means to drive changes themselves and face the risk of being squeezed on multiple sides by digital customers, changing value chains and strong manufacturer brands. This paper focuses on electrical wholesalers facing disruptive change and how they can successfully meet their customers' needs. Read More


Value of Building Permits Declines 5.8% in March

Economy The value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities fell 5.8% to $7.0 billion in March, marking a second consecutive monthly decrease. Nationally, the decline was mainly the result of lower construction intentions for multi-family dwellings, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario. All provinces and territories, except Ontario and Quebec, registered decreases in the total value of building permits. Despite the decline, Q1 2017 is up 7.3% over Q1 2016. Read More


March New House Prices Rise in 10 of 27 Cities

Economy The New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rose 0.2% in March compared with the previous month. Higher new house prices in Vancouver and Toronto led the gain. Builders attributed the rise to market conditions, a shortage of developed land, and construction costs. Read More

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