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Message From The Editor

The arrival of electronics will change electrical distribution

For a few weeks in our historical chronicle we're talking about the impact that the advent of electronics has had on electrical distribution in various parts of Canada. As we continue our history we will certainly see that the advent of LED technology has aroused the same questions, changes, adjustments among the various stakeholders, and these new data are barely integrated before another cycle begins — Industry 4.0, in which we see the most important players merging, repositioning or redefining themselves. We are once again witnessing dramatic changes, which shows that we are in an industry with an incredible ability to adapt. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor  

Changing Scene


Canadian Dollar: Time for a Change?

By Paul Eitmant
Paul Eitmant The Canadian dollar has slipped below 80 cents US for the first time in almost six years… The Canadian dollar closed at 77.10 cents US on Friday… The Canadian dollar's tumble accelerated just after the U.S. Federal Reserve reiterated it will be patient in raising rates from record lows and noted that the U.S. economy continues to improve… Canadian dollar could fall to 75 cents on weak oil prices, experts say… Canadian dollar slump hikes cost of U.S. imported goods… Read More


Watch Your Tone

By Shoynear Morrison
Shoynear Morrison The importance of using the right tone within communications and marketing can be easily underestimated. Within these fields words are used to convey specific messages and meaning regarding a brand. What does the word tone mean and how can understanding its meaning allow you to apply this literacy device? Well… tone is the way we say something and creates emotion. Whether that emotion is conveyed as passion, anger, sympathy, etc. is up to you. You can easily convey a specific message through not just what you say but how you say it. Read More

Looking Back

Electronics — 50% Growth by 1987 (Quebec)

Looking Back "The significance of electronics in the electrical distribution business will increase by 50% in 1987," predicted Bob Shapiro, vice-president and general manager of Franklin Electrical Supplies Canada Ltd., Montreal. He added that some distributors had already plunged into electronics while others hadn't even started. He saw no significant growth occurring on the electrical side. Read More

One Particular Counter

Core Products Canada Ltd. Opens a Western Canada Warehouse

One Particular Counter On July 4, Core Products Canada Ltd. opened the doors to its brand new 11,000 square foot warehouse facility in Calgary, Alberta. "Inventory seems to be the curse of the LED lighting world, with less warehouses supporting today's distributors," says Nick Wagner, President of Core. "But we see inventory as the solution, not the problem, and our new Calgary warehouse is a testament to our ongoing goal of helping distributors reduce their lead times." Finding success in their ability to ship job-lot quantities same or next day across the GTA, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, the company is taking its successful approach westward. Read More

Studies and Reports

Power Shifts: Emerging Low-voltage Trends, Impacts and Opportunities for the Canadian Electrical Channel

Studies and Reports The shift from electrical to digital systems, and the emerging low-voltage power options to supply them, may be the biggest change the electrical industry has seen in the last 100 years. This transition is having significant impact on every aspect of the traditional electrical channel, from product conception, production, sales, delivery and installation. Equipping the channel to embrace emerging technologies, specifically those related to low-voltage direct current (LVDC) power developments, and opportunities derived from LVDC systems, is the purpose of this research study by Electro-Federation Canada. Read More


New Housing Investment Rises 8.4% in April YOY

Economy New housing construction investment totalled $4.6 billion in April, up 8.4% compared with April 2016. Investment increased for every dwelling type, but resulted mostly from spending on single-family dwellings, up $251.8 million to $2.4 billion. Six provinces posted higher investments in single-family dwelling construction. Ontario was well ahead of the other provinces, with $203.7 million in increased spending, a 22.9% increase over April 2016. Investment in apartment building construction rose 1.9% in April, mainly attributable to higher spending in British Columbia (+$61.4 million), followed by Quebec (+$29.5 million). The biggest declines for this type of dwelling were in Alberta (-$58.2 million) and Ontario (-$14.1 million). Read More


Two Provinces Lead Record Manufacturing Sales in April

Economy Manufacturing sales rose 1.1% to a record high $54.4 billion in April, mainly due to higher sales in the petroleum and coal product, and primary metal industries. Sales were up in 13 of the 21 industries, representing 62% of Canadian manufacturing sales. Once the effects of price changes are taken into consideration, manufacturing sales volumes rose 0.5%. Sales were up in eight provinces in April, with Quebec and Alberta largely responsible for the total national gain, while sales were down in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Read More

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