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Will the current war electrify us again soon?

It is often said that in life nothing is lost, nothing is created. Many of us have read about the war of the currents — a battle with important trade issues that marked the development of electricity as we know it today. This battle is about to experience a new skirmish in the context of new technologies and sustainable development. You have an opportunity to participate in this era of change, and according to our contributor Rick McCarten now is the perfect time to be selling electrical products. Great opportunity to learn more about best practices in distribution. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene



It's a Great Time to Be Selling Electrical Products

By Rick McCarten
Rick McCarten This just in! Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) establishes a low-voltage direct current (LVDC) steering committee to help make Canada a leader in this technology. The electrical industry is entering a new age. It is the age of LED lighting, smartphones and sensors; the age of the Internet of Everything (IoE); the age of electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data, solar generation, and energy storage. In short, this is the new age of electricity. The first age of electricity gave us light and power. Now, it will do so much more. Read More


Aligning Compensation with Channel Selling

By David Gordon
David Gordon A core philosophy in developing sales compensation models is to reward salespeople for what you want them to do… which is sell. Salespeople need to be aligned with their company's goals, and in the case of manufacturer reps their manufacturers' goals. Historically for electrical manufacturer reps this typically involved selling to electrical distributors, and their agreements with manufacturers were written specifically for sales to or through electrical distributors. But in a changing, more diversified industry, are goals still aligned? Read More

Distribution Technologies

Distributor's Warehouse Guide: New Technologies and Avoiding Customer-hurting Problems

Dick Friedman A new publication, The Distributor's Warehouse Guide To New Technologies and Avoiding Customer-Hurting Problems, helps distributors determine which new technologies to investigate and how to increase warehouse accuracy/productivity. It describes 9 new and enhanced warehouse technologies, and 14 ways for preventing warehouse mistakes and increasing efficiency right now. The guide was written by a 30-year distribution industry veteran and certified management consultant who does not sell warehouse technology or software. The nine new/enhanced warehouse technologies include… Read More


Boom Turns to Bust for Millennials Across Advanced Economies

By Andrew Atkinson
Andrew Atkinson The income boom enjoyed by people born between 1966 and 1980 has turned to be a "bust" for the generation that followed them, according to a recently published report. In an analysis of eight high-income countries, the Resolution Foundation think tank found that Millennials in their early 30s have household incomes 4% lower on average than members of the so-called Generation X at the same age. Read More


Andrew MacLeod: Leviton Manufacturing Territory Sales Manager

By Owen Hurst
Leviton Andrew MacLeod is a Territory Sales Manager with Leviton Manufacturing of Canada in British Columbia. He has a lot of passion for sales and working with a diverse range of individuals which is likely the result of the path he took to get to the position he now holds. CEW had the opportunity to ask Andrew a few questions and he was more than forthcoming about his experiences and position with Leviton. Read More

Survey Says

Electrical Wholesale Median Salary by Job

Payscale Among electrical wholesale employees, branch managers and outside sales representatives lead in average salaries. Read More


Real Q4 2017 GDP Growth Matches Q3

Statistique Canada Real gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.4% in the fourth quarter, the same rate as the previous quarter. Final domestic demand rose 1.0%. Business investment increased 2.3%. Investment in residential structures rose 3.2% on the strength of both resale activity and new construction. Businesses also increased outlays for the fourth consecutive quarter on machinery and equipment (+3.0%) and non-residential structures (+1.3%). Businesses accumulated $14.2 billion of inventories in the fourth quarter, as manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers all added to their stocks. Real household final consumption expenditure slowed to 0.5% growth, following a 0.9% increase in the previous quarter. Read More


Q4 2017 Residential Construction Investment Up 9.2%

Statistique Canada Investment in residential construction totalled $34.5 billion in the fourth quarter, up 9.2% (+$2.9 billion) compared with the same period in 2016. Every component except cottages and mobile homes contributed to the year-over-year increase in spending on residential construction. The gain was led by spending on renovations, up $862.6 million (+6.4%) compared with the same quarter a year earlier. In this quarter, renovation spending accounted for 41.8% of the total residential construction investment. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • It's Going to Be a Great Year!
    After completing our full planning and budget cycle we are excited to embark on some great new initiatives with EFC this year. As part of our strategy process we gathered information from membership on the key game changers facing our industry, and the following topped the list: new competition, digitalization of business, emerging technologies, talent availability, and the evolution of standards. When it comes to new competition, EFC's role is to make our members more competitive by providing intelligence, influencing standards and giving members a safe place to network and collaborate. The initiatives we have this year reflect these mandates.

  • Amazon: Know Your Enemy
    Last year I think I read more than a dozen articles concerning Amazon within the electrical industry. This question comes to mind: how do we compete against such a successful company that was actually formed in 1994? Recently Amazon predicted stronger than expected sales of up to US$30.5 billion and another period of robust operating profit, reaching up to US$975 million. This is a great the success story. At the same time, an old saying from Sue Tzu also comes into play. "Know your Enemy" is the short version.

  • The History of Nedco
    In 1911 Northern Electric Co. Limited, manufacturers of communications products and wholly owned by Bell Telephone Canada Limited, opened an electrical distribution office in Winnipeg. To service the market, Northern found it necessary to import many of its products. Over the years it encouraged Canadian manufacturers to produce more and more of these. This policy helped to develop Canada's present electrical manufacturing industry. The distribution division successfully expanded to cover all provinces in Canada with about 40 outlets handling the products of Northern Electric and other suppliers.

  • Optimizing the Customer Experience: Design, Usability, Search
    Building a simple customer experience that satisfies your customers' expectations is a starting point (or evolution) in your digital journey. You might be asking yourself, "How do I know what my customer wants?" The data are available from their behaviour online, and many of your customers will tell you what they want. Putting the pieces together can appear complex, but it can be simplified if you segment the optimization of your customers' experience into three buckets: design, usability and search.

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