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Message From The Editor

Several good reasons to get to know each other better

Getting to know each other as an industry, what sets us apart and what drives us is certainly a goal to achieve. We introduce in this issue a quarterly survey so that we can learn more about the state of the electrical industry in Canada. Participating helps all of us better understand our reality. Our contributor Paul Eitmant invites us to reflect on those issues affecting the different generations within the industry. Training for all is a preferred track. We also invite you to follow Tim Rourke through Rittal Systems Ltd.'s Mississauga facilities. We have leaders in Canada who are close to the activities of the companies they run and understand the specific needs of their clientele. It is one of our strengths. The constant challenges raised by compensation are also addressed here. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Tools For The Trade

Changing Scene

New Quarterly Survey

Complete CEW's New Market Survey

Pathfinder To provide a relevant and up-to-date snapshot of market trends, Canadian Electrical Wholesaler is now surveying the Canadian electrical wholesaler market every quarter. This brief, 17-question survey is being conducted by Canadian Electrical Wholesaler, Kerrwil and Pathfinder. All individual information is kept strictly confidential and responses are aggregated. No individual responses will appear. Complete the survey now. Read More

Best Practices — Your Business

Education a Concern for the Next Generation

By Paul Eitmant
IP International Group Last week I decided to travel to visit an old friend in sunny Napa, CA. Well, the day I arrived we did see some sun. Then it rained for the rest of my trip. Therefore I had some time to conduct an interview with Phil Frame, VP Sales and Marketing for QuadLogic. I asked Phil what was the number one concern he sees in our industry. Phil responded with the following: The next generation is not prepared to handle the upcoming challenges in our industry. Our generation (over 60) has been educated but the next generation has not taken all next steps to prepare them for the situations and challenges facing them in the future. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Present and Engaged: Rittal Systems Ltd.'s President Tim Rourke

By Owen Hurst
Rittal CEW's sister publication Panel Builder & Systems Integrator was recently invited to Rittal System Ltd.'s head office in Mississauga, Ontario to tour their operation and have a sit-down with President Tim Rourke. Tim himself guided us through the facility, focusing on productivity and asset management. This focus is perhaps best expressed by the corporate philosophy, "We enjoy satisfying customers' wishes and challenges with innovative solutions." Applying this philosophy to Rittal's day-to-day operations helped the company earn E.B. Horsman & Son's Supplier of the Year award earlier this month. After the tour I asked Tim about his career and position at Rittal Systems Ltd. Read More


The Problem with Year-over-Year Growth Compensation for Distributors

By Frank Hurtte
River Heighs Consulting Viewed from outer space the Earth looks smoother than a billiard ball. What's more, the looks are not deceiving. Lumps on billiard balls (diameter 2.25 inches) can be no more than 0.005 inches in height. Applying this theory to our little outpost in the universe, the maximum "bump" cannot exceed 17 miles in size. With Mount Everest at 5.5 miles high and the Marianas Trench (the deepest spot in the ocean) at nearly 7 miles deep, Earth is actually twice as smooth as that slick black 8-ball we sometimes shoot for the corner pocket. What has this to do with year-over-year growth plans? Plenty. Read More

Looking Back

The History of Gescan

GESCAN In 1952, Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. established a distribution business, which began life in January 1953 as its Wholesale Department. Its purpose was to stock and sell CGE manufactured products and a few complementary and supplementary lines. Its customers were those who had previously done business with CGE, including independent distributors. Although the Wholesale Department performed all of the normal services and functions of an independent distributor, it was largely a pooled sales operation, performing direct selling functions for the CGE manufacturing departments. Read More

Survey Says

Electrical Wholesale Median Hourly Rate by Province

Payscale Quebec has the highest average rate of pay for electrical wholesale employees, followed closely by Alberta. Read More


January Wholesale Sales Rose 0.1%

Statistique Canada Wholesale sales edged up 0.1% to $63.3 billion in January. Sales were up in four of seven subsectors, accounting for 66% of total wholesale sales. Increases in the food, beverage and tobacco and the machinery, equipment and supplies subsectors were almost completely offset by declines in the building material and supplies and the motor vehicle and parts subsectors. In volume terms, wholesale sales increased 0.5%. Wholesale inventories rose for the second consecutive month, up 1.1% to a record $83.5 billion in January. Read More


January New Housing Construction Spending Up 9.4% YOY

Statistique Canada New housing construction investment totalled $4.4 billion in January, up 9.4% compared with January 2017. Investment was up for all dwelling types. Spending rose in eight provinces, led by Quebec (+$139.1 million), British Columbia (+$128.3 million) and Alberta (+$82.6 million). The increase in Quebec was driven by investment in apartment building construction. In British Columbia, year-over-year gains were posted for all dwelling types, with single homes (+$52.3 million) and apartments (+$52.1 million) accounting for the majority of the increase. Apartment buildings were the largest contributor to the year-over-year growth in residential construction investment, up $232.5 million (+16.9%) Read More


Value of Building Permits Rose 5.6% in January

Statistique Canada Canadian municipalities issued $8.4 billion in building permits in January, up 5.6% following a 2.5% rise in December. The value of permits rose for three components, while industrial buildings (-18.6%) and single-family dwellings (-1.3%) declined. The January increase was largely due to higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings in Ontario. Read More

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