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Message From The Editor

Social media before and after Cambridge Analytica

In the wake of the recent scandal on the data leak of 50 million Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica and Mark Zuckerberg's subsequent testimony before the U.S. Senate and Congress to explain (and apologize), CEW publisher John Kerr poses a few questions to help us reflect on the place of social networks in our industry. There are statistics to be analyzed, of course, but we also need to look beyond the numbers. If only one algorithm can change our view of things, it is better to interpret the results carefully and ensure that the goal we pursue has not been diverted from its original objectives. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Tools For The Trade


The Supply Chain "Sacrifice"

By Rick McCarten
Electrofed The recent news about the trade war brewing between China and the United States reminded me of a supply chain connection: a company can make a sacrifice to its own efficiency that will lead to an improvement for the entire channel. This was the key factor that led to the existing trade gap between China and the U.S. Years ago Walmart made a brilliant move (one of many in those days). It looked at the entire supply chain and realized that there were some inefficiencies. Transportation of products was one of them. Read More

Best Practices — Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Requires Internal Marketing

By David Gordon
Channel Marketing Group Much has been discussed about employee retention as well as recruitment. While some elements of both are truly in the hands of the employee / candidate, there is a key element that companies do control: their culture. And a key ingredient to achieving the desired culture, and sometimes recapturing it, is employee engagement. Essentially, do your employees / associates / team members, etc. feel connected to your company? Do they feel valued? Recognized? Listened to? In your hiring and management processes (i.e., your management team and interviewing empathy), are your personnel screeners and internal marketing helping to engage your employees? Read More

Social Media

Blinded by the Light

By John Kerr
Kerrwil The past years' love affair with social media may be coming to an end. In the news are the issues surrounding privacy but there is a deeper problem. Marketers have been thrilled with their great results based on page views, shares, likes and referrals, and have been adding more resources to feed their social media machine. And the Canadian anti-spam legislation further fanned the flames to rush getting a quick fix for gaining an audience and a way to measure it. The reality now is coming clear. Read More


Michael Desiderato — A Passion for Sharing Knowledge

By Line Goyette
ABB I first met Michael Desiderato when he was a young teenager working part-time in his brother's business, a fruits and vegetable store in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. He was supposed to stay in the back sorting fruits and vegetables, but Michael always came out front to make suggestions to customers, help them find a rare vegetable, or share a family recipe (I have one for his mother's tomato sauce). I knew that he later studied electrical engineering and I was happy, but not surprised, to see him at the official opening last year of ABB's new headquarters in the Technoparc of Ville St-Laurent. Read More

One of Us

Gerrie Sisters Receive Distinguished Entrepreneurs Award

Gerrie Electric Heather Gerrie Kwant and Elaine Gerrie-Valentini, Co-Presidents of Gerrie Electric Wholesale Limited, were presented earlier this month with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce's 2018 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award. The two sisters were chosen as the award recipients to recognize their leadership role in building a successful, high-profile company that positively represents Burlington both locally and regionally. Read More

Survey Says

Lighting Market Mix

Pathfinder The lighting market in Canada is dominated by the residential and commercial sectors, which together account for 88% of the overall market. Industrial follows with just 9% of market share. Read More


Value of Building Permits Rose 5.6% in January

Statistique Canada Canadian municipalities issued $8.4 billion in building permits in January, up 5.6% following a 2.5% rise in December. The value of permits for three components rose, while industrial buildings (-18.6%) and single-family dwellings (-1.3%) declined. The January increase was largely due to higher construction intentions for multi-family dwellings in Ontario. Read More


Multifactor Productivity Growth in 2016: 0.1% Increase YOY

Statistique Canada Multifactor productivity growth in the business sector varied substantially across provinces in 2016. It was highest in Prince Edward Island (+4.7%) and lowest in the three oil producing provinces, led by Alberta (-3.8%) and followed by Newfoundland and Labrador (-3.5%) and Saskatchewan (-0.5%). For Canada overall, multifactor productivity increased by 0.1% in 2016 following a 1.0% decline in 2015 and 1.4% increase in 2014. Growth in this area is often associated with technological change, organizational change and economies of scale. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Present and Engaged: Rittal Canada's President Tim Rourke
    CEW's sister publication Panel Builder & Systems Integrator was recently invited to Rittal Canada's head office in Mississauga, Ontario to tour their operation and have a sit-down with President Tim Rourke. Tim himself guided us through the facility, focusing on productivity and asset management. This focus is perhaps best expressed by the corporate philosophy, "We enjoy satisfying customers' wishes and challenges with innovative solutions." Applying this philosophy to Rittal's day-to-day operations helped the company earn E.B. Horsman & Son's Supplier of the Year award earlier this month. After the tour I asked Tim about his career and position at Rittal Canada.

  • Education a Concern for the Next Generation
    Last week I decided to travel to visit an old friend in sunny Napa, CA. Well, the day I arrived we did see some sun. Then it rained the rest of my trip. Therefore I had some time to conduct an interview with Phil Frame, VP Sales and Marketing for QuadLogic. I asked Phil what was the number 1 concern he sees in our industry. Phil responded with the following: The next generation is not prepared to handle the upcoming challenges in our industry. Our generation (over 60) has been educated but the next generation has not taken all next steps to prepare them for the situations and challenges facing them in the future.

  • The Problem with Year-over-Year Growth Compensation for Distributors
    Viewed from outer space the Earth looks smoother than a billiard ball. What's more, the looks are not deceiving. Lumps on billiard balls (diameter 2.25 inches) can be no more than 0.005 inches in height. Applying this theory to our little outpost in the universe, the maximum "bump" cannot exceed 17 miles in size. With Mount Everest at 5.5 miles high and the Marianas Trench (the deepest spot in the ocean) at nearly 7 miles deep, Earth is actually twice as smooth as that slick black 8-ball we sometimes shoot for the corner pocket. What has this to do with year-over-year growth plans? Plenty.

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