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Visions of the industrial future and network security

Last week Chancellor Merkel and President Nieto of Mexico kicked off Hannover Messe 2018, the great industrial meeting of the year in Hanover, Germany. The factory, logistics and industrial production of the future were discussed in expert panels, case studies and various presentations. Read our report on this event as our team was there. Also in this issue: important questions about the safety of North America's electricity network, in fact on its resilience. Also, meet Serge Le Myre, a lighting products agent who does things his way successfully. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor

Changing Scene

Best Practices

The North American Electrical Grid Security

By Paul Eitmant
Kerrwil I should not be surprised when an old friend, Bill Drake, retired engineering executive from Actuant, brought up the subject of how secure is North America's electrical grid. I started to look into it and I was amazed by how this critical topic could affect how we do business today and in the future. What would happen if North America's electrical grid goes down, and what can be done to protect it? EMP task force director Peter Pry (Peter Vincent Pry, Task Force on National and Homeland Security) shares insights on "Life, Liberty & Levin." Read More

Trade Show Report

Hannover Messe: 2018 Perspective

By CEW Editorial Team
Kerrwil A confirmation: the winds of change are now howling. Several years ago, in a workshop at Electro-Federation Canada's annual conference, a roundtable session described and debated the numerous disruptive technologies that are forcing us to think differently. And as our team returns from the 2018 edition of Hannover Messe, we are more cognisant of the new models, new methods and new channels that are all coming together to challenge the status quo today. The convergence of electrical and electronic, data and functionality, and value-added services are on the move and coming faster than we think. And the applications address process, industry residential and infrastructure. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Serge Le Myre — Vision, Determination, Conviviality in Harmony with Current Trends

By Line Goyette
Eclairage Dimension Plus Serge Le Myre receives us on the premises of Eclairage Dimension Plus inc. (EDP), which since February 2016 has lodged in the heart of Montreal's hip Mile-Ex neighbourhood. A long road travelled for a company born in Serge le Myre's basement. We have already talked about the history of EDP, a professional lighting resource for architects, engineers, designers, master electricians, general contractors, and others. Today, we meet its president and founder. Read More

Lumen Salon

The Best Keeps Getting Better

By Shoynear Morrison
Lumen The tenth edition of Le Salon Lumen occurred on April 17 at Centre de foires in Quebec City, QC and on April 19 at Palais des congrès in Montreal, QC. Customers, vendors and students all attended the industry-leading event to witness the latest electrical industry innovations. Over 6,000 visitors were in attendance and 175 vendors were showcased. In addition to the exhibition, Le Salon Lumen provided training classes and featured booths centred on eCommerce. Read More

Looking Back

The History of Wesco

Wesco The concept of distribution was probably unheard of in the vocabulary of Westinghouse sales managers while they were on a visit to Canadian Westinghouse Company Limited plants in Hamilton, Ontario. Westinghouse moved into the distribution field in 1951 with the formation of Canadian Westinghouse Supply Company, and imported Roy Brown from Westinghouse Electrical Corporation to manage this new venture. In April 1973, the operation was renamed WESCO — Westinghouse Sales and Distribution Company. Read More

Survey Says

Lighting Distribution Sales by Region

Pathfinder Ontario Leads the country in sales of lighting and lighting equipment with 37% of the market. Quebec follows closely with 31% of the market. Read More

Electrical Wholesale Median Hourly Rate by Province

Pathfinder Quebec has the highest average rate of pay for electrical wholesale employees, followed closely by Alberta. Read More

Lighting Market Mix

Pathfinder The lighting market in Canada is dominated by the residential and commercial sectors, which together account for 88% of the overall market. Industrial follows with just 9% of market share. Read More

Electrical Wholesale Median Salary by Job

Payscale Among electrical wholesale employees, branch managers and outside sales representatives lead in average salaries. Read More


Q1 Non-residential Construction Up 3.1% over Q4 2017

Statistique Canada Investment in non-residential building construction totalled $14.1 billion in the first quarter, up 3.1% from the previous quarter. This was the fourth consecutive quarterly rise, leading to a 9.0% year-over-year increase in construction investment. Gains were reported for all components (industrial, commercial and institutional), led by a $193.5 million increase in investment in commercial buildings compared with the previous quarter. Investment was up in nine provinces in the first quarter, with Ontario (+$300.7 million) reporting the largest rise, followed by British Columbia (+$58.3 million) and Quebec (+$47.6 million). Read More


February New Housing Investment Rises 9.5% YOY

Statistique Canada The year-over-year increase was led by spending on multiple-unit construction (apartment buildings, row houses and semi-detached houses), while spending on single-family homes was down compared with February 2017. February marked the fourth consecutive month that the year-over-year increase in spending on apartment building construction outpaced spending on single houses. Apartment building construction rose in eight provinces, led by Quebec (+$182.4 million), Ontario (+$80.3 million) and British Columbia (+$74.3 million). Spending on row house construction increased 24.1% (+$97.7 million) compared with February 2017, mainly driven by investment in Ontario (+$50.8 million), Alberta (+$23.0 million) and British Columbia (+$18.6 million). Read More

In Case You Missed It...

Adapting to Change: The Evolution of Technology and Its Impact on the Workplace

By Jean-François Bourqui
Southwire The evolution of technology has all companies thinking about what they need to do to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Those who choose not to adapt will be left behind by forward thinking companies, who are embracing change and reshaping their organizations, in order to deliver the best in class customer experience. Nowadays, companies are looking at technological investments as the answer to internal obstacles they face by automating and streamlining processes, rather than looking at increasing employee headcount. The solution is often the implementation of upgraded software, programs or systems. Read More

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cybersecurity and Manufacturing

By CSA Group
Canadian Standard Association Industrialized nations are being influenced by transformative forces creating what many are calling "The 4th Industrial Revolution," also referred to as Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Smart Manufacturing. Companies all over the world are investing in this digital industrial future in an effort to establish themselves as a leader in IIoT enabled productivity. Indeed, these heavy investments—in developments such as analytics software, machine learning capability, and 3D printing—can help set new expectations for the speed and cost of manufacturing. Read More

Optimizing the Customer Experience: Design, Usability, Search

By Caroline Ernst
Affiliated Distributors Building a simple customer experience that satisfies your customers' expectations is a starting point (or evolution) in your digital journey. You might be asking yourself, "How do I know what my customer wants?" The data are available from their behaviour online, and many of your customers will tell you what they want. Putting the pieces together can appear complex, but it can be simplified if you segment the optimization of your customers' experience into three buckets: design, usability and search. Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Employee Engagement Requires Internal Marketing
    Much has been discussed about employee retention as well as recruitment. While some elements of both are truly in the hands of the employee / candidate, there is a key element that companies do control: their culture. And a key ingredient to achieving the desired culture, and sometimes recapturing it, is employee engagement. Essentially, do your employees / associates / team members, etc. feel connected to your company? Do they feel valued? Recognized? Listened to? In your hiring and management processes (i.e., your management team and interviewing empathy), are your personnel screeners and internal marketing helping to engage your employees?

  • Blinded by the Light
    The past years' love affair with social media may be coming to an end. In the news are the issues surrounding privacy but there is a deeper problem. Marketers have been thrilled with their great results based on page views, shares, likes and referrals, and have been adding more resources to feed their social media machine. And the Canadian anti-spam legislation further fanned the flames to rush getting a quick fix for gaining an audience and a way to measure it. The reality now is coming clear.

  • Michael Desiderato — A Passion for Sharing Knowledge
    I first met Michael Desiderato when he was a young teenager working part-time in his brother's business, a greengrocery in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. He was supposed to stay in the back sorting fruits and vegetables, but Michael always came out front of to make suggestions to customers, help them find a rare vegetable, or share a family recipe (I have one for his mother's tomato sauce). I knew that he later studied electrical engineering and I was happy, but not surprised, to see him at the official opening last year of ABB's new headquarters in the Technoparc of Ville St-Laurent.

  • Gerrie Sisters Receive Distinguished Entrepreneurs Award
    Heather Gerrie Kwant and Elaine Gerrie-Valentini, Co-Presidents of Gerrie Electric Wholesale Limited, were presented earlier this month with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce's B2018 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award. The two sisters were chosen as the award recipients to recognize their leadership role in building a successful, high-profile company that positively represents Burlington both locally and regionally.

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