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Those who play leadership roles in our industry

There are many remarkable leaders in our industry — men and women who understand the Canadian electricity market, the manufacturing of equipment and distribution of electrical products, and who can interpret the Canadian and global market trends to defend our specificity. Electro-Federation Canada recognized several of these leaders at its annual conference a little over a week ago, and we are pleased to reintroduce you to John Sencich, who won EFC's industry recognition award. We also introduce you to a leader on the distribution side, Nelson Squires, whose career has taken a very unusual course. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Tools For The Trade


2018 EFC Conference Highlights

Electrofed Close to 500 industry members and guests convened in Vancouver May 29-31 for Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)'s annual conference. The event attracted industry colleagues from EFC's electrical community of manufacturers, distributors, reps and affiliated partners, making it an ideal platform for members to network with industry peers, gain business insight from leading speakers, and organize business meetings with channel partners. At this year's Annual General Meeting, held at the conference, Graybar Canada's Peter Horncastle was appointed EFC Chair. Joris Myny, Siemens Canada, now assumes the role of Past Chair. Peter, Joris and EFC President & CEO Carol McGlogan reviewed achievements from the past year and shared forthcoming strategic initiatives during the General Assembly. They also announced the launch of EFC's new brand identity, which will guide the association into an exciting new frontier. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Rising Through The Ranks

By Darren Raycroft
WESCO When WESCO Canada’s Nelson Squires was a relatively unknown sales rep, he took a bold step that would alter the course of his career. “I knew there was no straight path to getting ahead in business, so I decided to lobby hard to be a global account manager,” Nelson says. “I went in there and said, ‘If I don’t work out, just fire me.’” The former army captain did more than work out. He turned the account into the biggest and most profitable one in the company. From serving on the front lines of the Korean Demilitarized Zone to challenging his superiors to sack him, Squires’ bold career choices have armed him with invaluable lessons on how to lead courageously. Read More


Protecting Industrial Control Systems From Advanced Cyber Threats

Goup CSA As the industrial and manufacturing sectors continue to shift from centralized to decentralized operations, the world of production as we know it will change completely. This new era, commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, is characterized by smart manufacturing processes where a plethora of intelligent machines, systems, and networks manage production by independently exchanging and responding to information. But connecting these assets through wired and wireless networks poses significant risks, demanding cybersecurity and functional safety solutions that help protect physical safety, systems and private information. Read More

Peers & Profiles

Quiet Strength: Two Words that Best Describe John Sencich

By Line Goyette
ABB I've known John Sencich since CEW began publishing. He agreed from the outset to be part of the newsletter's Editorial Board. His contribution was regular and sustained. Always present to answer my technical questions, and refer me to the right person for additional information as needed. Always available despite his role as senior leader of an influential company. I asked him before he left to give us his thoughts on the industry and the direction in which we are heading. Read More

Looking Back

Recollections of Harry G. Horsman, CEDA's First Honourary Life Member

CEDA The first secretary manager of CEDA was Mr. Dick Edmunds. Upon his retirement, Mr. Norman Franks — a retired executive of CGE — became our secretary. Similarly, on his retirement, Mr. Douglas McKellar — a retired executive with Northern Electric — became our third secretary manager. There is no question in my mind that in our industry the stature of both Mr. Franks and Mr. McKellar enhanced the position of CEDA and we were and are indebted to them. In addition, a long list of executive officers of CEDA willingly gave their time and knowledge for the benefit of all our members. As well, in each regional area where our national convention was being held, local members put in a tremendous amount of time and work. We are indebted forever to all those members past and present. Read More

LED Technology

What Do Your Customers Really Know About Light?

Ledvance In honour of the International Day of Light, LEDVANCE has released the results of an international consumer study exploring their understanding of lighting technologies. What do people know about lighting technologies? Or rather: what do they think they know? Do they know their watts from their kelvins and lumens? What do they think about the biological effects of light? This representative survey shows that there is still a considerable lack of knowledge surrounding different aspects of current and future lighting technologies. Read More

Survey Says

Electrical Sales by Region

Pathfinder Sales of electrical supplies from full-line electrical distributors capture the geographic breakdown of electrical operations across the country, with Ontario and Quebec dominating the field. Read More


Wholesale Sales Rose 1.1% to $62.8 Billion in March

Statistique Canada The 1.1% increase in wholesale sales, to $62.8 billion, more than offset the decline in February. The motor vehicle and parts subsector contributed the most to the gain. Excluding this subsector, wholesale sales rose 0.2%. Sales were up in four of seven subsectors. In volume terms, wholesale sales rose 0.8%. In the first quarter of 2018, sales rose 0.5% in current dollars and 0.4% in constant dollars compared with the fourth quarter of 2017. For both current and constant dollars, this marked the eighth consecutive quarterly increase. Read More


March New Housing Construction Investment Up 9.7% YOY

Statistique Canada New housing construction investment totalled $4.6 billion in March, up 9.7% from March 2017. This increase was mainly attributable to higher construction investment in apartment buildings (+$333.2 million). The increase in apartment building construction investment accounted for 81.7% of the total growth in new housing construction investment in Canada. In March 2017, single-home construction accounted for 77.0% of the total increase in investment. Every category of investment in new housing construction grew year over year except single-family houses, which fell by $23.5 million (-1.1%). Read More

From Our Last Issue

From Our Last Issue
  • Supply Chain Sacrifice: Part 2
    Last month, my article looked at how Walmart's cross-docking distribution method successfully reduced the supply chain's overall costs (and increased Walmart's costs). In this article, let's look at the women's fashion retail market — one of the riskiest manufacturing businesses. What is popular today can quickly change and leave you with a lot of unwanted inventory and lost revenue. The typical process is to determine what is "hot" and produce thousands of items in a factory far, far away to keep costs down. A typical clothing manufacturer/retailer collects full ticket pricing on about two-thirds of their merchandise. That means 30-40% of the product is sold at discount, at a loss, or simply discarded.

  • Defining Canada
    In our work as publishers we have a wonderful perspective on the market here, its structure and its business models. Over the past few years we have witnessed a few key trends that may be a concern in the market here. As consolidation has taken place the landscape in the supplier and channel continue to evolve. Bigger firms with more resources and scope and scale are being created while smaller firms from both the distribution and supply sides are being established. Clearly, they see a void. And we sense this void is being closer to the market. Consolidation will always be there, and consolidation will always spawn new ideas and directions as the market reacts and shifts, but is consolidation hurting Canada's ability to market and communicate effectively?

  • Digital Distributor Starts with eCommerce Product Content
    The term "digital distributor" is starting to be used more repeatedly. Granted it can be a consultant's way to drum up business, but it's becoming a term used to express the further reaching impact of doing business digitally and recognition that not all business is going to be done via "hunt and peck" clicking on websites. Much of it, however, emanates from the need for quality data. While there are many definitions of the term "quality", in essence it comes down to two things: is the transactional aspect of the information accurate, and does the content that customers and prospects view on a website help them make product decisions.

  • Interviewing — Love it or Hate it? How to do it Right
    The need to hire can be a good or a bad thing. In some cases business is booming and there's a need to add to your team. Alternatively someone has left for a different job opportunity or has retired, and there's an urgency to fill the gap. Whatever the reason, the process of interviewing will either delight you or send you running for the headache pills. But hiring the wrong person for the job has many consequences. It's costly, both from a time and productivity perspective. And it can be demoralizing for those who are responsible for onboarding the new hire, and have participated in the knowledge sharing process to educate that individual about not only the job itself but organizational culture, processes and policies.

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