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Message From The Editor

Where will the next wave of consolidation be?

A few years ago we were watching emerging online commerce from the corner of our eye and thought we were sheltered from these changes in our business models. Such observations were based on immense confidence in the actors of the electrical industry and their models. Then the Amazon threat became unavoidable, and the consumer trade model started affecting the B2B model. We were interested in it, and did we have a choice? As EFC's recently released e-commerce study shows, the digital shift in our industry is unavoidable. In this issue, we continue reflecting on this. Pathfinder tells us that we may be facing a new business model in which lighting and control systems will be important change-makers, and perhaps a response to Amazon. There's more to it than just selling products. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Tools For The Trade


The Supply Chain Sacrifice — Part 2

By Rick McCarten
Electrofed Last month, my article looked at how Walmart's cross-docking distribution method successfully reduced the supply chain's overall costs (and increased Walmart's costs). In this article, let's look at the women's fashion retail market — one of the riskiest manufacturing businesses. What is popular today can quickly change and leave you with a lot of unwanted inventory and lost revenue. The typical process is to determine what is "hot" and produce thousands of items in a factory far, far away to keep costs down. A typical clothing manufacturer/retailer collects full ticket pricing on about two-thirds of their merchandise. That means 30-40% of the product is sold at discount, at a loss, or simply discarded. Read More


Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Inhibiting Growth?

By David Gordon
Channel Marketing Group We're at mid year and we're hearing a wide array of distributor and manufacturer performance. Industry forecasters state the market should be around 6%, which begs this question: are you above the industry forecast and growing or are you letting rising seas to lift all? In essence, are you generating growth, content with market performance, or lagging the market? And if you are floating with the market, consider this… Read More


The New Look Forward... Kerr's Crystal Ball!

By John Kerr
Kerrwil This article is being written immediately after we have put Volume 34 of the annual Pathfinder report to bed. Pathfinder is produced together by Kerrwil and EFC. Over 13,000 plus words later, the takeaways and overview present a possible look to the future. Or is this future view just history repeating itself? I say this because we see the control and automation channel continue to grow and grab share from the full-line distributor. Driven by open control systems, technology and demands of the end users for a more integrated solutions package, automation and control distributors are adding technical staff, adding branches, and quite frankly bringing in new players and solutions to the market. Read More

Human Resources

Legalizing Marijuana and Workplace Safety

By Heather Hettiarachchi
Integritas Workplace Law Corporation Recreational use of marijuana becomes legal on October 17. This has potentially serious implications for workplace health and safety. In this article, contributor Heather Hettiarachchi reviews a recent human rights decision considering whether an employer who dismissed a worker for using medical marijuana on the job was discriminating on the basis of disability. Heather concludes her article with useful takeaways for employers. Read More

One Particular Counter

E.B. Horsman & Son Opens Saskatoon Branch

E.B. Horsman & Son E.B. Horsman & Son - Intec Controls has opened a full line electrical supply location in Saskatoon. The company has moved from Intec Controls' previous location to a new building located on 815 66th Street in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The 8,300 square foot building now carries over 5,000 SKUs of process instrumentation, automation, industrial controls, sensors, data communications, lighting, power distribution, wire and general electrical supplies. Read More

Smart Home Market

Eaton Simplifies Home Automation to Help Builders and Contractors Take Advantage of the Growing Smart Home Device Market

Eaton The adoption of smart home products and services continues to increase and has become a common upgrade, if not a standard package for many home builders. Homeowners are realizing the benefits of security, energy efficiency and convenience that smart home solutions provide. Today, as many as two-thirds of smart home purchases are made with security in mind. Homeowners look for the peace of mind that comes with controlling lights and many other smart home products anywhere, anytime, from their smart phones. Read More


GDP Rises 0.5% in May

Statistique Canada Real gross domestic product was up 0.5% in May after increasing 0.1% in April. The rise was widespread as 19 of 20 industrial sectors registered increases. Wholesale trade was up 1.4%, and the manufacturing sector edged up 0.1%, following a 0.8% increase in April when the real inventory-to-sales ratio was the highest since August 2009.The output of goods-producing industries rose 0.6%. Services-producing industries rose 0.5% as all sectors increased. Read More


Value of June Building Permits Drops 2.3% from May

Statistique Canada Canadian municipalities issued $8.1 billion worth of building permits in June, down 2.3% from the previous month. The decline was the result of lower construction intentions for residential buildings, following a strong May. In the residential sector, municipalities issued $5.2 billion worth of building permits in June, down 5.7% from May. New Brunswick was the only province to post an increase.The value of multi-family dwelling permits dropped 8.0% to $2.8 billion. This followed a record high of $3.1 billion the previous month. The decrease was led by Alberta, where municipalities issued permits for 865 fewer units in June than they did in May. British Columbia (+2.1%) was the only province to register an increase. Read More

Survey Says

Electrical Wholesale Median Salary by Years of Experience

Pathfinder Electrical wholesalers can look forward to a steady pay increase as they gain experience within the wholesaling market. Read More

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