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Message From The Editor

Having specialists from all disciplines gathered around the strategic management table

In this issue we explore in particular the role of senior management in the success of a company's marketing strategies. Our contributor establishes lines of differentiation between sales services, marketing, and senior management, and setting up clear objectives. Marketing is a combination of art and science, and feeds on market trends, knowledge of our field, and the socio-economic reality in which we live. Providing the necessary tools and support to all members of this team to succeed seems by far the best strategy to adopt. We learned last week that millions of Facebook accounts had been hacked; these cyber hacks and attacks are now part of our landscape. In this issue read about the importance of adequately protecting ourselves against these attacks. Good reading!

Line Goyette, Managing Editor


Changing Scene

Tools For The Trade


Top 10 Telephone Turnoffs: How to Improve Telephone Communications

By Jeff Mowatt
Jeff Mowatt Like you, there are times in my work when emails and texts aren't efficient and I actually need to phone someone and have a real conversation. I've made literally thousands of calls over the years, and since I pay particular attention to customer communication I've created a list of Top 10 Telephone Turnoffs. See if you can relate to them, which I've rated from least annoying to worst. More importantly, read the accompanying tips to ensure you and your team members aren't committing the same offences. Read More


What's Hindering Your Marketing Department and Inhibiting Your Growth?

By Katrina Olson
Katrina Olson A recent CEW article by David Gordon caught my eye. The headline was, "Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Inhibiting Growth?" As a marketing consultant, writer, and trainer, I recognized the challenges and barriers that David was writing about. We agree on many issues, but I also hear from marketing people all the time that the C-Suite is hindering their efforts which, in turn, hinders the company's growth. Here are some underlying causes. Read More


Protect Yourself with Good Cyber Hygiene Practices

Rockwell Automation Global cyber attacks — like WannaCry and Petya — affected thousands of targets and networks around the world. Even if you escaped these, attacks targeting an industry, company or country can cause as much damage, whether the goal is to disrupt operations, gain attention or ransom data. In just the last few years I've seen substantial maturing around how food and beverage companies manage cyber risk within their industrial environment. We're beginning to see companies not just think about cybersecurity from the perspective of defense in depth, but also starting to adopt capabilities that allow them to address cyber risk across an attack continuum. They're doing this by focusing on five functions. Read More

One New Counter

Lumen Opens New Branch in Montreal - Hochelaga

Lumen The new Montreal - Hochelaga branch will service several markets, from the small to medium contractor to institutional and commercial facilities. The industry-leading facility is composed of six associates and features innovative workstations for their sales representatives. The 7,400 sq. ft facility, Lumen's 38th branch, is located at 3044, rue de Rouen, and is managed by Branch Manager Jean Le Haye. Read More

Looking Back

Recollections: Burt A. Robinson — Honourary Life Member

CEDA In the 1930s to 1940s, CEDA's Western Canada membership was very stable with old line independent companies like Horsman, Ashdowns, Brettell, Marshall Wells, Electrical Supplies Ltd., etc. Small electrical distributors just were not acceptable for membership as they did not carry the main-line manufacturers' goods, publish a wiring device catalogue, or employ four to five salesmen as CEDA requested. However, with the end of World War II and the return of men from overseas, the optimism of business upturn was very evident. In Western Canada, provincial governments were intent on pushing rural electrification. This was the turning point in the rapid growth of the electrical industry, and so newcomers entered the distribution field. Read More

Survey Says

Distributor Sales by Product Category

Payscale General electrical supplies and lighting products lead sales among full-line electrical distributors across Canada. Read More


Manufacturing Sales Rose for Third Consecutive Month in July

Statistique Canada Manufacturing sales increased for the third consecutive month in July, rising 0.9% to $58.6 billion. Higher sales in the transportation equipment and chemical industries drove the increase. Overall, sales were up in 11 of 21 industries, representing 68% of total manufacturing sales. Non-durable goods rose 1.4% to $27.7 billion, while durable goods increased 0.5% to $30.9 billion. Constant dollar sales increased 1.0%, indicating that a higher volume of goods was sold in July. In the same time period, total manufacturing inventories increased 1.2% to $82.9 billion. Read More

Copper Pricing

Latest Round of Tariffs Puts the Brakes on Copper's Rally

By Jim Williams
TED That momentum we saw two weeks ago for the price of copper quickly disappeared at the start of last week thanks to new tariffs put in place by both the U.S. and China. The copper market saw a near immediate reaction as copper tumbled. Copper had moved a whopping 7.99% higher and closed at US$2.8575 per pound on the December futures contract on the heels of falling inventories. If you prefer to follow copper by the ton, the red metal had climbed to its highest since July 10 at US$6,382.5 a ton. Last week copper opened one morning at US$2.82 per pound. Three-month copper on the London Metal Exchange dropped to US$6,214 a ton. Read More

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