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Two foot itch

There it is buzzing around your cockpit. It's about this time in the summer that the bug strikes. I'm talking about two-foot-itis, that bites you when everything on your boat is perfect. You can scratch the bite, but it won't go away.

'Honey, imagine how nice it would be to have a larger aft cabin. A bigger fridge. More seating in the cockpit.' You've heard all this before.

The only way to achieve more space and niftier boating life fixtures is to get a bigger boat. And you're about to - the only question is when.There's no rush. Take some time to look at your dock mates' boats. Go aboard…lounge at the dock, go for a ride (ask them first, perhaps) and see whether that boat would add dimension to your life.

Start now, see a bunch, look at fall inventory sell-offs. Then after the winter holidays it's boat show time and you can get carried away with your dream. Did you hear that bzzzz noise there?

Has the 2-F bug bitten you?What are you looking for, chasing or buying? What attributes are you after? at

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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Sailor of the Month

Helly Hansen Sailor of the Month - 49er Junior World Champions William Jones and Evan DePaul

William Jones and Evan DePaul of Royal Hamilton Yacht Club claimed the prestigious title at the 2017 49er Junior World Championships in Kingston, Ontario. Consistency paid off for Jones and DePaul with solid scores over… Read More

Airborne IV

Prizes awarded in record-breaking Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race

Fair winds and following seas were the winning combinations that made the 2017 Steele Auto Group Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race one for the record books. Read More

Blind Sailing

The 2017 Canadian Invitational Blind Sailing Regatta

The event will be sailed in Flying Tiger 7.5M small keel sport boats at the National One Design Sailing Academy, 14 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario. Read More


Nova Scotia Schooner Association are holding their annual race week in Shelburne harbour from August 6 -12.

It has been several years since the harbour has seen a fleet of schooners in Shelburne. Excitement is building with anticipation of an outstanding week of sailing. Read More
The Binnacle
Boat Truck

Some tips on Vessel Transport

We are going to discuss some of the things we've learned over the years when it comes to moving vessels. In our company we often get involved in different aspects of vessel transporting… Read More
POTW Baby On Board

POTW: Ooooh baby - First time on a boat ever!

A dear friend brought her 8 month old daughter aboard my 25 foot keelboat...and baby was right at home! Next...figuring out how to rig up a jolly-jumper! Read More
Parkbridge Marina
John Armstrong and Bob Johnstone
Videos OnBoard

MJM 35z

Canadian Yachting traveled to Newport to review and sea trial the new MJM 35z. This incredible outboard powered model testified to the ingenuity that Bob Johnstone… Read More
Docks In The Harbour

From the Helm of Adamant 1 - Blog 13 - July 2017

We left Marsh Harbour early one morning to catch the 15 knot east wind that was forecast. Pat was on deck getting the sails ready and I was at the helm… Read More
Boat Life
Lake Erie Algae

Lake Erie braces for algae bloom

Once again, a significant algae bloom is expected to form in western Lake Erie this summer, though it probably won't be as large as some previous formations that posed health risks… Read More

Designer Doug Peterson

Designer Doug Peterson - eight bells at 71

In Canada, Peterson's designs had an impact, particularly his Andy Wiggers-built 37s, which showed up frequently in the winners' circle in Lake Ontario racing for much of the 90s. Read More
iPad of Chartplotter?
Electronics OnBoard

Going iPad or Chartplotter, Which is right for you?

In Going iPad with Marine Navigation we concluded that iPads provide a modern platform for marine navigation. Further, we identified that there are formidable marine navigation apps… Read More
CY Inbox
CY Inbox July 27

Thumbs down from the left coast

Why not just call it Lake Ontario Yachting?
Or, Ontario Yachting?
Not much else in it for anywhere else. Read More
Canada Summer Games

Gimli Yacht Club 50 years and still making a splash with the sailing best

The Gimli Yacht club on their 50th anniversary is hosting the sailing venue for the 2017 Canada Summer Games being held in Winnipeg. The club has a long history of hosting the world's sailing elites. Read More
Lynx Flying

The Launching of "Lynx"

The project first started, you could say, over 50 years ago, when I had the opportunity to work in a boat building shop during my summer between high school and college. Read More
CY Digital
Calendar Dates?
Got some important dates coming up at your marina, club or organization. Let us know and we'll tell the country via the Onboard Datebook.
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July 27, 2017 • Volume 6 • Issue 14
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