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Social Studies

As we zoom into the cyber age, Canadian Yachting has grown from simply Canada's national publication to a multimedia boating source. You're currently reading (and enjoying!) our online publication OnBoard, which comes fresh to your inbox every couple of weeks.

We have now honed our social media presence by adding our Social Media director, Amelia to the mix. There is now a wide variety of platforms with a continuous delivery of information and news from all over the boating map, curated especially for our Canadian audience. You know how it works so grab your mouse and click here and like us on Facebook, here to follow us on Twitter or on Instagram or Pinterest or Linkedin! Let's socialize.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Big Dreams for 2018. See you in January.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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Scott Livingston

December 21, 2017

For our last Photo of the Week in 2017, I have picked some nice shots we received - one from the east coast and a couple from the west. Read More
Engine Service

Marine Diesel Engine Theory and Maintenance Course

This one-day course consists of both theory and practical demonstration sessions, is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of how your Marine Diesel engine operates… Read More
The Moorings
Staining Adamant 1
Cruising Blog

Building Adamant 1 - Part B, December 21

Living the dream! Longtime CY staffer and now blogger Lynn Lortie with her husband Pat left Midland more than a year ago to make their way into the Great Loop and head out on a three year sailing odyssey. Read More
Le Boat Royal Cruise
Royal Madness

Royal Fever on the River Thames

Our friend Lisa McLean, marketing manager at Le Boat sends along this timely story. You'll love it! "Attached is a new editorial promote Le Boat to Royal Wedding Watchers and travel to the UK this spring and take part in the royal celebrations… Read More

December - Antigua chartering update

Jessica Perraton-Jones from The Charter Yacht Company just returned from the Antigua Charter Yacht Showa private Charter Yacht Industry event showcasing some of the most elite charter yachts… Read More
Canadian Yachting One Design
Send your ONE DESIGN news, results, pictures and everything else to
A Great Story

"A Great Story" - update

Last January we ran a short piece on the motor boat A Great Story which had been restored by the crew at Covey Island Boatworks. Nick Aien from Covey just sent us this update... Read More
Electronics Onboard

The ultimate neat freak: Going ShipShape with Intelligent Maintenance

In this column we have looked at apps for marine navigation as well as several racing and simulation apps. This time instead of focusing on mastering the elements around our boat… Read More
Sirius Signal
New product

Sirius Signal demonstrates a new Daytime Visual Distress Signal at the Annapolis Sailboat Boat Show

Sirius Signal held a product information session for interested parties prior to demonstrating their latest product innovation, the Sirius Aero Foil Model AF-1 Daytime Visual Distress Signal… Read More
CY Digital
Never Over
CPS - ECP News

Boating season is never over with CPS-ECP!

CPS-ECP offers a series of courses in boating knowledge that build from the basic courses required by law to what you'd want to know to cross the ocean. Read More
Louse Harbour

Hidden harbours: Yankee Cove to Louse Harbour

There will be no description here of services, facilities, shopping or even pubs, just place where you can find the kind of quiet and sense of isolation which is getting ever harder to locate. Read More

Deep Cove Yacht Club

Deep Cove Yacht Club

The Deep Cove Yacht Club is a family and community minded club with a shared love of boating and water activities. Whether you're new to the area, thinking about getting into boating… Read More
Calendar Dates?
Got some important dates coming up at your marina, club or organization. Let us know and we'll tell the country via the Onboard Datebook.
Just let us know at

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December 21, 2017 • Volume 6 • Issue 24
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