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I don't know about you, but I am finding the world a bit on the crazy side these days. Elections, social rules, Trump and so on. Really? But then there are boats.

No matter who is president, your boss or father-in-law, boats and water don't care, continuing to perform with timeless dependability. Sure, your boat may be a high tech wonder but it still follows the physics canoes and square-riggers did. The waves, winds and weather may not always suit us but they perform within the parameters of our understanding. You get in a boat, it travels, you steer and you go somewhere. That has some sense to it. In the chaotic space that is the rest of the world it's great to have something you can count on.

A corny thought? Maybe? But in the cold Canadian February it's heartening to know my boat is waiting to spring to action in a month or two and everything else can fade into inconsequence. Can't wait.

We'd love to learn your launch rituals… When's the boat's first dip? How will you celebrate? My email is below.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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Olympic Sailing - an important perspective

In the History of Olympic Sailing we were very clever in picking equipment that alloweddifferent sizes of sailors to compete and with different talents. Read More
Ottawa Displays

Get to the Ottawa Boat Show Feb 22-25

The largest boat show in the Ottawa region, the Ottawa Boat Show, is sailing into the EY Centre February 22-25 with hundreds of exhibitors and a jam-packed schedule of features in tow. Read More

TIBS Crowds

Toronto Boat Show ups attendance

The 60th annual Toronto International Boat Show, North America's largest indoor boat show, wrapped up Sunday, January 21, with impressive results. Read More

Superyachts In Hall 6

Dusseldorf: Canadian favorites and lots more

As enjoyable as our shows are here at home, a trip over to Dusseldorf, Germany for the biggest European boat exhibition, boot, really adds some perspective. Read More
Desolation Sound at dusk

Desolation sound in summer

Photo of the Week is our opportunity to get creative with cameras, phones or even a GoPro! The POTW rules are simple. It has to be your shot, taken in and around boats or from a boat. Read More
Canadian Yachting One Design
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STV Pathfinder
Training vessels

Retiring Pathfinder:History of Toronto Brig, Part 2

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Reach new heights with Toronto Brigantine!

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Ask Andrew Essential Tools
Ask Andrew

What tools and supplies should I keep onboard?

In this time of boat show afterglow, many boaters are counting the days until launch. Now is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what you have onboard, what needs to be replaced… Read More
Collectors Edition
Interesting stuff

Leatherman Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Revival of Original Pocket Survival Tool

This is the first Tool Tale: In 1975, recent college graduate Tim Leatherman and his wife Chau set off on a road trip throughout Europe. Read More
One Design

Come Racing With Us On Vancouver's Beautiful English Bay!

BOOM! goes the start signal, and you are under way. Trim sails to perfection..hikeout..monitor the compass for wind shifts...scan the race course and fleet to plan your next moves! Read More
Vibs Crowds

The 56th annual Vancouver International Boat Show points to another strong year for the boating industry in BC

Western Canada's largest boat show's attendance numbers at both the indoor show at BC Place and the Floating Show at Granville Island are reported at 28,739 at the 2018 show… Read More
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February 8, 2018 • Volume 7 • Issue 3
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