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As you will read below, last week the Oakville Yacht Squadron worked out its wrangles with the Town Council and secured its future. This did not happen without quite a bit of hand-wringing and while OYS is now safe, a fundamental question common to many boat facility situations remains: public access.

Yes, the waterfront is a public resource and yes, communities need access. But boating is vital in a breadth of ways - historical, activity promoting, economically stimulating etc. If some people want to jog, great! Feed the ducks? Terrific. If they want to enjoy a waterfront picnic and watch the boats, they should absolutely be able to do that.

But to watch those boats, there has to be a place for the boats to harbour. Nearly all clubs and marinas, while being vigilant with boaters' property, welcome guests and visitors. Getting involved is a superb, fitness promoting idea. If the facilities need to be reconfigured to make that access more flexible, that can surely be done (Toronto's Lakeshore YC is a fine example.) As we have seen in Oakville, with a bit of creative thinking multiple interests can co-exist and we can all enjoy our fabulous shorelines for years to come.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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March 8, 2018 • Volume 7 • Issue 5
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