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Plastic and aluminum

This has been quite the week for these problematic materials. First, let’s look at aluminum because hopefully this will go away soon. The Canadian boat industry including both manufacturers like Legend and the dealers you know and love will be facing increased costs on products they must import from the US. Please take it easy on them and let's hope this all settles down and good sense prevails.

The plastic problem will hopefully go away too, although that nightmare seems quite a lot more horrific. Suddenly, the state of the oceans is on every TV and in every news source although it's certainly not a new problem. Last winter, Diane Reid, the Toronto pro skipper spoke on her trip around the UK with a team of women sampling marine life and discovering all sorts of plastic detritus in their innards. The Volvo Ocean Race has shone some bright light on the problem. And of course, many, many have reported the plastics cesspools in the middle of the oceans.

What can we do? Support the elimination of single use plastics; straws are being shunned in the UK, why not here. We can each take care to reduce or cut out altogether plastic bags, throwaway water bottles, take out containers (how?) and so on.

This will take a while to mop up and at CY, we will be following the world's - and particularly the boating world's - progress on this very frightening issue.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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June 14, 2018 • Volume 7 • Issue 11
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