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There's been quite a bit of discussion among the CY folks about the state of racing these days. There are more sailboat owners than ever in Canada but we have been speculating about the level of competitive activity.

As you know, a decade ago racing was ebbing - participation levels cratering. But since then, in my perception, there's a general uptick in enthusiasm. Traditional one-design fleets like C&C34 or J24s have been displaced by J70s, J105s and their numbers are gradually building. Farr 30s in the east, Martin 242s in the west are breathing increased life. The CanAm Regatta in Youngstown, a barometer of Lake Ontario racing appears to be healthier and the upcoming Chester Race Week appears upbeat. Sail Canada reports great things from our national Team sailors. Perhaps most importantly, anecdotal reports of club beer can racing are positive.

We, of course, are hugely prejudiced. Many CYers love racing and we want to believe things are looking good. But are they? You're located all over Canada, and have your finger on the pulse of racing. Or at least the races in your neighbourhood.

Are numbers growing? What kinds of racing? Are you participating? We hope so, but please shoot a brief note with your location and an observation of what's cooking to

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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August 9, 2018 • Volume 7 • Issue 15
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