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Navigating the weed

We have done a small piece on the seaweed that is invading Florida and Caribbean beaches, but this note is about that other kind of weed. Next month, cannabis becomes legal in Canada and it's bound to raise some pretty tricky issues.

The basics: neither the driver nor the passengers can use cannabis on a boat under way, just as you cannot drink alcohol. Even in the six boat accessible states where cannabis is allowed - Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Maine, and Massachusetts - the US Coast Guard routinely boards boats to enforce federal boating-safety laws. While they're inspecting flares or looking in the PFD locker, if they find a little weed, it becomes a big problem.

At the dock, where your boat may be your home, your neighbours may be providing second-hand reefer smoke. Do you want that? Will it affect drug testing at your job? Will your guests get stoned accidentally? Will the Harbour Master have to segregate docks?

Conveniently, most of the boats will be out of the water soon or used less, but next spring after launch we may find ourselves in a haze of controversy.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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September 13, 2018 • Volume 7 • Issue 17
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