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New sources of power

I'm always pleased to see innovation in boat design and while I don't so far have a position on the topic, the question on many buyers' lips is sterndrive versus outboards. That's because outboard power on larger cruising boats has become a reality - Andy Adams reports dockloads at the Florida boat shows - so there is a lot to discuss.

Since one of the dominant topics is fuel efficiency, only good can come of this. Sterndrive enthusiasts like the clean line esthetics, the central weight distribution and enjoy having a full swim platform. Outboard fans point to reduced total weight, more suppliers and easier servicing and the ability to tilt right out of the water.

When I sailed a Thunderbird, I felt we that boat incorporated the best of both worlds with its in-locker auxiliary motor well - easy operation and a hidden engine compartment. Mind you, that was only an 8 hp!

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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November 22, 2018 • Volume 3 • Issue 22
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