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January 21, 2014 • Volume 1 • Issue 3


Light adapts to the pace of people and trends

Canadian energy efficiency regulations are being amended to facilitate a more economic and sustainable approach to residential lighting. Of all the segments in our industry, lighting is the most visible around us and has become over the years a part of our urban heritage. So, it seems that a strong trend for 2014 will be smarter lighting!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek



FAQs: If You Think a Product Is Counterfeit...

Counterfeit products are a scourge for everyone in the supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. In addition to putting end users at risk, these products undermine public confidence and damage the reputations of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. If you suspect a product is counterfeit, these FAQs can help you figure out your next steps. Read More


LEDs: Partnering Savings with Sustainability

Mention LEDs in a conversation, and what first springs to mind is low energy use. But LEDs offer plenty of other benefits, including less waste, less use of materials and resources, and greater recyclability. As facilities across Canada seek to lower energy costs, solid state lighting can help give every building a sustainable future. The rapid development of LED technologies is accelerating this change. Architects and building owners strive for a balance of sustainable practices that allow aesthetics and functionality to live together, while ensuring the quality of light, energy savings and long service life provide the return they want. Read More


Building Permits Decline in November but Still Up Overall for 2013

Contractors took out $6.8 billion worth of building permits in November, down 6.7% from October. This decline follows an 8.0% gain the previous month. Despite this monthly decrease, the total value of permits continued to show a slight upward trend on the strength of eight monthly increases since the beginning of 2013.

Lower construction intentions, particularly for the residential sector in Quebec and Ontario, were behind the decline in November. Read More


Patrice Jomphe — EFC Québec Region's 2013 Personality of the Year

By Line Goyette
This past December, I met Patrice Jomphe at an Electro-Federation Canada reception in Montréal. His piercing gaze, his energy, the people gravitating around him, his picture on the big screen, these were all signals that Patrice was someone to meet. But what caught my attention was his surname, Jomphe. I went to him to ask him if it came from the Basse-Côte-Nord or across the St. Lawrence River, and suddenly we were exchanging family stories. Read More


Warning: New Canadian Standard for Light Bulbs

The Government of Canada has registered a revision to the current minimum energy performance standards for light bulbs coming into effect on January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. The revision aligns with lighting standards currently in effect in the US and provide Canadians with more lighting options; specifically, a mercury-free halogen bulb that closely resembles and performs like a traditional incandescent bulb. Read More


Types of Projects Involving Consulting Engineers in Canada

Electrical consulting engineers work on many different types of projects and so are a key component in the specification process. The following chart details their involvement in certain types of projects, with 2012 in blue and 2013 in red.
Read More


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