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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada


For safety's sake

We saw in the last issue of Electrical Industry Newsweek that electrocution statistics have been dropping steadily for 40 years. But electrical injury and fatality rates are still too high, often because work is performed by unqualified or untrained workers. In this issue, two articles that can help businesses operate more safely: Canadian Electrical Code requirements by jurisdiction, and a court case highlighting contractors' legal requirements to protect employees working on a client's site. So be careful, and don't hesitate to send us your comments or share your experiences.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek

Introducing Square D™ SurgeLoc for NQ Panelboards

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of the innovative Surgelogic SurgeLoc, a new line of commercial surge protection that provides advanced power and equipment protection for Square D™ NQ panelboards. Engineered with input from contractors and specifiers, the innovative SurgeLoc device from Schneider Electric™ has revolutionized commercial surge protection. Read More



Provincial Legislation and the Administrative Requirements of the CE Code

By Pierre McDonald
Adopting the Canadian Electrical Code and regulations pertaining to public safety is the responsibility of the provincial and territorial governments. Among the many regulations that provincial legislation mandates are those pertaining to which codes and standards are in force, who can perform trade work, and licensing and permitting requirements. Every province and territory is different, so for any business operating in more than one jurisdiction, understanding the differences can keep you competitive by helping ensure you comply with local requirements and avoid reworks due to out-of-date or incorrect installation practices. Read More


Contractors: Protecting Your Workers at Customer Sites

By Ryan Conlin
One of the most challenging issues confronting employers is how to ensure the safety of their employees when they are performing work at the location of a customer. As one recent case shows, contractors can be held liable for safety violations at work sites they do not control. Read More


December Building Permits: Monthly Decline Continues

The total value of building permits issued by Canadian municipalities declined 4.1% to $6.5 billion in December, following a 6.6% decrease in November. The total value of building permits for the year edged down 0.1% from 2012 to $80.8 billion. Read More


CBCL — An Employee-owned Multidisciplinary Engineering Firm in Atlantic Canada

CBCL Limited is a leading employee-owned multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consulting firm in Atlantic Canada. With a staff base of over 300 in nine regional offices, the firm offers professional services to clients throughout the region. Read More


Electrical Contractor Employment in Canada

Broad studies have shown a need for more trained electricians in Canada in the future. The following chart shows the historical overview of electrical contractor employment in Canada from 2008 through 2012. It is estimated there are now 74,000 electricians in Canada who collectively buy $3.5 billion in electrical equipment in Canada through local electrical distributors. Read More


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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada
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