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Being cool is good, but being prepared is better

An industry like ours, which is constantly evolving, also presents us with endless opportunities for innovation. And with innovation come opportunities to achieve significant energy savings that support sustainable development. Electric vehicles are one such high-profile innovation. They give us a taste for conserving resources, making peace with our planet, and being at the forefront of a trend. But like many other innovations, electric vehicles may not be an option for everyone. Before throwing yourself into it, read our experts who can help you determine if this vehicle is right for you, and if you can ride in peace in the silence of your cockpit. I look forward to your comments, photos and ideas.

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek

Introducing Square D™ SurgeLoc for NQ Panelboards

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of the innovative Surgelogic SurgeLoc, a new line of commercial surge protection that provides advanced power and equipment protection for Square D™ NQ panelboards. Engineered with input from contractors and specifiers, the innovative SurgeLoc device from Schneider Electric™ has revolutionized commercial surge protection. Read More



Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

By William Burr
Pike Research recently forecasted North American electric vehicle sales will grow from around 66,000 units in 2012 to 1.8 million units in 2020.* Whether this prediction is met or exceeded, the batteries driving these electric vehicles will need to be charged. The one challenge facing the adoption of electric vehicles today is no longer related to the length of the "extension cord" but limitations around location and proliferation of charging sites. Read More


Electric Vehicle Charging: Things to Consider When Buying Your Charging Station

By Kevin McIntyre
Most electric vehicles ship with an 8-12 amp portable charging cable that allows you to plug in to a normal wall receptacle. Charging with this cable could take anywhere from 12 hours to 22 hours to fully charge the cars batteries. So do you need a home charger? The answer depends heavily on your driving habits. Read More


Ideal Supply's Intrapreneur Howie Pruden

By John Kerr
Howie Pruden loves Ideal Supply as if it were his own and is a perfect testament to what John MacDonald saw in him when he hired Pruden 35 years ago in 1979. Read More



Manage Energy Usage with Wireless WattStopper Occupancy Sensors

WattStopper has introduced a new line of wireless occupancy sensors in response to customer requests for more choices to manage energy. The radio frequency (RF) products make it easy and cost effective to install code-compliant controls in existing buildings, or wherever wired occupancy sensors aren't the best fit. The product line includes dual relay controls as well as time-saving functionality. Read More


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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada
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