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The consensus report of the Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC (WG 1)) predicts that, in the absence of new measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the temperature of the planet will rise 1.8 to 4° C this century, after rising by more than 0.7° C in the last century. IPCC assesses scientific, technical and socio-economic information to understand the risk of climate change caused by man. We are part of an industry that has an important role to play in this debate, and it is clear that we are taking this threat seriously. For more information, see our experts and our blogs. Good reading!

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Section 4 Conductors — Changes from the Canadian Electrical Code's 2009, 21st Edition to the 2012, 22nd Edition

By Pierre McDonald
Last month my article Conductor Ampacities and Their Temperature Rating outlined the implications and reasons for temperature requirements when sizing conductors using Rule 4-006 and the revised ampacity tables of the 2012 edition Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code). While this is an important rule with respect to the use and installation of conductors, there were several changes within Section 4 — Conductors, which should also be explored.

Rules 4-004(1)(d)(e)(f) for copper conductors and 4-004(2)(d)(e)(f) for aluminum conductors have been adjusted to remove any ambiguity as to when the code user can use the IEEE 835 standard for power cable ampacities.

Previous wording of these rules required the code user to use the IEEE 835 standard in all cases (in conductor sizes No. 1/0 AWG and larger, in an underground run, directly buried or in a raceway), yet the Appendix B Notes contained Installation diagrams and Appendix D contained ampacity tables associated with these diagrams, all in conformance with the IEEE 835 Standard. Read More


Schneider Electric and Guillevin International Open 25 EV Charging Stations in Quebec, Eastern Ontario

Owners of electric vehicles in Quebec and Eastern Ontario's Ottawa Valley can now access 25 public charging stations at no cost, courtesy of Schneider Electric and product distributor and supplier Guillevin International. The charging stations are located in Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Gatineau, Ottawa, and Cornwall.

"Schneider Electric is committed to working with Canadian leaders and innovators to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, and the recent investments in electric vehicle technology by the Government of Quebec demonstrates their commitment to this as well," says Neil Joseph, Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric Canada.

In November 2013, Quebec announced a three-year, $516-million transportation electrification plan that includes electric-car purchase rebates and subsidies to develop the industry. The government will also spend $15 million on 5,000 new public car-charging stations with a goal of 12,500 electric vehicles within the province by 2017. Read More


What Canada's Electrical Contractors Can Learn from the 2012 Ontario Electrical Report

By Joel Moody
Four out of five electrical incidents occur while electrical workers are performing routine or everyday acts, according to investigations conducted by Ontario's Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Seven out of 10 of these incidents involve electrical contractors —people who have been trained to identify, assess and control electrical hazards. These and other findings appear in ESA's 2012 Ontario Electrical Safety Report. Although the figures are from Ontario alone, the themes apply consistently across the country. Learn more about how electrical workers are putting themselves at risk. Read More


Electrical Contractors' Purchase of Tools and Equipment

In this survey, electrical contractors indicate their intent to buy specific equipment in 2014. 79% will be making a purchase of some kind involving electrical tools and equipment. Hand and power tools dominate, followed by test equipment. An increased level of purchasing intentions is related to that of safety equipment. Read More


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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada
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