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Times are changing and it is a good omen

Last week I wrote about climate change and our role as an industry, but the demographic curve is also changing. This week, I present to you a study that shows that young people are increasingly overqualified, and statistics illustrating that the average age of those who buy, install or specify electrical products is dropping. Speaking of getting younger, industry scholarships await those who want to continue their post-secondary studies, and youth prepare for the 20th Skills Canada National Competition. Good reading!

Line Goyette
Managing Editor, Electrical Industry Newsweek



How Does the Electrical Contractor Grow in the New Economy?

By David Gordon
During my 30+ years in the electrical business, I have had the opportunity to meet some very talented people in our industry. Recently, I was talking to one of the most respected electrical industry veterans I have known and worked with. He has an extensive background in marketing and sales, authored articles, and given presentations on marketing for the electrical contractor. I asked him if he could share some of his thoughts and experiences. Here are some action steps that he wanted to share. Read More


Federal Government Unveils Plan for Canada's Digital Future

Digital Canada 150, a new plan unveiled April 4, sets ambitious goals for a connected and competitive Canada. The plan encompasses 39 new initiatives that build on government measures for a more connected Canada. enabling Canadians to act on the opportunities of the digital age.

Based on 250 submissions received from 2,000 Canadians who participated in online consultations in 2010, the plan identifies five key principles guiding Canada's digital future Read More


Studies Look at Occupational Profiles and Overqualification of Young Workers, 1991 to 2011

From 1991 to 2011, young Canadians aged 25 to 34 became more likely to be employed in professional occupations. However, a portion of them were "overqualified" during this period — that is, working in occupations requiring lower levels of education.

Two studies provide some highlights on the evolution of the occupational characteristics of young men and women in Canada during these years, a period during which the educational attainment of young people rose substantially.

The first study examines whether today's young graduates and non-graduates aged 25 to 34 are working in the same occupations as their counterparts were 20 years ago. The second study examines changes in the proportion of those who are "overqualified" for their job, with a focus on university graduates. Read More


Britton Electric Is the Leading Electrical Contractor in Quebec

The head office is located in Montreal, through which the company has been providing the Quebec marketplace with a complete range of electrical contracting services and related products since 1948. The company has recently opened an Ottawa office to provide local service and customer support.

The year 2008 marked the company's 60th anniversary, which continues to uphold the tradition of their founder, the late Harvey I. Britton. It is a large company with the personalized approach of a family business. Read More


Average Age of Those Who Buy, Specify, Install and Maintain Electrical Equipment Is Falling

Read More


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