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Finishing with a lot of common sense

Technological solutions that seem self-evident to us afterwards have often been the subject of long and costly research. Of course, on Facebook you'll always find some young child who slipped on a banana peel and discovered a variant of the law of gravity, but in the midst of an energy crunch, it is perhaps wiser to trust the companies and individuals that massively invest time, money and creativity in research and development so that we can define the future that we want for ourselves. Better this than relying on a discarded piece of fruit. Discoveries are sometimes the result of chance, but more often it is the rigour, tenacity and personal commitment of researchers who find original and lasting solutions. Good reading.

Line Goyette
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Circulation Heaters for Clean Water Heating Applications

By Ilan Toledano
Circulation heaters (also called inline heaters) are designed for indirect heating. One important application of circulation heaters is to heat clean water; for example, as required for industrial washing.

Flanged immersion heaters are mounted in a thermally-insulated chamber/vessel for efficient heating of a flowing medium. These circulation heaters consist of inlet and outlet nozzles that allow the fluid (e.g., municipal water) to enter and exit the circulation heaters. Read More


Why Data Centre Efficiency in the 2000s is like Paper Recycling in 1970s

On the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, the World Wide Web existed only in research labs, "texting" was something you wrote in a notebook, and the closest thing to a data centre was the public library. On that day, millions of people gathered at events around the country to learn, share and work toward innovative solutions to protect our natural resources. In advance of Earth Day, Jeff Schnitzer, general manager, GE's Critical Power business, discussed recent trends in data centre energy efficiency.

"In 1970, we worried about landfills and paper waste, some 44,310,000 tons of it annually. Today, those things that were on paper now are in digital format, with an estimated 639,800 gigabytes of that digital information passing through data centres every minute. Forty-four years later, Earth Day 2014 reminds us to examine the impact data centres have on our natural resources and sustainability, and the strides being made by businesses and governments to meet new data centre energy efficiency levels," said Schnitzer.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, data centres account for up to 2.5% of the total electricity generated in the U.S. Schnitzer added, "There are a number of technology innovations that contribute to the overall energy efficiency of data centres." Some examples include: Read More


Realizing the Wonder of Light

Angus Lighting defines itself as a source of cutting edge, innovative, exciting and award-winning lighting design. For over 30 years, this industry leader in specialty lighting has been collaborating on the creative and technical requirements of the architect, designer and engineer to deliver architectural lighting solutions.

Angus Lighting's design philosophy is founded in the belief that lighting enhances the human environment. Taking on each project with a combined sensibility of artistry and creative discipline and technical competence, their focus is the visual environment and its relationship to the human experience. Lighting design must appropriately balance aesthetics and function. Read More


Type of Work 2012 Versus 2013 Canada

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