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Are you patient?

Last week, I attended a series of economic lectures targeted specifically towards our industry. All stakeholders agreed that growth was indeed there, albeit slow growth, but steady. If you don't feel the effects of the recovery now, that might be because we're in a psychological recession, a common phenomenon after a major economic crash. Basically, the recovery is not moving fast enough to meet the high-expectations created by the first signs of it. The same can be said when it comes to salary; slow but steady growth and certainly not fast enough.
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Line Goyette
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Introducing Square D™ SurgeLoc for NQ Panelboards

Easy Installation, Space Saving, Money Saving Design

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of the innovative Surgelogic SurgeLoc, a new line of commercial surge that provides advanced power and equipment protection for Square D™ NQ panelboards. Engineered with input from contractors and specifiers, the innovative SurgeLoc device from Schneider Electric™ has revolutionized commercial surge protection. Read More


Despite Employment Drops, Construction and Manufacturing See Payroll Increase

OTTAWA -- Average weekly earnings for Canadians, not including farm employees, were up 0.7 percent from February, Statscan reported, working out to a weekly average of $933. Year-over-year, weekly earnings are up 3.1 percent. That increase reflects a number of factors, Statscan explained, "including wage growth, changes in the composition of employment by industry, occupation and level of job experience as well as the average number of hours worked per week." The average number of hours worked per week is up slightly year-over-year, from 32.9 hours to 33 hours. Read More

Codes and Standards

Part 3: The Difficulty of Standardizing Electrical Codes

By Bill Burr
One main reason for some disharmony in electrical product standardization is the existence of national installation codes.As mentioned earlier, as with standards, historically, every country has their own installation code, which is reflective of that country's culture and practices.Canada uses the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, (CEC) published by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The US and Mexico use the National Electrical Code (NEC) published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These codes are developed by the respective accredited standards development organization, through a consensus based process, that includes participation by the electrical safety authorities in that country. This makes it difficult to move to a single harmonized code for North America. However, there is significant harmonization of the two North American codes along with participation in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) installation code Read More

Peers and Profiles

Britech: Success by Association

It was 1996 when Britech waded into the electric floor warming and snow melting industry. They had just became the exclusive Canadian representative for one of the first electric floor warming systems in Canada.

The floor warming industry was still in its early years, and Britech sold direct to the consumer. Then, in 1998, Britech landed an agreement Nexans that would open up avenues into new markets. Soon, Britech would be serving heavy industrial, commercial and institutional customers, while still maintaining their focus on residential new construction and renovation. Read More


Employment Drivers by Industry Canada 2014 - 2020

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Product Focus

Fluke's New App Connects Tech Teams

The new Fluke Connect system allows maintenance technicians to transfer measurement data from test tools to smart phones and the cloud, improving team communication, safety and productivity.

Measurements and infrared images can be transferred to the cloud using the AutoRecord feature, letting everyone on the team with a smart phone and the Fluke app to see the data. The app is also loaded with a video calling feature that allows technicians to share measurements, get approvals for repairs and collaborate with other team members without leaving the field. Read More


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Electrical Industry Newsweek is published by Kerrwil Publications Limited with support from the Electrical Council, Electro-Federation Canada
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